Taking A Bow

Two self-promotion items, if you will allow us to indulge:


(1) After the embarrassment perpetrated on the ACC by Boston College as evidenced in the picture above, it was announced yesterday that the ACC Football Championship will move to Tampa and Charlotte over the next four years.

Now that the announcement is official, please allow me to turn your attention to this entry that we wrote a month earlier. In the entry we predict:

We’ll give you a little prediction and you can come back and judge us on it later – Tampa will get the 2008 game and Charlotte will get the 2009 and 2010 game

I feel pretty good about ‘missing’ that by one year (because we thought only three years were being bid).

Personally, I think that Tampa will be marginally better than Jacksonville because – contrary to popular belief – the issue of the distance between the schools and the locale is not the only issue that impairs attendance. It may the primary issue; but it is not the only issue.

First, Jacksonville sucks. It just sucks. It isn’t that fun of a place to viist. Jacksonville It is grossly dispersed and spread out and the only centralized gathering spot is a cheesey area called “The Landing”, which as a 25 to 30 minute drive from Jacksonville Beach where many fans choose to stay while the ‘fat cats’ are typically an hour outside of town at Jeckyll and Amelia Island. Tampa is a significantly better place to visit than Jacksonville based on almost every major category of interest – nightlife, visual appearance, weather, convenience, restaurants, etc.

Second, ACC fans have ‘Jacksonville fatigue’ because of the Gator Bowl. Its not that the Gator Bowl is necessarily a bad bowl…but, fans already know that they probably are going to have some reason to visit Jacksonville (if they haven’t already been to the Gator recently). Tampa is fresh and new to the conference and since no Outback Bowl exists, everyone knows that this may be their only chance to hit the town.

In short, Tampa is a better locale for the game than Jacksonville. But, that obviously is not a ringing endorsement for major success.

For more on this topic, you will enjoy this blog entry that discusses the merits of holding the game on campus instead of at a neutral site.

(2) It has been reported over the last week that former UCLA Head Coach, Karl Dorrell is a candidate for the job at Duke (that nobody wants). To many people Dorrell’s name came out of nowhere.

But, not to SFN readers.

A good 3 or 4 days before Dorrell’s name surfaced publicly our own BJD was sharing his thoughts that Duke should go after a former head coach who showed potential but might have been put into a job that was a little too big a little too early. He cited Dorrell by name as an excellent candidate for the Duke job.

If Joe Alleva had been listening earlier, he might not have needed to have gone this route.

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24 Responses to Taking A Bow

  1. BoKnowsNCS71 12/13/2007 at 8:23 AM #

    3 out of 4 ain’t bad. My question is why Tampa after two championship washouts in Florida already? Why not Charlotte first then assess?

    SFN: Answer – Charlotte has some huge conference/convention already booked for the same weekend of the title game in 2009. So, all hotel rooms and city events are booked on the weekend. So, it was easier to do Tampa for 08 in addition to 09 and then shift to CLT when capacity opened. You haven’t/won’t hear this in the media.

  2. TampaPack 12/13/2007 at 8:23 AM #

    Great article, but as a Wolfpacker living in Tampa, I would have to share that I see the local opinion as Tampa maybe being the 3rd or 4th best region in the state (depending on your take of Miami).

    Overall, Orlando has it all. Best attractions, hotels, shopping, restaurants, airport, etc. UCF just built a new stadium, but I doubt its big enough to host a major game such as this, so obviously this area is unfortunately out. Jacksonville is probably second, just ahead of Tampa (again depending how you rank Miami). Personally, overall Tampa is much less visually appealing and convenient, but probably does have better nightlife, restaurants, and attractions. Plus I agree with the Jacksonville fatigue concept. I wish we as NC State had that fatigue problem right now.

  3. StateFans 12/13/2007 at 8:43 AM #

    ^ Orlando will definitely be in the running in the future. Just have to get that new stadium built. If Charlotte does well in 2010 and 2011, I expect you will see the game alternate between Charlotte and Orlando in the future.

  4. Six Pack 12/13/2007 at 8:49 AM #

    What about the old Citrus Bowl? It’s still there right?

    Another thought would be FEDEX Field in Landover, MD. It’s only about 5 hrs from the NC schools, 3-4 hrs from the VA schools, and 30 minutes from UMd. It’s a huge stadium (although not the best designed) and close to many attractions in the DC area.

    SFN: Old Citrus Bowl being replaced by a new stadium or getting huge facelift of its own, IIRC

  5. BJD95 12/13/2007 at 8:52 AM #

    It’s nice when something I throw out because “it makes sense to me” actually gets legs to it. Doesn’t happen often, but it feels good when it does!

  6. RickJ 12/13/2007 at 9:01 AM #

    ^BJD95 – I thought the idea made sense when you made it but not so much regarding Dorrell. My earlier post is looking pretty good now too:

    “I agree with this sentiment but I believe David Cutcliffe is a much better example than Dorrell. Cutcliffe was 44 – 29 at Mississippi while Karl Dorrell was 35 – 27 at UCLA.

  7. joe 12/13/2007 at 9:25 AM #

    The Citrus Bowl is getting a $175 mil upgrade even though UCF built its own stadium.

  8. packbackr04 12/13/2007 at 9:35 AM #

    RICK^ Cutcliffe would be a good hire, but if i was duke, i would fear he would be 1 good season away from jumping ship at the first chance to get a better job.

  9. RAWFS 12/13/2007 at 9:59 AM #

    I actually went by and took a look at Bright House Networks Stadium a couple of weeks ago when we were in Orlando. We were already in the area of UCF, so my wife drove by to see it. It’s a nice facility.

    Thing is, it is on-campus, and the ACC would look pretty silly playing it’s supposedly penultimate game in a stadium on-campus of a non-BCS school, wouldn’t you think?

    As for the Citrus Bowl, it is going to be refurbished to have luxury boxes and all of the other stuff that modern stadiums seem to have to have. IIRC, those were the reasons that Orlando lost out to Jacksonville the first time the ACC was looking for sites, and that they didn’t bid this go around because the refurb won’t be complete by next year.

    FWIW, they are also in the process of building a new arena to replace the Amway Center, a new performing arts center and the expansion/upgrade of the Citrus. They call it the Centroplex and it’s about a one billion dollar plan. They already have a convention center that looks to be about 4x of the one Raleigh is currently building, but that’s closer to Universal (not downtown.)

    I bet ORL ends up getting ACC basketball tournaments, and given its attractions and hotel availability (International Drive’s hotels could accomodate the ACC football crowd by itself) they’ll end up taking Tampa’s rota in the football title game too. Given their tourism infrastructure, cheap flights and everything else, seems like a natural to me.

  10. Trip 12/13/2007 at 10:15 AM #

    While I would rather have the game in Tampa than in Jacksonville… good #)*#^#@ luck trying to find your way out of their airport if you go that route. There’s so much continuous construction going on that even after multiple times going there it feels like a different set of streets every time.

    Orlando would indeed be the best place, but Tampa will work for now.

  11. Pack92 12/13/2007 at 12:18 PM #

    That stadium shot is hilarious. Did they make the stadium support crews sit on the BC side to make it look as full (or empty) as it does?

  12. choppack1 12/13/2007 at 12:37 PM #

    I mentioned on another website that I thought that Swofford gambled and politicked and lost (sound familiar?)

    I know he figured that a) at least one Florida team would likely be in the championship; b) given the politically sensitive touchiness of the non-big 4 to North Carolina based events – that holding this in Jax was a no-brainer.

    Well – what happened is that we’ve only had 1 Florida state appearance in the title game and the other 2 have such empty stadiums for the ACC football championship that would embarass a WNBA executive. When these cities who would normally bid for a game like this see shots like this one – well, they don’t exactly drool at the prospect of forking over dough to host this game. Had these games been held in NC – it would have appeared much more attractive and may have been easier to sell to perspective cities.

    To hold the game in Charlotte the last 2 years would have taken courage and some strong selling – and Swoff couldn’t pull it off. (Just curious – can someone tell us what he has “pulled off” that’s been a great success??)

    Regarding the town of Tampa – I think it’s a better city than Jax – but similar in many aspects. Do those advantages make up for the extra 4 hours in driving for those North of GaTech?

    The biggest problem for this game is that fans don’t have the chance to plan…There’s a good chance you’ll have a grand total of 1 week to take a day off/book a plane ticket/reserve a hotel room/rent a car…This isn’t a dream from a fan’s or a chamber of commerce’s point of view.

  13. RAWFS 12/13/2007 at 1:01 PM #

    Good point, Chop.

    As I pointed out on my blog this morning, it is very telling that Alabama had 92K for their Spring game and the ACC could only muster 35K for its Title Game.

    Add to it, BC was passed over for the Peach (err, Chick Fil-A) and the Gator Bowls. Thing about that is that UVA was picked ahead of BC and they are not selling their allotment very well – 8.5K so far.

  14. packbackr04 12/13/2007 at 2:33 PM #

    haha, app state has sold more tix than that to go to freaking chatanooga.

  15. packbackr04 12/13/2007 at 4:20 PM #

    speaking of app, and not to jack the thread…. but, if anyone has seen ASU play this year, their qb, Armanti Edwards, is one helluva ball player. he is undersized(similar size to Daniel Evans), but he is a playmaker. Makes you wander what NCSU coulda done with a 1AA qb like him this yr??

  16. choppack1 12/13/2007 at 7:26 PM #

    RAWFS – it makes it kind of hard to get good bowls when half of your schools travel like crap.

    My pipe dream was that either Charleston or Myrtle Beach would make a modest-sized stadium and the ACC would host its football championship there. The town could have held a bowl game in this locale…Of course, I don’t know what they’d do w/ it the other 50 weeks of the year. That would require a lot of effort, risk and planning on Swoff’s part – so that wouldn’t happen.

    Of course, if the ACC championship could have demonstrated that folks would come droves rather than trickle into town – those cities may have been willing to take the chance.

  17. roandaddy 12/13/2007 at 8:32 PM #

    How much were those upper deck seats?
    Geez.. moving from Jacksonville to Tampa is like shuffling deck chairs, but making no difference. Didn’t we learn anything from ACC basketball tourny?
    NOTE TO ACC: Not many hard core ACC fans in Florida.. stick to Charlotte!!

  18. BoKnowsNCS71 12/13/2007 at 10:41 PM #

    THanks SFN — What you added are the underling items that make scheduling relevant. Sort of like why NCS will play a game at ECU. Those undelying items as well as political moves shows why someone other than the coach making decisions is dangerous. Fire jed.

  19. StateFans 12/14/2007 at 7:37 AM #

    roan – I will agree with you except in the case or Orlando. The destination itself is so family-friendly it would sell itself.

    One thing that might help would be to wrap the ACC title game with a basketball tournament — for example, the Old Spice could play Thursday, Friday and Sunday and have the ACC football game on Saturday. Call it the ACC Festival or whatever.

  20. EverettBeez 12/14/2007 at 11:25 AM #

    Holding it in a town/area where folks will turn out to see a good game is important. The SEC game is going to sell out every year simply because a fair number of tickets go to folks who want to enjoy a great game. I don’t know that the ACC can overcome that in Florida.

    I was planning to go to the App game this tonight, and could not get tickets – I didn’t want to jinx them and buy my tickets in October when they went on sale. The general ticket sales went quick – its been a technical sell out for weeks. Last year I sat next to guys from Montana who had seen their team play the year before – and came back simple because they’d had such a great time and seen a great ball game. Chattanooga does a good job, and is actually a great town to visit, especially with the family. Folks there support the game.

  21. EverettBeez 12/14/2007 at 11:32 AM #

    Misspoke – the Montana guys hadn’t seen their team play the year before, but were hoping to see them play.

    You need a certain group of folks who will play to go to the ACC game, hoping to see their team play, but willing to go anyway because it will be fun and good football.

    How do you do that? I think location is a big factor. Statefans is spot on about Orlando and the additional attractions. Charlotte will work too because of its an easy trip for so many.

  22. roandaddy 12/14/2007 at 2:20 PM #

    Thanks for making the points about Orlando and I totally agree that if you HAVE to stay in Florida, Orlando is the best bet. Its a non-stop flight from most airports (vs. Jax) and there is more to do than just a game. As for the Old Spice.. have to pause on that one.. b/c I have seen high school games with more fans.

    Personally I put Charlotte at the top.. mainly b/c its a major hub with SEVEN ACC schools within easy driving distance. Atlanta isn’t a big “draw” city for people, but the SEC packs it in b/c the AJC is one of the major newpapers of the SEC. Finally on Charlotte, you already have a large population of ACC fans in town that wouldn’t have to travel. Its fairly safe to say.. if you could go in town to watch the ACCC, you might go and watch it even if you team wasn’t in it.. but you wouldn’t travel out of state just to see it.

  23. RabidWolf 12/15/2007 at 2:37 PM #

    I guess I won the under at 700 for BC, huh?


  1. Danny T. - 12/26/2007

    Danny T.

    Hats off to you my good man.

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