“Blue Zone” donors considering legal action!

In what might be the funniest development yet in this glorious slow-motion train wreck, it looks like a group of pro-Butch “Blue Zone” donors are suing!   Free details are scarce at this time, but scandal maven/raconteur Bob Lee summarizes this development in his new Rimshots feature:

 If you haven’t heard yet, you soon will. A cabal of angry Charlotte-area blue zone “investors” are coming after Holden with blood in their eyes and free lawyers in their pockets. Totally predictable. Anyone who would invest $50,000 for end zone seats with cup holders (!) is capable of other irrational acts too. Huffin’ & Puffin’ & Rompin’ & Stompin’ …. all this circus lacks is a midget on a unicycle.

 Here is the full WRAL story on the topic.

The group donated to the university’s Blue Zone premium seating project at the stadium, which is nearing completion, but many of them say they committed to the project with the assurance that Butch Davis would remain head football coach.

 Here is an N & O piece.

Brown and the other four lawyers are all UNC graduates and have taken on the case pro bono, Brown said. The group they represent wants to remain anonymous at this point, he said, but includes donors of differing financial contributions.

Brown stressed that a lawsuit hasn’t been filed, and he doesn’t know what a cause of action or damages might be: “At this point, we are seeking information … The law we are stressing now is the North Carolina Public records law,’’ he said. “I can’t speculate further than that … what the law might be [in the case of donations] depends on the facts of what facts we find.”

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  1. Virginia Wolf 08/08/2011 at 2:31 PM #

    If Thorpe knows what is good for him, he’ll open up and share the truth! Thus exposing the whole rotten affair and clearing the air regardinng BD. He’s safe, with the BOT, since they are the ones who made this decision anyway. If Thorpe does the right thing, then we’ll finally get the 216 records. We’ll see!

  2. IamGumbyDammit 08/08/2011 at 2:59 PM #

    Virginia Wolf, my point is not so much that the taxpayers get screwed as it is yet another lie…another example of the true meaning of “the Carolina Way”

  3. Virginia Wolf 08/08/2011 at 7:23 PM #

    Gumby, okay I agree with that too! Thanks!

  4. ADVENTUROO 08/08/2011 at 10:49 PM #

    Gumby, et al.

    First, its THORP. There ain’t NO E on it. If you want credibility amongst the UNX folk, you need to spell their Chancellor’s name correctly.

    That was also a very GOOD dissertation. It is technically a Shell Game.

    OK, students of history, WHO pays for the Maintenance and the Upkeep and all those pesky things on good old Dean’s home? THE Taxpayers and/or the Athletic Budget. They built the DOME and then GAVE it to UNX, but they did NOT agree to the upkeep. They TRIED to tout the DOME as a multi-purpose building. I went to ONE concert there. Billy Joel’s River of Dreams in the 90’s. It was the PITS. No parking and POOR accoustics. Even James Taylor has a hard time filling it.

    SO, this is hiliarious. I did NOT truly believe that BL was on to something. I thought that he was just “joshin” us. Remember, that these astute lawyers and OTHERS are the bankers and business persons (Now THAT might be a stretch) and BANKERS who control the trusts and the investments of OTHERS. They was Hoodwinked, Flim Flammed, Snookered, I say, HORN SWAGGLED.

    That EVIL Professor Butch Davis done sold them a bill of goods about a Boy’s Football Team. They done built the stadium and got their new SPIFFY Uniforms (which, like our unitards, did not meet the age-old color scheme of UNX. Charles Karault would be spinning in his grave…). NOW, after all the hoopla, the boys sound a LOT like Professor Harold Hill’s band in that they learned their craft through the “Think System”. If you have ever watched THE MUSIC MAN, you get the picture.

    In THE MUSIC MAN, Professor Hill does NOT defile Marian and the band magically is transformed into a band that could lead the Rose Bowl Parade. The Motley (and NEVER confuse them with JOHN “MOTLEY” MOORHEAD scholars) Crew from UNX never did learn to play FOOTBALL, as Andy predicted. They ONLY PRETENDED….Ask TOB how it feels to LOSE to UNX and BD.

    SO, most of my UNX Fans would just like this to GO AWAY….gently and peacefully into the night.

    NOW, for the Chancellor Man. I have a slightly different take on him and will try to be objective. I think that he is probably a good man with high ethics and a good moral compass. I think he is also a little weak in the political arena, maybe a bit naive…

    He would have FIRED Coach Davis LAST year if he had had the POWER. If he had TRIED, there would have been an OVERTHROW of his regime and he would have been cast out of the city. In his place, the OLD BOT would have put in a Chancellor of THEIR choice. Maybe a Bruce Poulton look-a-like. The NEW Chacellor would have been beholden to the OLD BOT and who knows WHAT they might be a doin over there. They might be in the running for the dirties NCAA FB Program of the year….not that they are not now.

    Chancellor Thorp had to bide his time….and collect enough trump cards. He excecuted his strategy precisely…..precisely in the middle of the SUMMER when NO big time coach was available.

    SO, let the lawyers litigate. Let them do Due Diligence. Let them get documents.

    I had originally thought that the DUKE Administration got the DUMB ASS AWARD of the decade for their handling of their UNPLEASANTNESS. After all, a $20,000,000 settlement to only THREE of the players, a murder charge against the accuser, untold money changing hands with the Ex coaches and the lawsuits against the City, the Ex-DA, and the Administration by the remainder of the lads who want “what they deserve” is STILL a circus. BUT, the lads in Orange County are trying thier dad gummest to outdo the boys in Durham County.

    Let the games continue. DO NOT fan the flames. Do NOT besmirch the Lawyers. Let them fight amongst themselves….as Lincoln said, “A House Divided will eventually look like the UNC Football Program”. I think that was Di’Antwant Marvin Lincoln (aka the ANCHOR that is pulling DOWN THE SHIP).

  5. IamGumbyDammit 08/09/2011 at 6:38 PM #

    Adventureoo thanks for the feedback. As for getting credibility among the UNX liars and cheats by spelling their “beloved” chancellor’s name right (by the way, when did the definition of “beloved” become “sued and sought to have his head on a pike”?), I can live with the misspelling and not having credibility with that pathetic lot…

  6. TruthBKnown Returns 08/10/2011 at 3:41 PM #

    Most of that “pathetic lot” doesn’t even know how to spell Thorp, either.

    At least WE have an excuse when we misspell it. He’s not OUR chancellor. 😉

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