Anyone Want to Discuss Florida State? (Updated 3pm)

As you might have gleaned from my comments in the GT post-game thread, I don’t really have the stomach for it. We are sending the kids to grandma’s house in order to attend tonight’s Ween concert in Durham. Thus, I may not be awake that far in advance of tomorrow’s 1:30 tip-off.

Have any insight on match-ups, or the Seminole squad in general? Put ’em in the comments. I will also put the over/under on paid attendance at 2,500. Games at FSU or Miami (that don’t involve Duke or UNC) are always quite surreal.

There have been lots of interesting insights on some NC State Message Boards the last couple of days that build off the early season analysis that we ran showing the performance of the Wolfpack with and without certain players on the floor.

One of the more approripate discussions in which fans are engaging is the impact of Ben McCauley on the Wolfpack. Big Ben was an obvious shot in the arm for the Pack on Wednesday night; the Pack’s offense was much more efficient and defense was much more energetic with Ben on the floor than without. The numbers support that observation ans the Wolfpack outscored Georgia Tech 22-11 when McCauley was on the floor and was outscored by a similar margin when Brandon Costner was playing. The following comments are telling:

Costner had the ball passed to him 31 times, he caught the ball cleanly 23 of those times, struggled catching and bobbled 6 times and two in a row went through his hands leading to 4 points (making the game GT-59 NCST-55). He also totally bricked 5 of 6 3-pt shots, one slammed back in by Fells at the end. He turned over the ball on the dribble 4 times. So out of 31 touches over 1/3 were negative for the Pack. Add that to lackadaisical defense, limited effort on the boards, Javi was carrying him… and he aint light.


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