Two Mandatory Reads for the Community

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(2) Link – Comments policy at SFN

Thank you!

Our comments section is designed to drive great conversations, share insightful comments/analysis/perspective, and serve as a place to archive information about the topic at hand.

Every entity has a mission, a goal. SFN’s mission is to be a blog, not a message board community (which is what this seems to have turned into). There are plenty of message boards (aka “idiot boards”) for folks to join if that is what they are looking for, but that is not what we are looking to become.

Our popularity has soared because of the quality of the work of our authors and the quality of some of the our community members. Our popularity has not soared because of what “MrXWolf” thinks about another poster or about what/why we choose to post an entry on our blog. Most of the world doesn’t care what MrXWolf thinks, and we are tired of those types of comments diluting our site.

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'StateFansNation' is the shared profile used by any/all of the dozen or so authors that contribute to the blog. You may not always agree with us, but you will have little doubt about where we stand on most issues. Please follow us on Twitter and FaceBook

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