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    When was the last time a Wolfpack team played this badly? Try last Saturday night, when most Pack fans were watching the football game and not paying any attention to what was transpiring in the RBC Center.

    But why is everyone so shocked? We’ve watched this now for the past four seasons. And don’t rule out a sixth, maybe even a seventh season. If we can just give him enough time……..


    “I thought Sidney should have come unglued at the officials. It was a horribly lopsided game from the zebras”

    We seem to see this every game. I think it might be because our staff cannot teach them to play defense without fouling.


    I’ll be honest I expected a bad outcome after watching the Fairleigh Dickinson game, but that was just beyond pathetic. Like watching a little league game, where the one team gets all the good players and the coach picked his players and the other team (state) gets the leftovers and the coach is just one of the dad’s who gets it by default.


    This is year 5 of the Lowe experiment. Does anyone see anything different?

    It looks to me like the same problems. No defense, no rebounding, poor shot selection, poor passing and no basketball fundamentals. That just about covers it I think.


    I am so frustrated about this loss I don’t know what to do. I’ve always felt Sid was a bad hire, but I was hoping the talent infusion this year could help (you’d have thought I’d learned my lesson in ’07).
    All I guess I can do is wait ’til next game and hope we can do better than 5 frickin’ ACC wins again.


    Here is the speech this team needs:


    This is too funny. I googled “Sidney Lowe Hired” because I wanted to go back and see what the various reactions were at the time. Google came back and asked “Do you mean Sidney Lowe fired?”

    Now that is one damn smart search engine.


    mwcric: Ouch, but true. Talk about a blunt assessment.


    Everyone thought last season that things were gonna turn around, with the new players/talent we had coming in. WOW! They still suck, and why would that be? Sidney Lowe! He is one poor excuse for a Division I, basketball coach, and I can’t wait to see him gone. Losing to Wisconsin, is something I could accept, but the way we lost, and the score differential, was embarrassing, to say the least. At least we now have an AD, that will not put up with the BS. Lowe your days are numbered. Yow don’t even have to wait til the end of the year, as far as I am concerned. The sooner the better!

    Pack Mentality

    We have no idea how to play defense. A good college basketball team can hit open jump shots. We cannot hit the broad side of a barn. Our style of D is to slap at their arms. Feel free to blame the refs for something. You won’t catch me complaining whatsoever about the refs when we field a team that could get beat by almost any 5 man crew in a pickup game, which is where we need to play since we play nothing but lousy streetball without the cool passes, dunks, and intimidation.


    Guys, you’re all overthinking it.

    We can’t dribble. We can’t pass. We can’t shoot.

    We can’t defend. We can’t rebound.

    We are a bad basketball team in every facet of the game. The odds of that changing are pretty damn slim. If Sid is employed next year, I believe Tracy will be the reason, as he will have done nothing to earn another chance. This is Sid’s high-water mark… this is a perfectly-constructed team in terms of talent and a blend of youth/experience… and we’re getting nothing. I’ve seen enough…


    “Just think, if we had all the “next David Thompson” recruits from the last 15 years on one team, we could be NIT semis material! Wilkins, Hodge, Hickson, Leslie, and who else? Schea Cotton?”

    If anyone thought any of those mentioned above, or any other recruit in the past 15 years for that matter, had even half a chance of having David Thompson’s skill or heart then they either never saw David Thompson play or they don’t know their rectal orifice from a terrestrial excavation.


    I posted this after the game:

    Yes, I agree that we are playing bad, nearly the worst I have ever seen us play(other than that horrible half we had against UNX), but is it just me or are we getting called for every tick tack foul, but aren’t calling Wisconsin for anything (1st found coming at 12:20 in the half). I think this has been getting the guys down. WHen they are agressive, they get called for ticky-tack fouls. 2-3 palming calls…that’s where we started going downhill. Maybe I’m crazy. And I know I have seen plenty of fouls on Wisconsin that have been harder than anything we’ve done. AM I missing something?

    Don’t misunderstand me for saying that this is the difference in the game, just very frusterating

    Those 2 palming calls on Harrow really took the wind out of him. Then they called one on Javi (don’t remember if I’ve ever seen him called for this). I agree with the above post that this just frustrated them greatly and Sid didn’t stand up to the refs and it all went downhill. On top of that the foul calls were miserable. No excuse, just something that was very noticeable during the game.


    It seemed like they forgot it was no longer the red and white game.


    I give Wisconsin props for not letting up once they got up by 20. They pounded us into the ground like I wish we could do when we get a lead (all sports).


    OK, I’m not gonna sit here and say the officiating was perfect, but some of you are still going on about it and I’m not sure if we watched the same game or not.

    We are a VERY poor team when it comes to fundamentals, especially on defense. All these team foul differentials y’all are quoting? I got news for ya…at least 1/3rd of the reason for those numbers is that we DID foul them more. That’s what happens when you’re out of position…you reach, you bump, etc.

    And palming? Are you kidding me? 2 or 3 times? The refs were generous. I saw Harrow palm it at least twice that many times. I woulda wistled him for it at least 2 more times than they did.

    Another 1/3rd of the difference is that Wisconsin IS a very fundamentally sound ballclub. They didn’t have to foul us to stop us. We were at least partially responsible for that, of course….when you’re playing a crappy team which doesn’t play together, fouling becomes largely unnecessary.

    And besides, if they (or we fans) think the refs are going to be any easier on us in league play, well they (and we) are gonna find out otherwise pretty quickly, I think. If that kind of officiating “gets them down”, as many posters have said…well they better get over that real damn quickly or else they’re all gonna be on Prozac by March.

    As far as the team is concerned, better they see a little homerism officiating now and start getting used to it. They’ll be the better for it come conference play.

    As far as us fans? Can we please stop whining about officiating already?


    Amen Wufpacker. David Thompson was unbelievable and those who missed seeing him play really missed something special. During the 70’s, the football team was ranked as high as No. 8 and the basketball team was ranked No. 1. Those years were special, and I wonder if they will ever return. One can only hope.


    Hmmm…I see that the last post in this thread was from 2010. Why is it back on the first page???


    my guess is it was a glitch but my inner conspiracy theorist says it may have been the son of Rocco and Angelina sending out a subtle reminder that hey guys… while it would have been great to play another weekend, keep in mind that not long ago things were a lot worse


    We should bring back some of my drunken angry Amato rants, while we are at it. That was some of my finest venom.

    I really didn’t like that guy. Even though I’m partial to sweatpants myself.


    ^So your description is ambiguous…

    Are those rants about Amato written while drunk and angry, or simply rants about a drunk and angry Amato? 😉

    Although as I think about it, either would be entertaining…


    To the best of my memory, BJD was one of the first (if not the first) to predict that Amato would flame out at State. I distinctly remember hoping that the issues that BJD raised would “work themselves out”. Unfortunately that experience just reinforced the conclusion that hope is not a plan.


    I think I may have been the very first to be all the way off the bandwagon. I know I had a pretty bad feeling during the 4th quarter of the MD game during Rivers’ senior year. That was when I first recall telling people I really didn’t think it was gonna work out.

    I went fully unhinged during the “phantom TD” game in Chapel Hill, where Amato idiotically accepted a 5 yard penalty (38 yard FG try for excellent FG kicker who would be money from 43) to set up 3rd and 8 instead. TD on the next play, predictably. Still the stupidest decision I have ever seen at any level of competition.

    I got so drunk and angry as a result that I called the yahoos on the wptf post-game show.


    ^ In my mind, it sounded something like this…
    (NSFW, btw)

    Drunk History is one of the best shows going.

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