State vs. State Game Thread/Live Blogging

Live blogging was good mojo for last year’s ACC/Big Ten Challenge game with the Pack as an underdog. So, I’m game to try again. The odds aren’t as long tonight, and hopefully we won’t lose our PG before the 2nd commercial break again. Still, this looks like one of two “firewall” games designed to make absolutely sure the Big Ten doesn’t get whitewashed (GT at Indiana was the other). It sure would be nice to break through said firewall and give the ACC a decisive 6th win (we tip 15 minutes ahead of BC). has a nice “Jimmy V Week” section featured prominently on its website. Give it a look before tip-off. We are always quick to point out the media when it gives us the shaft – we should also give credit where it is due. They also gave us a nice “Big Boy ESPN” slot for the first time in challenge history. Donating to the V Foundation is also a nice thing to consider at Christmas time. Cancer sucks.

I also remember from the Sendek-era first round NCAAT matchup that Spartan fans are generally a civil lot. Michigan State has alot in common with NC State culturally, and this is a natural “friendly” rivalry, if we could ever set it up on a more permanent basis, IMHO.

7:12 – OK, Jimmy V – I am two-thirds of the way to a perfect day now. Now, let’s have something to make me laugh.

7:16 – Poor defensive rebounding on the very first miss. 6-2 Spartans.

7:42 – what you are witnessing is a good, old-fashioned ass whipping. Nothing good to say about this whatsoever.

7:45 – They’ve tripled us up.

7:52 – There are only so mamy ways to say “Wow, this sucks” – so not sure there will be much substance to this live blog. If we cut it to 12 by halftime, I’ll be happy. I don’t expect to be happy.

7:56 – 37-15. Wow. Just wow.

Halftime – The Bosnian and the skinhead could beat us on their own tonight. Easily. Your halftime score: Michigan State 41, NC State 19. Thank God for the late Degand 3, huh?

8:19 – Earth to Lavin – the TV timeouts come every FOUR minutes now. Been that way for almost 20 years, IIRC.

8:23 – Don’t we have to be able to at least play defense OR rebound? You almost have to try to do neither.

8:27 – Keystone Kops is an apt description. This has moved into the embarrassing realm, since we didn’t even show a burst of pride coming out of the half. I don’t know what makes more sense – to put in the scrubs since the starters clearly won’t play hard and/or smart, or punish the starters by leaving them out there.

8:37 – Look at that, we played hard for almost 40 consecutive seconds! Back to lackadasical sucking. Spartans by 31.

8:50 – Tracy Smith can’t shoot FTs either, apparently.

8:55 – Smith’s tattoos don’t match his face. But he has scored now. Huzzah.

8:57 – The Hansbrough face in the promo looks like he’s being touched somewhere “special” – there’s that laugh V wanted us to have.

9:00 – Maybe it will look semi-respectable in the paper. But don’t expect a back-door cover, if you were dumb enough to bet on us.

9:02 – Forget that respectable score. Fells fouled out. I guess he did make it to the arena tonight after all.

9:09 – Kudos to BC (I can’t hate Al Skinner) for clinching the challenge. At least UNC won’t do it.

9:11 – Simon Harris time. Maybe he’ll hit somebody.

9:13 – What could make this night better? Javi turning his ankle in garbage time! Sparty only wins the second half by one. Your final score: Michigan State 81, NC State 58.