ACCT Gameday & State-Maryland pre-game Entry (Updated Noon)

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BJD Comments
Well, it’s finally here. The ACC tournament (see our preview here). 12 teams in search of glory, redemption, or both – no matter how much Ol’ Roy pretends it doesn’t really matter, it does. 8 start today, kicking off with a pitched battle between desperate Miami and even more desperate Virginia Tech. Man, is the winner ever going to be disappointed (if not surprised) to see Ty Lawson in the starting lineup.

Good news for those you who have to pretend to work today – Raycom will stream the games live for those who live within its geographical territory.

Speaking of redemption, this morning’s N&O looks at the Wolfpack’s need for it after a sorry effort against the Terps a few weeks ago. Keep your fingers crossed, because it sounds like maybe that even got Courtney Fells’ attention. Friend of the blog J.P. Giglio also has his ACCT edition of Foul Shots out, complete with a shout out to Billy Packer. It’s nice to know someone will miss him this March other than me. The old crumudgeon probably isn’t even watching.

To get mentally prepared for a weekend of despair, my wife and I went to the Morrissey concert last night at the Durham Performing Arts Center. Great venue for a concert, and easily the best live performance I’ve ever seen. Highly recommended for any fans who live near one of the other stops on this brief American tour. I hope SFN commenter Girlfriend in a Coma made it there. If Morrissey lived here and gave a damn about college sports, he would definitely be a State fan.

Jeff’s Comments

  • We discussed earlier in the week that State’s battle with Maryland helps commemorate the 35th anniversary of the greatest college basketball game ever played (Link for entry and video).
  • And, nobody will forget that Sidney Lowe’s previous ACC Tournament appearance in Atlanta in 1983 resulted in a Championship.
  • But, today’s opening round game against the Terps also helps commemorate the 20th anniversary of one of the league’s biggest upsets when Bob Wade’s 8th seeded Terrapins defeated the ACC’s regular season champion, NC State – also in a game played in Atlanta. (Ouch) The Wolfpack’s loss marked the first time that a #1 seed lost to an 8th seed on the first day of the ACC Tournament.
  • I know it is a pipe dream, but the potential path that lies in front of NC State in Atlanta this weekend couldn’t be more ‘tradition-filled’. IF State were to run the table, the Wolfpack would probably battle the program’s four most prominent conference rivals in actual order of ‘prominence’ – (4) Maryland; (3) Wake Forest; (2) Duke; (1) UNC-CH. How memorable of a run would that be? Just an interesting observation.
  • Pack Pride has posted the Sports Information Department’s “NoteBook” (bullet points) here.

Media Items
(1) Caulton Tudor picks the Wolfpack in the two and a half minute preview video below:

(2) WRAL’s focus on the Greivis Vasquez angle of today’s game:

(3) WRAL focuses on State’s search for a better ACC Tournament than last year’s miserable experience.

Our comments section included the following historical comments that deserved elevation:

1973: NC State beats Maryland in the ACCT finals. NC State completes the season 27-0, but stays home due to bullshit probation. Maryland goes to the NCAAs, representing the ACC.

1974: Really, nothing needs to said here. Greatest game in college basketball history.

1975: Maryland wins the Regular Season title, but NC State takes down the Terps in the ACCT semis.

1978: I think its still the only triple OT game in ACCT history. Maryland beats NC State 109-108.

1982: One of the ugliest ACCT games ever. NC State beats MD 40-28.

1984: Maryland beats NC State in in the first round on route to Lefty’s only ACC Tournament title.

1989: Hard to type this – NC State wins the ACC regular season, loses badly to a 1-13 Maryland team, 71-43. IMO, Jimmy V’s worst game as NC State coach.

1993: NC State’s first appearance in what would be labeled the “Les Robinson Invitational” – Maryland #8 beats #9 NC State.

1997: Herb’s magical run to the ACCT title game, NC State beats MD in the semi-finals.

2002: NC State beats #1 seed Maryland in the ACC semis. It would be MD’s last loss of the season, and they go on to win the National Title.

2004: Another hard one to type. NC State is crushing MD in the semis by 18 at the half and by as many as 21 in the game. A bizarre technical called by Larry Rose on the NC State towel boy who is wiping sweat off the floor in the backcourt while the ball is in play at the other end of the floor. Gilchrist goes crazy and MD comes back to beat State, and then beat Duke for the ACCT title. (Just as they did in 1984).

  • One week later Sendek’s Wolfpack went on to collapse in a similarly unprecedented manner in the second round of the NCAA Tournament against Vanderbilt. The loss was so egregious that it made this list of the Top 10 comebacks in NCAA Tournament history. (Link)
  • For more on Rose you can click through this entry.