Scattered Post-Game Thoughts


  • I strongly reiterate what I said after the South Florida beatdown. We are playing with house money this year, and have no right to expect anything positive. You know the old saying about bringing a knife to a gun fight? TOB and staff are bringing a spork.
  • Still, this one hurts, especially knowing that Chuck the Clown got to laugh at us again. Based on his reality-free media blitz last week, it’s clear that he’s not only a delusional narcissist (knew that already), but also a pathological liar. I had a work thing last night and couldn’t attend live, but every time I saw his face on TV, I wanted to punch him in the nose.
  • As noted above, my attention was distracted by my work event, although my wonderful co-workers gave me the seat with the best TV visibility (a few even wore red ties as a show of support for me, which was very cool). I predicted that the late FG in the first half would come back to haunt State, but I had the slightest bit of hope. Then, out of the corner of my eye with the 3rd quarter about to start, I saw the time of possession – and knew the game was over. This feeling did not change when I got in my car, turned on the radio, and heard we had scored to take a 17-13 lead, with FSU facing 3rd and 17. I knew they would make it, and knew they would win. That’s an awful feeling.
  • Anyone who’s surprised Nate Irving re-injured himself hasn’t been a State fan very long. Frankly, I’m surprised he made it through the first quarter in one piece.
  • As I watched the last few minutes at home, the camera focused on a fan in the front row, with his head buried in his hands. It was hard to tell if he was distraught, passed out drunk, or both. Regardless, it was the perfect microcosm of the State fan experience.
  • When Sid was on TV, one of my colleagues (Duke fan, and great guy) asked me what was more likely – State rallying to make a bowl game, or making the NCAAT this year. After a long pause, I chose football, simply due to the fact that ACC football sucks, so theoretically, anything can happen. But both are 30-1 shots, at least (I said this when State was up 10-3). It reminded me of the abject hopelessness of Wolfpack fandom, and how much it sucks to have your team suck at everything. There’s absolutely nothing to look forward to.
  • The only goal for this year is to avoid going 0-for the ACC. In such a weak conference, I’m not sure our program could recover from such a severe psychological blow. We would also set the all-time school record for most losses in a season. Right now, I put our chances at 50/50 – we have already lost our 2 most winnable home games (mediocre to bad opponents, with State having the psychological edge both times). Pray that we get the shitty version of Maryland in eight days – that and our November game at resurgent Duke are our last decent shots.
  • NC State will be at least a 5 point underdog in every remaining game on its schedule.

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  1. wolfonthehill 10/17/2008 at 7:01 AM #

    Well, speaking of basketball (which you briefly did), we saw Sid, Monte, DT, Burleson, Gainey, Costner, Smith, and a few recruits (sorry, but I don’t know what individual recruits look like, so I can’t tell you who they were) in front of the Murphy Center at halftime. A couple thoughts…

    * This group of guys was having FUN… laughing, hugging, joking. It was REALLY good to see guys from across the history of our program unified as one “team”.
    * Costner looks like he truly has busted his ass to get back in shape. He looks incredibly lean… I mean, no excess weight… if his game has come back to match his fitness level, the dude’s going to be all-conference this year. I just went up to him, shook his hand, and said “kick ass this year, Brandon”… he smiled and said “alright”.

  2. Wulfpack 10/17/2008 at 7:15 AM #

    We are the followers of a team that has developed the reputation around the league of a team that will find any possible way to lose a game.

    That one was in the bag and we blew it. We are now firmly positioned as the worst team in our division and most likely the worst team in the ACC.

    I think we go 2-3 from here on out with wins over Maryland (maybe) and Duke (no way in hell we let the Blue Devils beat us). Wake, UNC, and Miami will have no trouble with us.

  3. Ismael 10/17/2008 at 7:23 AM #

    Not trying to be positive for the sake of being positive but I took away a few.

    Wilson looks sometimes too poised back there, but the guy is as elusive as anyone ive ever seen. I don’t fault him for the late sack, the dude’s trying to make a play and was about 3 inches (the Chapel Hole penis record length) from hitting eugene on the next play.

    FSU brought alot of blitzes and everytime i expected RW to be lying on the ground with another concussion, he was mysteriously still standing and throwing the ball, the OL was actually pretty damn good this game.

    Which segues into the running game, the lanes were opened and they were actually using FSU’s aggressivesness against them.

    The whole DL played great especially Rieskamp and Willie Young. They said DeAndre Morgan didn’t start because the coaches felt like he was getting burned too much, but when he came in, i saw him have probably the best single game performance from a CB ive seen in a long time. He stopped alot of plays dead and broke up some nice passes.

    Negatives: LBs/Secondary. I know that these guys are young, but at times, i felt bad for Maddox. He looks lost, unsure what to do, and that makes you play slow. He’s very fast actually. But you can see him literally THINKING about what to do, in X situation if Y happens. Their last TD where they threw it out in the flat to the WR…Maddox was following and kind of lumbers over and then turns on the jets only to totally overrun the play.

    Tackling in general, SUCKED. I might have to just not watch anymore if i see a RB/FB/TE/WR catch the ball and get his butt-slapped and spun around 4 times before he makes it to the endzone. Ever since the ECU game, there’s been at least one of those per game.

    What i’d like to see more of: An empty backfield, 5 WR’s split out wide, and a play take about 4-5 seconds to develop and then RW just take off and run for 30 yards. He did that about 3 times last night and i’m like, they should just design a “busted” play. Let him checkdown all 5 WR’s, go thru his progression, and then just go, unstoppable.

    More man coverage and blitzing on 1st downs. Especially on teams that throw that quick-out. Since ECU that has killed us. And by the time we come up to make the tackle, the other WR has blocked the defender, 8-10yds every time.

  4. BoKnowsNCS71 10/17/2008 at 7:24 AM #

    I’m not sure we are the worst team. We are a weak team playing one of the toughest schedules in the league.

    I find it hard to believe we will beat Maryland — they have killed us the past two years and are looking good this year. Wake — maybe a chance if we can just show some defense but again they have nailed us for the past 4 or 5 years. Even Phillip had problems with them. Duke while looking better and making fewer mistakes should be ours. Miami – we have a good chance. UNC is winnable since the injury bug is biting them every week. Looks like we may go 4-8 or 5-7 barring an upset.

    No bowl but improving. I saw a great offensive team last night but a defense that is way too young. It’s going to get better. As the man said — borrowed money this year.

  5. haze 10/17/2008 at 7:39 AM #

    ^ Wolf, thanks for the info. Very cool.

    As for last night, even a realist (i.e. house money) gets down. This was another case (like BC) where I fully believe that we win this game with a healthy Nate Irving. We have so many challenges but, again and again, the ACC manages to serve up teams weak enough (in mind or body) that they can be beaten by determined but grossly undermanned opponents. There were about 8 different things that could have taken this game the other way (e.g. Jarvis dropping TD in Q1, 3rd & 17, pop-fly 1st down for FSU FG before half, Pack 3-and-out after poor punt, etc.) but we just couldn’t get it done. C’est la vie.

    Speaking more technically, last night showed how important Cash is to the DL. He made plays and freed Willie to do the same. After that, what can you say? We were on the field for about 237 snaps. No way for a crew this shallow to keep it together for that long. Oh, and thank you NCAA for taking the football out of football (i.e. Byers PF for a clean and outstanding hit on Ponder).

    On O, the OL did a solid job, as you hardly heard an FSU DL mentioned. They opened holes and the backs were great. Eugene looked awesome, great to see him back and on form. RW made some nice plays (scrambles, 2 TD’s, should have been 3) but was skittish at times and, uncharacteristically, blew some reasonably easy throws. Still, amazing to have kid this young make this few mistakes. WR’s seem to be underperforming but it’s hard to tell on TV. Bible’s plays for the 2 TD’s were really well designed. Bible’s plays late in the 4th were unimpressive (abandoning the run w/ 4:30 to play & TO’s available played to FSU’s strength and got us off schedule).

    Overall, frustrating loss but we have to take the positives. This is going to be a good team in a couple of years. Right now, we are a tough but outmanned group. You can say a lot worse about a team.

  6. SuperStuff 10/17/2008 at 7:40 AM #

    Not having a defensive leader like Nate Irving on the field hurts. I just think he is one of those guys that gets players around him play better.

  7. SEAT.5.F.2 10/17/2008 at 7:46 AM #

    Shocked that RW took that sack last night because it seemed completely uncharactistic of him. We have to remember that he is still a freshman playing against a quality D.

    I’m not thinking 0-8 yet and I wouldn’t anyway until unless we got to 0-7. I still beleive in this team because we were in the game till the just under the 2 minute mark. I consider that amazing since:

    1) No NI after the reinjury early second qtr. (credit to the OL who came out and cut block him, intentially trying to roll on it. It was legal and as a LB NI knows that it comes with the territory.)

    2) No special teams heroic’s. Graham’s speed brought him straight into a kicker once. Not downing the ball on the punt w/eight red shirts was pathetic. 2 games with muffed punts and no recovery either time.

    3) Push on TO’s

    4) Our penalties hurt so bad in that second half. Offsides of Vermiglio when we didn’t get anypoints after Graham got us to the fifty. Holding on Green after RW picks up the first down. The hit by Byers on their QB was not the right call.

  8. Alpha Wolf 10/17/2008 at 7:46 AM #

    We need about four Nate Irvings so we can go to the 3-4 defense that O’Brien and Archer prefers. The depth and quality of the linebackers is not there.

    I was thinking to myself last night that the second level holes in the zone pass defense was a result of that.

  9. SEAT.5.F.2 10/17/2008 at 8:00 AM #

    I don’t know TOB prefers 3-4 over 4-3, but I know he wants them to get off the field after 3 rd and force punt.

    Archer, mentioned 3-4 when he arrived, so maybe. Staff showed the ability to revamp into new offense over offseason so it its entirely possible that it could happen in the offseason. Problem would be depth, we would barely make a two deep at LB if we did that.

    Jamual Simmons gone? I think JC Neal gives 110 % but I haven’t seen a Safety who refuses to wrap up like that ever.

  10. Alpha Wolf 10/17/2008 at 8:01 AM #

    For those of us at the game, we didn’t hear exactly what happened to Irving and what his status is: can you tell us what happened.

  11. primacyone 10/17/2008 at 8:14 AM #

    Our Offense just killed our Defense last night. Number of plays and Time of Possession were killers for our defense. We did not have any legs at all left by the end of third quarter.

    “Never Give Up”, Jim Valvano

  12. Par Shooter 10/17/2008 at 8:15 AM #

    It’s pretty delusional to think that this team will win another game. Not only are we the worst team (by far) in the league this year but we’re probably one of the worst teams over the last decade not named Duke. How many non-Duke teams have gone 0-fer in the last 10-15 years?

    And ideas that this ragtag group is somehow magically going to be a good team next year are laughable. This is a deep, dark valley and the only way to get out is to recruit your way out. I just don’t see it happening. It’s not schemes so much as just an overwhelming lack of D-1 football players.

  13. BJD95 10/17/2008 at 8:31 AM #

    Our LB and secondary are just woefully outmanned. What happens once our DL is weakened by graduation?

    I would be surprised if we see Nate Irving again this year. Then again, I was surprised that we saw him last night (I’m assuming he was highly motivated to play against Amato’s team).

  14. partialqualifier 10/17/2008 at 8:31 AM #

    A couple of things:

    1- Enough of the Amato pile-on. I, for one, was all for making a coaching change…but some of you have got to learn to let go. The guy loves NC State…even this week he talked about the great fans and people here. He despises the AD, the administration, and some of “Big Donors”. Now who among us does not detest some of these same people? It just makes my stomach turn when I hear us trample (OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!) a guy who actually did a few good things and loves this university as much as we do. Move on.

    2- This was the vest our team has played all season. This is the first time this year that we have played a fast, aggressive team and looked like we belonged on the field. the progress of the underclassmen is amazing to me. Our O-Line has made unbelievable improvements, our receivers look like ball players, and our D-Line played like beasts. We lost last night because our QB is RS-Frosh and played like it. We got practically nothing out of our passing game…despite running up and down the field on FSU.

    3- We are starting to see real player development at NCSU. Individually our healthy players are getting better. Our problem is depth, injuries, and too many inexperienced & young players playing critically important positions. TOB is doing a great job…regardless of record.

    4- I am still not sold on Mike Archer. I would be thrilled if he found a new job next year. He came in as a guy whose defenses gave up chunks of yardage with that soft zone…and so far…well…in 2 years we are giving up chunks of yardage with a soft zone. Last night was at least the third time this season I heard the TV crew comment on our predictability on D…almost begging Archer to get more aggressive. Yea, I just dont know ’bout him.

  15. primacyone 10/17/2008 at 8:34 AM #

    Q) What do Clemson Football and NCSU Football have in common?

    A) Both programs are starting to ponder that they would have been better off keeping Mike O’Cain!

  16. Girlfriend in a Coma 10/17/2008 at 8:37 AM #

    I really hope this does not turn into another idiot board. It seems like it is on the way there.

  17. BJD95 10/17/2008 at 8:46 AM #

    Chuck Amato talked alot about HIMSELF all week. the unfortunately named Luke DeCock summed things up nicely this morning in the N&O. We should send him a fruit basket or something.

    When Chuck Amato shuts his piehole and quits putting himself up on the cross, I’ll stop talking about him. When was the last time anybody brought up Sendek?

  18. tcthdi-tgsf-twhwtnc 10/17/2008 at 8:50 AM #

    I thought State played a good game. The officials certainly decided to take a coffee break during the 3rd quarter and that didn’t help. My biggest disappointments. Not going for a first down on 4th on FSU’s 35 and netting a 15 yard punt.

    The most frustrating part of the game was absolutely horrible 2:00 offense at the end of the game. Albeit State was down by two scores but with almost 2:00 left you have to at least try. I guess it is a young team and it showed on the last two NC State possessions.

  19. Rick 10/17/2008 at 8:54 AM #

    “It reminded me of the abject hopelessness of Wolfpack fandom, and how much it sucks to have your team suck at everything. There’s absolutely nothing to look forward to.”

    I was talking about this last night. I have all but given up hope. Year after year after year of let downs. Why even bother. Frankly I do not see us being any better at either sport any time soon.

    We lack leadership.

  20. Alpha Wolf 10/17/2008 at 8:57 AM #

    I really hope this does not turn into another idiot board. It seems like it is on the way there.

    I feel safe speaking for JB, BJD and the rest of the Statefans Nation team in saying that will not happen.

    A lot of people here have differing opinions, and yes, there are times when emotion can get the better of folks…or the occasional troll wanders in and out of the site. Overall, however, there is a robust group of solid thinking fans who can back up their opinions with logic and facts.

    When someone crosses the line in the comments, it’s either edited, deleted or in one case, a user banned.

    If it is not across the line, but you strongly disagree with someone’s take, then it’s on you, the user, to counter and argue your viewpoint. Politely, of course. Talk them down, but leave out the insults.

    Fair enough?

  21. primacyone 10/17/2008 at 8:59 AM #

    I really like Chuck as well. Heck, I even miss him being around.

    But dang it. Just over the week he said that when he was relieved of his duties here, he left a team that was full of some of the best talent in the league. Oblivously that is not accurate. And in my opinion it is also a massive insult to Tom O’Brien, and I don’t apprecaite that. Especially giving the extreme task of an absolute complete rebuild that Tom O’Brien is having to undertake.

    I see significant progress. I see players getting much better. But Chuck should have kept his damn mouth shut about what he left here.

  22. Par Shooter 10/17/2008 at 9:50 AM #

    This entire week was classic Chuck. Running his mouth to reporters, defiant, completely divorced from reality and as narcissistic as any single person I have ever encountered. He is so delusional that he may well be certifiable. I think the week proved a great reminder to folks who may be having cold feet about firing him based on what has transpired. We’re infinitely better off without that buffoon being associated with us and we did a good day’s work when we let him go. It’s really nice not having to cringe when your coach is being interviewed in print or tv/radio.

  23. wufpup76 10/17/2008 at 9:53 AM #

    Another frustrating loss – but be thankful that this team is even able to make some of these games frustrating …


    – We ran the ball right AT them last night using our D-linemen on the O-line … Kudos to the O-line, Brown, and Eugene for their collective efforts last night against a pretty solid D

    – When the game was called correctly – as it was in the first half – our D was actually effective even w/out N. Irving … The D-line played well in the first half forcing numerous (OBVIOUS) holding penalties … The D certainly wore down though as the lopsided time of possession caught up to us in the second half … There is no way in HELL we should’ve wound up with more penalties in the game than FSU … A complete joke played on us by the ACC refs … I didn’t know Duke’s Mike Kerkooskie was on the FSU sideline last night

    – Even with our soft D and issues in the defensive backfield (particularly on 3rd down) we STILL had a chance to win the game late in the 4th quarter

    – It took two consecutive terrible calls (one blown call, one no call) to help FSU get in the endzone for a go ahead score … If the Byers call isn’t made AND / OR the holding call on the next play is called correctly FSU is still on their side of the 50 and who knows what happens then

    – Russell Wilson had his worst game of the season last night … He made more bad decisions last night (and I only saw a few) than in any other game he has played … Yet, he was still able to throw for two scores and had us in a position to win the game in the fourth … He made the right throw on 4th and 14, the FSU defender just made a good play tipping the ball away … Otherwise, Eugene gets that ball and we’re in business

    – I still agree w/ BJD that this is a “house money” year and we don’t have a very good team … That said, this not very good team worked hard enough to have a realistic chance at being 4-3 as opposed to 2-5 if a couple of things go differently in the BC and FSU games … I know that’s a spin, but I don’t mind spinning for this team – they’re not the greatest but they’re working hard with limited personnel and are two 4th quarter drives away from being 4-3

    – I’m going on record right now that this team manages to get at least two more victories this season … I’m that confident in TOB and the way the guys are working … who they’ll be against I’m not sure, but I see us winning at least 2 more … Confidence is high 🙂 …

    GO PACK!

  24. SuperStuff 10/17/2008 at 9:56 AM #

    God it was fun to watch our football team rip off 10 yard runs in the first half seemingly at will. I got excited watching that. Give FSU credit. They held the ball on offense and wore our defense down. Third down conversions on offense could of helped us out in the second half.

  25. wolfonthehill 10/17/2008 at 9:58 AM #

    OK – and a rant about our fans – why the hell do so many people seem so much angrier than they used to?

    Driving out of the parking lot after the past two games, I’ve been verbally assaulted THREE TIMES by three different people in merging situations… and yes, I was alternating (one from this line, one from that line). In each case, the F-bomb was hurled my way, one time with my 6-year-old twin boys in the car… and twice, violence was threatened against me, with either doors or windows opened in the other car to basically open up the path to a physical altercation.

    I mean, jeebus – WTF, people? Yes, sitting in traffic for 15-30 minutes sucks… but we’re all doing it… you’re not the only one who’s waited.

    Rant over… but there just seems to be a LOT of anger and hostility recently. Anyone else notice anything similar?

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