Q: What Now? A: SFN Adopt-A-Team!

Yes, as I predicted yesterday, Dr. Kevorkian visited the Pack dressed like the Miami Hurricanes. JJ Hickson put up a lonely fight, but the 2007-08 season is finally, mercifully over for NC State.

But that doesn’t mean giving up basketball and waiting for football season! Our fun-loving SFN community can just adopt a team to follow during March Madness. One that’s likeable and culturally similar. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…the Clemson Tigers. Tough as nails. Twice screwed against Carolina, they got off the mat and fought back like we begged (in vain) for our Wolfpack to do.

Let’s try it on for size during the “real” portion of the ACCT. If we like it, we’ll cover the Tigers in the dance as if they were our very own. Game threads, live blogging, the works. If not, we’ll open the floor for nominations. But I think the Tigers fit. Reasonably classy, long suffering fans. ACC party crashers. (Those 2 only apply to hoops). A school with ties to engineering and agriculture. A team out for vengeance against Carolina. Probably the only ACC team that really matches up well with Carolina. And not a team that’s so good that we look and/or feel like front-runners.

We will update with Clemson links tomorrow, and maybe add some thoughts about today’s debacle.