A Closer Look at UNC’s NOA

Does anyone else think that it is funny that McAdoo’s plagiarism on a paper where he had already been found guilty of cheating received more press coverage than an NOA with nine major violations?   Oh well, at least some in the press finally realized what the rest of us have known for the last 12 months…things are rotten in CH and the so-called adults are clueless.

While the media storm over plagiarizing is funny to watch, it doesn’t really have much to do with UNC’s hearing with the NCAA in October.   So let’s take a closer look at the NOA and see what is really there and what it could potentially mean to UNC when the penalty phase rolls around.   Also since some of the comments that I’ve read from both ends of the RTP have been based in some alternate reality, let’s see if we can ground the discussion in something closer to the real world.

Cheating, Round 1

Violation #1 documents cheating by three different athletes from April 2008 through Summer 2009.   The names have been redacted, but we can be pretty sure that part (c) covers McAdoo (unless multiple UNC players were cheating on Swahili papers).    On the one hand, this list is pretty small since UNC was able to sweep most of the cheating to the Honor Court.   But on the other hand, we have a recent precedent from FSU on the penalties for academic fraud.

For those that might have forgotten, FSU had 60+ athletes in several sports that were caught cheating in an on-line class.    Now for the good part…FSU had to forfeit every game in any sport that any of those athletes participated in.   So if UNC receives the same penalty for the same offense, then expect wins from 2008 and 2009 to start disappearing.

Based on the report at ncaa.org, it appears to me that FSU did all of the investigating of their academic scandal and forwarded their findings to the NCAA.   It would be interesting to know how much, if any, the NCAA investigated the academic issues at UNC.

PS to UNC fans…If you want to go to war against the NCAA, then I would recommend finding a better horse than McAdoo to ride into battle.

Cheating, Round 2

At first, I was surprised that the NCAA was letting UNC exploit a loophole in the NCAA’s dividing line for determining when cheating by an athlete was an NCAA offense and when it had to be handled by the university.   But then the NCAA surprised me with Violation #2 by declaring all of the “tutoring” done by Wiley after she was fired from the athletic department (and being paid by Butch) as an improper benefit.  (Nice save by the NCAA.)    So now follow this line of logic:

  • Athletes that accept “impermissible benefits” are ineligible from the moment they accept the “benefit”.
  • Their eligibility can only be restored by the NCAA.
  • The standard penalty for small, impermissible benefits is missing 30% of the season and a donation to charity equal in value to the impermissible benefit.

So who were the nine athletes and how many are still left on the team?   From THF’s Blog, here are the players that were investigated for one reason or another (reorganized):

Agent Prong:

* DT Marvin Austin(SR): Dismissed for receiving $10-13K in improper benefits; ethical conduct violation.
* DE Robert Quinn(JR): Permanently ineligible for receiving $5K in improper benefits, ethical conduct violation.
* WR Greg Little(SR): Permanently ineligible for receiving $5K in improper benefits, ethical conduct violation.
* S Deunta Williams(SR): Suspended four games for improper benefits totaling approximately $1400; became eligible for Clemson game.
* CB Kendric Burney(SR): Suspended six games for improper benefits totaling approximately $1300; suspension complete.

Honor Court Appearance:

* RB Ryan Houston(SR): Cleared following honor court date prior to UVa game. Redshirted 2010 season. Will have one season of eligibility remaining.
* DE Linwan Euwell(JR): Cleared following honor court date prior to UVa game. (missing 5 games)
* CB Kendric Burney(SR): Penalized by honor court with reduction of grade in one class. Resulted in loss of credit towards graduation an ineligibility under NCAA rules. UNC applied to the NCAA for waiver which was granted. Cleared for William & Mary game.  (missing 7 games)
* S Jonathan Smith: Declared ineligible for season following honor court date. Redshirt.
* CB Brian Gupton(JR): Declared ineligible for season following honor court date. Eligible next season.
* CB Charles Brown(SR): Declared ineligible for season following honor court date. Received two semesters probation. Redshirt.
* DE Michael McAdoo(JR): Permanently ineligible for improper academic assistance from tutor Jennifer Wiley while she was at UNC. Appeal to NCAA denied in February 2011.
* FB Devon Ramsay(JR): Initially ruled permanently ineligible for improper academic assistance from tutor Jennifer Wiley while she was at UNC. Initial ruling was overturned in February 2011. Ramsay was cleared and will have one season of eligibility remaining.

Cleared without Honor Court:

* LB Bruce Carter(SR): Cleared on academic issues for LSU game  (missing 0 games)
* LB Quan Sturdivant(SR): Cleared on academics issues  for LSU game  (missing 0 games)
* RB Shaun Draughn(SR): Cleared on academic issues for Georgia Tech game  (missing 1 game)
* S Da’Norris Searcy(SR): Cleared on academic issues for ECU game  (missing 3 games)

(Emphasis and games missed added)

It seems logical to conclude that 8 of the 9 athletes with free “tutoring” (NCAA violation) were the ones that were sent to the UNC Honor Court for cheating.   (We don’t know who the ninth player is, but I’ll take “Greg Little” if we’re taking bets.)  These eight players met the first part of the standard penalty for academic fraud by sitting out at least 30% of the schedule (4 games).    But as far as I know, UNC has not declared any players ineligible for taking impermissible benefits from Wiley nor have they appealed to the NCAA to have their eligibility reinstated.   

Unless I’m missing something, UNC will want to get this issue resolved well before their October meeting with the NCAA.    They went to a lot of effort last year to make sure that the players on the field were actually eligible.   It would be silly to abandon that process now.

On the one hand, getting free tutoring isn’t the most serious issue that UNC faces.   However, did the players go to Wiley for free tutoring or free cheating?   It’s hard to argue that there is a logical, ethical reason to bypass department tutors and go to someone who was fired from that capacity.   Of course we shouldn’t forget that this tutor was hired by Butch AFTER being fired OR that Butch was paying her while she was helping his players cheat.   In the end, it will be interesting to hear what the NCAA has to say about this whole sordid issue.


They won’t talk to us

Violation #3 (Wiley) and #8 (Blake) won’t talk to the NCAA.    It seems to me that this puts both the NCAA and UNC in a hard sport.   Neither group has subpoena authority and thus can’t make anyone talk that doesn’t want to.    The NCAA can’t afford to let this pass because they depend on cooperation from its member institutions.    Without the ability to obtain subpoenas, the NCAA really can’t operate without that cooperation.   Making the gross assumption that UNC really wanted those two to talk, they also have no way of compelling either individual to talk. 

So do these two violations really mean anything?  It’s hard to say for sure and I expect that we will still be uncertain after the penalties are announced.   Unless the NCAA includes something specific in the final report, I suspect that these two violations are more smoke than substance.

Agents, Round 1

Violation #4 is seven athletes receiving from $54 to $13,507 from agents and others (not including Wiley’s largesse).    Other than noting that none of the referenced instances go back before 2009, I think that this point has been adequately dissected over the last year.

Lying to the NCAA

Yea, like that was hard to predict.   The instances from Violation #5 sound like they can all be attributed to little ole Marvin.   My guess is that this won’t blow back on UNC.   However in Violation #8, John Blake, assistant head coach and recruiting coordinator, lied to the NCAA while he was still employed by UNC.    This will definitely blow back on UNC come this October.

Agents, Round 2

Violations #6 and #7:   John Blake worked for and received money from Wichard while he was also employed by UNC.    This issue could be a key point in the penalties levied by the NCAA.  But for some reason, I keep hearing well known theme music playing in the background and the following lines from one of my favorite TV shows:

As always, should you or any of your IM force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. Good luck, Jim. This tape will self-destruct in five seconds.

Blake was hired to do a job and he knew the risks going into it.   He did what he did willingly and it’s unlikely that we will ever know the full extent of his violations.   A number of people have claimed that UNC threw Blake under the bus in an attempt to save Davis and the school.   But in reality, everyone involved knew what would happen if Blake got caught…just like Jim Phelps.

The Rogue Coach Defense

I expect that UNC will argue that Blake operated behind everyone’s back and that there is no way that anyone at UNC could have known.   Even if we ignore Blake’s reputation, this defense doesn’t stand up to any sort of examination.   Follow this line of logic and see if you can spot any weaknesses:

  • A number of different universities have self-reported secondary violations for contact with recruits during mandated “quiet” periods.
  • These violations were uncovered by examining phone records from the coaching staffs.
  • Blake used his university supplied phone to carry on many, many conversations with Wichard (sports agent and “former” employer).

This leaves us with the following possibilities:

  • UNC never audited Blake’s (ie the recruiting coordinator’s) phone.
  • UNC audited Blake’s phone, but didn’t detect that he was talking to an agent that he used to work for.
  • UNC knew that he was talking to Wichard, but didn’t care.

In other words, UNC knew or should have known that Blake was carrying on nearly-continuous communication with a sport’s agent.   Unfortunately, phone records were not included in the NOA’s examples in Violation #9 for failure to monitor.   So we’ll just have to wait and see what the NCAA has to say about Mr. Blake.   (But if I were a UNC fan, I would be very, very worried about this point.)

Failure to Monitor

Violation #9 can be translated as:    Those silly kids were blabbing all over the World Wide Web and there weren’t any adults in Chapel Hill that ever bothered to look.

The real question is what is the NCAA going to do about it?    There is almost no doubt that the final penalties will drone on and on about how terrible this is.   But are there specific penalties associated with sleeping at the switch?    

Who Cares About Forfeited Wins?

There might be more than old W/L records at stake.  Let’s look at the following questions:

  • How many seasons were ineligible players used to qualify for a bowl game?
  • How many bowl games did ineligible players participate in?

When the NCAA looked over these issues for USC, they decided some payback was in order.   I believe that the NCAA used a 1:1 correlation to establish USC’s bowl ban.   Obviously there are no guarantees, but it’s something to look for.

So What’s Next?

I’m betting on:

  • October hearing
  • UNC’s self-imposed penalties (Quit laughing…I wasn’t joking.)
  • NCAA’s penalties

There are several SFN authors that disagree with me, but I believe that the NCAA concluded their investigations before issuing the NOA.   All of the projections about upcoming pain and agony from rotating license tags, 216 cell phones, and academic investigations sound to me like just more noise from message boards.   I believe that the NCAA has either looked at these issues or were not interested.   Don’t forget that just because UNC didn’t release something to the media, this doesn’t mean that they didn’t release it to the NCAA.   (Remember that the NCAA found out that Wiley paid for $1,800 worth of parking tickets.)

Unlike Dave Glenn, the NCAA convicts on facts not smoke.   While I don’t believe that they have found everything, I believe that they have completed their work unless some other issue comes to light.

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94 Responses to A Closer Look at UNC’s NOA

  1. hammerpack 07/21/2011 at 8:09 AM #

    If they have completed their investigation already, why is the hearing in October?

  2. Prowling Woofie 07/21/2011 at 8:13 AM #

    Great breakdown, VaWolf – thanks for taking the time to lay it out for us…

    Will be interesting to see if the NCAA metes out punishmnet on each individual violation, or if they aggregate the lumps. Hope it’s a combination – individual hits, followed by a great big LOIC at the end !

  3. VaWolf82 07/21/2011 at 8:20 AM #

    why is the hearing in October?

    To give UNC adequate time to prepare their responses.

  4. VaWolf82 07/21/2011 at 8:23 AM #

    “LOIC” is just a label and seems unlikely based on the NOA. What matters is the penalities, not the fluff surrounding them.

  5. GAWolf 07/21/2011 at 8:33 AM #

    I wholly disagree that the McAdoo plagiarism incident has nothing to do with the penalty phase of this investigation. It has EVERYTHING to do with it as it completely discredits any argument UNC can offer that they appropriately handled this situation themselves. It’s clear as can be that Baddour and Thorpe failed to adequately review… wait… even care… whether the allegations against their players and staff are even legitimate. They toed the party line without any regard to what actually happened.

    Therefore, considering this shows at least one mitigating factor to be a complete fraud and therein shows that UNC has hardly taken these allegations seriously, the NCAA will absolutely use that… or rather should absolutely use that… against the Heels come judgment day.

    Not to mention, this opens up new potential allegations and I cannot imagine the NCAA is going to just throw up their hands and say they’re bored with this and levy a punishment only on what they’ve to date determined.

    Ask Gene Chizik how that sort of attitude goes over with the NCAA.

    Not to mention, this has finally gotten the media where they need to be as you’ve adequately pointed out. That never bodes well for any scandal of any sort. As turns the media, as turns public perception. Previously public perception was that this was no big deal primarily because the media pitched it as such. Now that the media says otherwise, look for the regurgitating public to do the same. This, in turn, helps empower the NCAA.

    This is absolutely HUGE. With all due respect, I disagree with VAWolf.

  6. GAWolf 07/21/2011 at 8:35 AM #

    I just saw this comment:

    “LOIC” is just a label and seems unlikely based on the NOA. What matters is the penalities, not the fluff surrounding them.

    Is that not counter-intuitive to the point that the McAdoo thing doesn’t matter? I don’t care what they label the thing based on the allegations, it is indeed the punishment levied. Essentially, this isn’t structured sentencing. The NCAA sits as judge, juror and executioner without any standards to follow at each stage. (I realize that’s UNC’s argument for why it’s “unfair”, but nonetheless that’s exactly the reason they ought to have some tight sphincters over there.)

  7. GAWolf 07/21/2011 at 8:39 AM #

    I guess to make a point… look no further than the comments used by the NCAA’s attorney at the McAdoo hearing itself. If you don’t think they were angered by UNC’s approach to this in an effort to discredit the NCAA, you’re mistaken.

  8. Pack78 07/21/2011 at 8:44 AM #

    GT got nailed in ~2006 for player eligilbility issues from the 90’s and was hammered for additional oopsies within a 5-year window from that time. If unx does not change anything substantial from the current regime then my bets would be on additional future violations.

    VaWolf-any thoughts on the suspected payola for recruits (allegations from athletes that signed with other schools) or slushfund availability for revenue-sport ‘student’-athletes? Also, the recent Coples faux pas indicates that cleanup is beyond the current group of sycophants…

  9. packalum44 07/21/2011 at 8:44 AM #

    For whatever reason the McAdoo case seemed to be the feather on the camel’s back. It feels like an inflection point regarding public perception. How incredulous is it that the Chancellor goes to bat for a paper that he never read? Publicly defended this cheating punk only to have egg smeared all over his smug little face.

    This has to be the lowest and most embarrassing point of Holden and Baddour’s career. Imagine being in their shoes…it has to be all the worst since they are merely puppets. The true scumbags are behind the screen pulling strings.

  10. GAWolf 07/21/2011 at 8:53 AM #

    The McAdoo thing is akin to this:

    A kid in trouble is told to go out and get his own switch and is told to bring back a big enough stick for adequate punishment for the wrongful deed. He brings back a tiny switch and says it’s the absolute biggest switch he can find. He proudly declares that he looked for hours, compared sticks, looked them all over very well and this stick is not only befitting of the wrong but he actually went over and beyond to get the absolute largest stick in the yard.

    The parent looks at the puny stick and thinks it to be obviously small given the bad deed. The parent looks out the window and at first sees that he might actually be right. From the window there appear to be no sticks larger than the one produced. Satisfied, punishment is levied.

    The next morning the parent walks out and finds a pile of sticks hidden in the bushes that are much larger than the switch offered forth and used the prior day. Not only did the kid not appropriately pick out a stick, he lied about the process and did all he could to limit the punishment.

    It’s more than just not picking out a stick large enough at this point. It’s about the overt acts and lies to avoid punishment.

  11. VaWolf82 07/21/2011 at 8:59 AM #

    I wholly disagree that the McAdoo plagiarism incident has nothing to do with the penalty phase of this investigation. It has EVERYTHING to do with it as it completely discredits any argument UNC can offer that they appropriately handled this situation themselves.

    McAdoo was given an F on the paper before the plagarism was discovered. How would discovering the plagarism earlier have affected the punishment?

    Thorp is required to send all cheating cases to the Honor Court and some of these have to be reported to NCAA as well. As far as we know today, this is what was done.

    I look at the plagarism as just an added benefit for my enjoyment. Thorp, Baddour, et al couldn’t have made bigger fools of themselves if they had been trying to.

  12. VaWolf82 07/21/2011 at 9:03 AM #

    VaWolf-any thoughts on the suspected payola for recruits (allegations from athletes that signed with other schools) or slushfund availability for revenue-sport ‘student’-athletes?

    a) It wouldn’t surprise me
    b) I know of no evidence to support it.
    c) It wasn’t in the NOA.

  13. graywolf 07/21/2011 at 9:10 AM #

    If nothing else happens UNC-CHeat no longer lives in the ivory mansion on the hill and they are no longer untouchable. The country as a whole now sees them in the same light as USC, OSU, FSU……..a bunch of cheaters, liars and crooks.

  14. Hungwolf 07/21/2011 at 9:17 AM #

    Great artilce in Asheville Citizen times by Keith jarret. He calls them cheaters and lays it out like all the media should be doing!


    Hope the link works. Must read!

  15. TheCOWDOG 07/21/2011 at 9:22 AM #

    This is absolutely HUGE. With all due respect, I disagree with VAWolf.

    Cite: GA.

    Yes, Va, when I break down Wiley and Blake, I don’t see where the NCAA gives a rat’s ass whether they talk or not.
    They are UNC “defendants” and if they are unwilling to testify for them, that would be Carolina’s loss.

    Kinda’ like me having witnesses verifying that I was at the bar ’til closing time, therefore could not have been in Faison at 2 AM. Then they go on the lam, don’t show in my defense…well, there goes the alibi.

    The recent revelation of shoddy internals by way of McAdoo is not being overlooked by the NCAA. Although, that’s just gut feeling. Attitude is a key component of recent sanctions. NCAA attitude that is. If the NCAA lawyering on the McAdoo issue is any indication of what the NCAA’s is…it’s a bad one.

    Great breakdown though, Va. As always. Someone has to keep the hens in order. 🙂

  16. hoop 07/21/2011 at 9:23 AM #

    VAWolf, you are looking at the plagiarism prong from a by-the-book low level view. Take a step back and look a the big picture. UNX is no longer seen as the super cooperative illustrious entity whose image is tarnished by some rogue athletes. They are now seen as they are: a bunch of idiots, liars, and cheats bumbling along trying to play big boy football.

  17. hoop 07/21/2011 at 9:25 AM #

    And here’s another good article.


    It’s plain to see the plagiarism found as a result of the McAdon’t lawsuit is the turning point of public perception.

  18. db321 07/21/2011 at 9:58 AM #

    The plagarism is huge in that it points out that a professor, employed by UNC, rubber stamped a passing grade on terrible school work and might have done it for other players as well. And not just any professor, this professor was the head of the African Studies Department which has long been rumored as a place UNC places student athletes to keep them eligible.

    It is bad enough that the professor missed the blatant plagarism the first time, but then for the other educators to totally miss the blatant plagarism during an additional academic fraud investigation is unthinkable…unless of course UNC didn’t “want” to find the additional cheating. In addition, one would think the UNC educators looking into this cheating would sit back down and discuss these papers with the rubber stamping professor during their own internal investigation. How in the world could this professor review this paper a second time and miss the plagarism twice? I find that impossible to believe. This points to an even bigger problem…an institutional problem at UNC…not a rogue coach or a rogue tutor.

    I believe UNC didn’t find the plagarism on purpose because they didn’t want to find it. Finding it would have opened up the fact that they have classes and professors passing out undeserved passing grades to football players and possibly basketball players to keep them eligible. In my opinion, and i think most others opinion, that sort of cheating is worse than any of the other known cheating. How can the NCAA not investigate this professor and his class? It really wouldn’t be that hard of an investigation to review several other football players class work in that professor’s class to determine if there is institutional cheating. This is why the plagarism is such a huge find.

  19. GAWolf 07/21/2011 at 10:09 AM #

    VAWolf: See the above analogy for the answer to your question regarding the punishment changing. It’s not as much about the plagiarism as much as about the AD, Chancellor and a group of UNC-grad (some of them) promoting the NCAA as overzealous when it at least appears the paper wasn’t read closely.

    He used a word that no longer exists for crying out loud. It would be like you plagiarizing a work in Old English, Chaucer maybe, and calling it your own. Once you drop a strain of archaic words it should be obvious. The fact that essentially the same thing wasn’t obvious to those in charge, is ridiculous. Not only that, it sung from the mountain tops by those same folks as being “his own work”. Goodness gracious, the coverup or at least fraudulent self-investigation was exposed. This is what the media has finally latched onto.

    It’s about more than any act of McAdoo….way more. Hence it will indeed affect the punishment. They had to defend a lawsuit for crying out loud. That’s not humbly accepting a mistake.

  20. packhammer 07/21/2011 at 10:20 AM #

    Great job VaWolf82. A little reality check is not a bad thing. You mention that the NCAA knows that Wiley paid off $1,800 worth of parking fines. I don’t see how this is covered in the NOA? Isn’t this really a different matter when somebody is providing cash to athletes? I would have to think the NCAA cares a lot about this. How is it differenct than a coach or other benefactor subsidizing rent of an appartment or car?

    Also, don’t you think the McAdoo matter has caused the NCAA to go look at the African Studies program (and more general questions about preferred treatment for unc athletes in academic matters) in very close detail? My gut tells me that while the Honor Court only found McAdoo guilty of cheating in the one class, he was as guilty as sin in the other two as well. Frankly, the question becomes in which class did he not cheat? I realize that you are thinking that all of this is covered by the NCAA academic cheating violations 1 and 2 of the NOA. I just have to think McAdoo managed to kick the beehive wide open and invite a whole bunch more scruteny. And my guess is that they can’t withstand a lot more scruteny on these issues. This is the point db 321 is making as well.

    Anyway great job and thanks. I know that writing detailed things like you did takes a lot of time and effort.

  21. TruthBKnown Returns 07/21/2011 at 10:23 AM #

    I’m not convinced the NCAA already has the 216 phone records. Because, if Butch didn’t confess to using that phone, would they even know to ask for them? Plus, from what I understand, Butch is stonewalling even turning them over to Carolina. If THEY don’t have those records, would the NCAA? Seems like Butch would have given them to Carolina FIRST, so they could discuss what may be in those records.

    But who knows. I also like to think the NCAA doesn’t have those records, because they could be yet another prong for them if they don’t.

  22. VaWolf82 07/21/2011 at 10:24 AM #

    Goodness gracious, the coverup or at least fraudulent self-investigation was exposed. This is what the media has finally latched onto.

    “Blue on black
    Tears on a river
    Push on a shove
    It don’t mean much
    Joker on jack
    Match on a fire
    Cold on ice
    A dead man’s touch
    Whisper on a scream
    Doesn’t change a thing”

    No attempted cover-up has been demonstrated. He got an F on the paper and no one at UNC (or the NCAA) looked any closer. If not for the lawsuit, no one know about the plagarism and McAdoo would still be permanently banned by the NCAA. If you want to prove a cover-up, then let’s look at the two papers that the Honor Court cleared/didn’t pursue.

    I think the media reports are important to themselves (patting themselves on the back) and State fans that have obnoxious UNC friends to get even with. I doubt the media reports will have much effect on the NCAA or UNC’s eventual penalities.

    Way before the media jumped on the bandwagon, the NCAA declared Little and Quinn permanently ineligible for $5K worth of benefits. They also declared McAdoo permanently ineligible for multiple cases of cheating. These instances look to me like the NCAA is taking a hard line with UNC…and all of this was way before the media ever bothered to notice how rotten things were in CH.

  23. VaWolf82 07/21/2011 at 10:27 AM #

    VAWolf, you are looking at the plagiarism prong from a by-the-book low level view. Take a step back and look a the big picture. UNX is no longer seen as the super cooperative illustrious entity whose image is tarnished by some rogue athletes.

    Media stories come and go. The UNC scandal being the media’sflavor of the month is not the big picture because that can change in a split second. Penalities from the NCAA are the big pciture.

  24. Ismael 07/21/2011 at 10:30 AM #

    To me the McAdoo trial was the most telling about how UNC operated.

    McAdoo was originally thought to have gotten help in 3 assignments (which famously/infamously the honor court reduced to one).

    I jut had a tangential thought, sorry, ill get back to the first one, but, remember, UNC initially only got in trouble for Marvin (if i understand it correctly). The NCAA comes to campus, sees emails about something, and THEN UNC starts coming up with athletes’ issues on the academic side of things (ever how many there were, 8 or 9). How did UNC react so quickly? How did they know or suspect those 8,9 athletes? How did McAdoo and others turn up in Honor Court so quickly? Just all seems very canned and planned if u ask me.

    Back to first thought…

    So UNC reported these 3 instances of what they termed “academic fraud” even providing the transcripts (reading them in court) that “Wiley typed assignments for him” (admitted by McAdoo). The NCAA had NOT ruled on them yet once the honor court reduced it to 1 violation and he got his punishment for it. However the NCAA did not buy the little “honor” courts reduction, because it was obviously more than missing citations or help with that.

    The NCAA’s lawyer, remember, admitted in court that they are still following along by mentioning that “more serious issues with the McAdoo paper have come to light”.

    Then you have Thorp and Baddour still saying the punishment is too harsh?

    I think the NCAA is gonna give those tassel-loafer, popped-collar bastards a midwest ass kicking.

    EDIT: forgot to add that after the honor court rulilng and the inital rulling of “permanent ineligibility” UNC goes BACK to the NCAA and lies to them. They tried to get McAdoo off and others as well. The administration of the school lying to the governing body overseers I can’t imagine will be forgotten. There’s been how many cases ruled on by the NCAA in the last year, 5-6? All of the punishments handed out in those cases, either to a greater degree or a lesser degree, revolved around lying and cooperation.

    How ingenius of UNC, you kick Marvin out of school (but he goes to games and comes to pro day), Wiley is “fired” (or was it just a private re-assignment), and Blake resigns (with 75K). All of these actions effectively put them beyond the reach of the NCAA, really genius those guys over there. And then you push Dickie and Holden up to the front to be the face of it. Good ole boy, slap your back, local yocals who would never think of deceiving the NCAA

  25. highstick 07/21/2011 at 10:31 AM #

    My feeling is that “it’s not over in October” even though some penalties may be handed down. Like Auburn was recently told, “it’ll be over when we say it’s over”!

    For one, I don’t think we’ve even seen the tip of the iceberg yet. Somebody is going to say something or do something over there and the nuke goes off!

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