Badgers hand Pack worst loss in a decade

The Wisconsin Badgers gave us our worst loss in 11 years last night. Final score read 87-to-48.

We shouldn’t feel too bad, right? Wisconsin has still not lost back-to-back games since January of 2009. And they are 70-and-5 at home against non-conference opponents in the Bo Ryan era.

But really, we should be disgusted. We allowed UW to turn what was a tight contest early on into a halftime blow-out. They held us scoreless in the last 6:36 of the first half and extended a ten-point lead into a 44-21 absolute laugher at the intermission. They continued that run to start the 2nd half and mounted a 23-0 run holding the Pack scoreless for over 10 minutes.

This same Badger team struggled mightily from the field in Orlando, shooting under 40 percent from the field and under 30 percent from behind the 3-point arc. Last night, their first home game in over 2 weeks, Wisconsin shot at a 50 percent clip (28 for 56) including 55 percent (11 for 20) from downtown.

The moment that really epitomized last night and how UW broke us down from the opening minute was when Taylor drove hard into the lane but, seeing he had no shot, passed out to Jarmusz near the top of the key. Jarmusz, who was off-balance and guarded, alertly passed to Bruesewitz. Bruesewitz, who had buried a three-pointer from the wing a few minutes earlier, buried another three-pointer to give the Badgers a 34-21 lead with 5:31 remaining in the half.

We were disjointed on offense and careless with the basketball in the pivotal half court set. The deficit was too much to overcome.

Of note, we entered the night averaging 27.4 free-throw attempts and 11.8 turnovers per game. Well, we only attempted three free throws and had 11 turnovers in the first half.

Update: Good news, Tracy Smith will be back in 10-12 days.

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    The Wisconsin Badgers gave us our worst loss in 11 years last night. Final score read 87-to-48. We shouldn’t feel too bad, right? Wisconsin has still
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    I know Wis. would have won anyway but I swear that had to be one of the most lob-sided officiating efforts I have ever seen. I mean, they were calling touch fouls on State and letting Wis bump and go over the back like crazy. They only had four total fouls up until about 15 minutes left in the second half and State had to have been called for 15 by that point. Just a terribly officiate game but I am not saying it would have made a difference in who won but the game may have been closer. It is hard not to get frustrated when you are getting called for everything and the guy who is guarding you is bumping you all over the court.


    Was Sid pleading our case with the refs, pointing out the questionable calls and non-calls? If he was, whatever he said wasn’t very effective.


    Ah yes, the 1999-2000 season of Gainey/Wells/Inge/Harrington/Thornton, wherein we lost 14 games by an average of 16 points. You’re speaking of the 46-point loss to Maryland, but don’t forget that season there was also a 30-point loss to Duke and a 29-point loss to Wake Forest. In fact, only five losses that year were by single digits, and State lost a home first-round NIT game to Princeton by three. Of course, we didn’t have a ridiculously hyped recruiting class and were at least getting our asses handed to us by highly ranked teams, as Duke and Maryland were top 5 most, if not all, season (though the Wake blowout was a head scratcher). See what we have to look forward to this season? Sigh.


    The officiating was poor but the brickfest and turnovers really detracted from the lovefest going on between the zebras and the badgers. The players need to get used to that style of officiating because it will not be any better in the acc. Now there is a danger of chemistry issues with players pointing the finger. Dare I say it couldn’t get much worse?


    What are the odds D Yow is putting together a list of potential coaches for next year and is getting ready to send out feelers? I would say pretty high.


    Sid should’ve been giving the refs so much grief he got a tech. I am not sure which was worse, the officiating or the pack defense, shot selection, hustle and rebounding.


    Well, if this is an aberration, then we’ll be better and the season is still before us

    If it’s not, then best to know now before getting invested.

    Like I told a friend after the Carolina win at Kenan, temper it. Don’t let them suck you back in.

    Be happy and celebrate the wins, but don’t fall for the trap and make yourself vulnerable with rising expectations and emotional investment.

    That is until/unless we have a proven record which justifies it and we’ve banked a stretch of continued and prolonged success.

    BTW, I expected a blowout loss and didn’t bother to watch. I knew what to expect from UW on their home court against the team I saw play Georgetown. I expected ugly, but wow.

    I expected 70ish to 50ish ugly, not a 40 point obliteration.


    The way to get respect from referees is to play/coach with discipline, under control, and with some semblance of a system. I got nothing to say about the refs in last night’s game. I wouldn’t blame them if they were outright laughing at us, and they probably were when not on camera.


    Imagine for a moment that NC State basketball is a glass of iced tea. If somebody sprinkles dirt into the glass, no matter how much sugar you add thereafter you’re still left with dirty tea that nobody wants to drink.

    Let me clarify that I’m not using dirt as an analogy for scandalous but as an element that makes what should be an otherwise pleasant entity unappealing and unpleasant. Can you guess who/what the dirt and sugar are?


    it was mentioned – “Of note, we entered the night averaging 27.4 free-throw attempts and 11.8 turnovers per game. Well, we only attempted three free throws and had 11 turnovers in the first half.”

    I had thought that we had a ton of turnovers for the game but the official boxscore only has us with 13 for the game. This means only 2 in the 2nd half! Watching the game, it seemed that we played just as bad.

    Did they just stop tracking turnovers? I find that stat from the game hard to beleive.


    I’m glad that Directv had a terrible feed for ESPN2 last night. Otherwise I would have wasted my time watching that garbage.

    On a side note, it appeared that no one played defense. Kudos to coach Lowe and his fine staff for putting together a game plan of trying to out score Wisconsin. I guess they figured that UW has never been a offensive juggernaut and we can simply outscore them.

    I’m thinking that was probably the wrong approach. Oh well, you can’t fault the guys for trying something different.


    When was the last time we lost to a non-conference team by this much?
    When was the last time we lost to a non-ranked team by this much?
    I don’t know where to find the results from years prior to 2001-02.


    Officials: Ed Hightower, Ted Valentine, Bob Donato

    Old MacDonald

    Sid’s coaching tenure with NC State began like Romeo and Juliet but is ending in tragedy.


    Like the first poster said, we would have likely lost this game anyway, but the refs flat out jobbed us. I truly believe our team got down after the first flurry of terrible calls and figured there was no way we were going to win. After that, they just mailed it in. This would not have happened with a more seasoned team. I can easily blame Coach for not preparing his team better or keeping their head in the game, but again, a more mature team would have known how to react to the situation and the coach.

    A few observations:
    *We don’t have a vocal leader on the floor that can rally the team.
    *Scott Wood is the only player that appeared to not give up and exerted full effort the entire game.
    *Leslie looks like a head case.*Harrow is useless on defense and causes other players to play out of position to cover for him.
    *Lo Brown can create when the rest of the team is moving, but teams collapse on him when we stand around.
    *Howell needs Tracy or another productive big man to prevent double downs.
    *JG and CJW must produce for us to be succesful and we need their leadership.
    *Lowe better get off his can or he’ll be looking for a new job next year.


    Our offense reminded me of NBA Street Ball and as for Leslie, definitely doesn’t believe in the team game. Glad that Lowe sat his ass, so we’ll see how well Lowe can motivate him and the rest of the team to produce and play team ball. How we respond in the syracuse game will speak volumes to the ability of the coaching staff to get the team back on track.


    I thought Sidney should have come unglued at the officials. It was a horribly lopsided game from the zebras. This team has to learn how to battle, how to grind, when things aren’t going well. I thought Sidney should have pressed full court for the entire second half until he was down to 5 or 6 players left who hadn’t fouled out. He has to get the effort message across.


    What killed me was the times where we played good defense for most of the shot clock, but then fouled them with less than 5 seconds left on the shot clock! That is just undisciplined basketball.

    We are playing just like the teams of Lowe’s 2nd and 3rd years. I wonder whether his plays and defenses are perhaps too complicated for college players the first 2 years. On offense, 3 or 4 players were standing around while 1 or 2 were moving. On defense, we had so many missed assignments that Wisconsin could treat the game as shooting practice.

    Well, Lowe has his work cut out for him… hopefully he’ll succeed.


    My guess is a 25+ point loss at Syracuse and the team coming unglued like it did in Hickson’s only year. Ironically, it seems the coaching IQ declines as the alleged talent level increases.

    Just think, if we had all the “next David Thompson” recruits from the last 15 years on one team, we could be NIT semis material! Wilkins, Hodge, Hickson, Leslie, and who else? Schea Cotton? LOL

    Hodge at least mostly lived up to the hype and improved year to year.


    How could anyone blame the referees on this one? I have not seen a Wolfpack team play this badly since, well I can’t really remember one this bad. No effort, totally unprepared. The freshmen think they are better than they actually are. Unfortunately, this is what happens when fans get excited about their recruits and the media hypes these 17 year olds and they get swelled heads. The lone positive is Woods.


    We used to have 10 min scoreless streaks right before half, and now its 6 min…I guess that’s something.


    I suggest we experiment with changing out our head basketball coaches. I think it would be interesting to see what Coach Harper could do with this team. Simple swap…..


    It’s amazing how much difference a week or so makes. Two weekends ago we were all in heaven – basketball team playing well in Charleston (even looked respectable against Gtown), football team getting #4 against the holes, the holes losing across the board.

    Well at least UNC is still losing… (Not that I really care other than I now don’t have to listen to them gloat about how great they are)


    87-48….Were they playing make it take it?

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