FSU – NCSU Game and Post-game Thread

1 2 T
Florida State (14-3) 35 43 78
NC State (9-5) 32 33 65

Another night of futility as NC State has a lead coming down the stretch and only scores two points the last five  minutes.  Unfortunately for the Wolfpack, Florida State scored nineteen in the same time span.  Inexcusable.

Best players of the game for the Wolfpack: Julius Mays, Johnny Thomas and Tracy Smith. Worst player? Tough call, but we will go with Javier Gonzalez, who committed three straight turnovers in the second half and topped that off with a foul to send FSU’s best player to the free throw line.

Comment highlights:

“The young guys are playing well. That’s nice to see. There are glimmers of that thing they call “basketball” coming out of them.” –GAWolf.

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