N&O: More Twitter issues for Austin, Little breaking today

Our blockbuster entry from late last night has helped surface some more pictures related to the UNC-agent scandal that appear to directly contrast some of the quotes and stories coming from the UNC camp. We couldn’t ignore the following blog entry and quote from the N&O’s ACCNow this morning that is being driven from our entry last night.

The picture was posted by Miss Natalie Nunn on Tweetphoto. According to Nunn’s web site, she is a reality show star (“Bad Girls Club”), model and “an entertainer, a lover, a friend to many, an athlete, and personality on television.”

Also, Little’s father said his son and Austin went to Miam in March on spring break. The time-stamp on the photo would suggest the pair made two trips to Miami in three months.

Little was interviewed by the NCAA earlier this month in Chapel Hill, his father said, and so was Austin, according to sources.

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