Strange things are afoot at the Circle K (Friday Morning 10:30am Update)

Note – since a lot of you guys are dying to know what’s happening over in Brown-Weiseger and want to talk about it, why not use the SFN Chat Room? Click the link to go there now.

We’ve been hearing elevated ‘rumblings’ over the last week and those rumblings have reached a fevered pitch the last 48 hours. Talk to me, people.

From the file of “strange dates in history”:

  • It was April 1st (2006) when this happened.
  • April 2nd (today) is Lee Fowler’s birthday
  • April 3rd (tomorrow) is the infamous JB34’s birthday

The following is some evolving analysis of unconfirmed developments and rumors as they are unfolding.

Friday Morning 10:30am Update:

  • To this point, we’ve got nothing to confirm the rumors that are out there.  I wish there was actually something to pass along…but there just isn’t.  We will not be party to stoking the flames of extreme rumors.
  • What cannot be denied is that there is an awful lot of ‘smoke’ out there for there to be absolutely nothing going on.  I think that something is/was going on and the ‘leaks’ that hit the internet basically put everyone into ‘hunker down’ mode and shut everyone up.  It will be interesting to see when/where the next round of information originates.
  • In situations like these, major shifts/moves in personnel do not happen at the snap of the finger.  It takes time for things to develop and play themselves out.
  • We’re guessing that things may be quiet here for a bit more leaking and developing over the next couple of weeks.
  • We will keep our eyes and ears open and let you know what we learn.
  • Thursday Midnight Update:

    • Rumors are making their way around NC State internet websites that Lee Fowler ‘is gone’.
    • These rumors are lending there way to a wave of unconfirmed ‘details’ that are arising as follow-up.
    • Included in the follow-up wave of rumor is that there was a special Board of Trustees meetings called tonight.
    • At this point, SFN has yet to find any evidence of any kind of special BOT meeting tonight.
    • The BOT has a scheduled meeting in two weeks.
    • The BOT would only need to meet in special session if they were recommending/voting on some time-sensitive issue like a firing.  But, IF Lee Fowler were to have tendered a resignation or plans to tender a resignation then these information leaks about him ‘being gone’ could still be true without there needing to have been a BOT meeting.
    • SFN has heard from multiple sources in the last few weeks that Vanderbilt University, Fowler’s alma mater, is considering re-instituting a formal athletics program and that many at NC State would welcome the opportunity for Lazy Lee to run off to his home and ‘lead’ the Commodores new program.
    • Additionally, members of the SFN team have experienced an unusually high volume of inquiry calls with ‘contacts’ within the NC State community this week.  The general theme seems to be that ‘something is happening’ but nobody has the whole story.
    • Some rumors circulating already include the potential naming of three specific replacements/additions to key roles within the Athletics Department and the Wolfpack Club.  We don’t think that it is prudent or fair to float anyone’s name into the public domain so early in a process that is yet unconfirmed.
    • There are many other yet-unconfirmed tangents of some things evolving within the Athletics Department but these tangential speculations can do nothing positive for NC State and don’t have a place in a public forum until more develops…IF more develops.
    • In the absence of details, there are too many holes to attempt to fill-in the gaps with usubstantiated conjecture at this point.

    My sole casual ‘interesting observation’ is as follows –  it is kind of odd/interesting that the timing of this potential breaking news comes on the eve of the Final Four, which is also the nation’s largest coaching conference and is generally known as a job fair for coaches.