Calling All Wolfpack Marines

As a commenter pointed out to us last offseason, Tom O’Brien’s first rivalry game with UNC just happens to fall on the Marine Corps’ “birthday.” You will also remember that at the most recent athletics’ banquet, Coach O’Brien pledged that the football team would stand next year as a unit that beat Carolina. Given the scars of history that all Wolfpack fans bear, I wouldn’t recommend even a bit of cockiness. But if you want some intangibles to point to for good mojo, there you go.

I know that we have several commenters who have served in the Corps. We invite them to share their thoughts on the birthday (which I know almost nothing about), and help us understand if TOB will have a little extra piss and vinegar in him on Saturday. Like he said in his introductory press conference, “Once a Marine, always a Marine.”

Oh, and thanks to all Wolfpackers out there who have served or are serving our country in the armed forces. What the hell, thanks to any Hole fans who fit the bill, too.

Don’t forget to read our comments section as the first comment below would do great as an addendum to this entry. Thanks!

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15 Responses to Calling All Wolfpack Marines

  1. Jamie 11/09/2007 at 10:25 AM #

    Well, fellas, I had this grand plan to write a nice post to submit to you guys on this subject, but time is precious, and, well, you know, the best laid plans. Hats off to SFN, since this blog is not your full time job(I think), we readers appreciate what you do. I just wanted to point out, from a Jarhead point of view, what this day means to us.
    November 10, 1775, is the first and most important date that a young recruit learns on his journey to manhood. It is, the birthday, of the group to which you belong. The one date that you have in common with all of those that came before you. Soon it becomes YOUR birthday.
    On this day, you reach out to fellow Marines, regardless of whether or not you served together, and wish them a happy birthday. No need for an explanation, they know what you mean. On this day, every Marine walks a little taller, with his chest stuck out, filled with pride.
    We all celebrate in our own way. For me, it is a stiff drink, and a Full Metal Jacket viewing. I know, it’s corny, but I like it. For others, it may just be a quiet moment of reverance, remembering our fallen brothers.
    This year, my drink will come at kickoff, my movie will have to wait. My brother will be on the sideline, trying to grab a victory. No, it is not even close to combat, and I’m not making that comparison.(Never been there, either, but I can imagine) But I will be watching in full support, and I know that he will do his best. And you, State Fans, can rest easy. Regardless of the outcome, one person out there will be fighting for pride.

  2. tvbman 11/09/2007 at 11:01 AM #

    It has been over 17 years since I have served, but not hard to forget some of life’s lessons you gain from service in the Corps. Though it was only for 4 years, the traditions and friends stay with you forever. I think it is great that the game coincides with this day. I have no doubts that TOB will be fired up. The true test will be to see if it has rubbed off onto his players.

  3. VaWolf82 11/09/2007 at 11:32 AM #

    “We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.”

    George Orwell

    May it always be so.

  4. wufpaxno1 11/09/2007 at 1:24 PM #

    Happy Birthday to all Marines, past and present, from all of your big brothers, past and present, and Semper Fi! Having served in the Army, I do not mean that in a condescending way, only that the Army is slightly older and much larger in numbers, though no larger in Heart, Spirit, or Determination and we are all Brothers in Arms. As Marines, your Honor, Dedication, and Devotion to Duty can never be questioned and I will be raising a glass to you all tomorrow!

    But even if it is the Birthday of the Marine Corps, I hope to hear “The Caissons” early and often tomorrow as representation of Wolfpack scores!

  5. WolftownVA81 11/09/2007 at 2:08 PM #

    Concur with all the above. We are having a toast and cake today in the company conference room. Being former military (Air Force), I’ll gladly be paying my respects. However; as far as tomorrow goes, I’ll be hoping our air attack is in full force and right on target. Go Pack!

  6. Six Pack 11/09/2007 at 2:35 PM #

    To all of our brave Marines, I give a heartfelt and much deserving:

    WHooooooo AHHH!!!

  7. CStanley 11/09/2007 at 2:49 PM #

    A few months ago, we were at church listening to a guest preacher who was a retired Marine. He made the comment during the sermon that he was a “former Marine”. I almost had to leap out of the pew and correct him that Coach O’Brien said “Once a Marine, always a Marine”. My wife punched me in the side before I did so.

  8. paramarine 11/09/2007 at 5:08 PM #

    Thanks for the post. Happy Birthday and Semper Fidelis to my brothers in arms! I’ll look forward to seeing some of you at the game tomorrow.

  9. oldflyingfarmer 11/09/2007 at 6:51 PM #

    Go Pack, and Go Marines. I support you both.

  10. StateFans 11/09/2007 at 7:27 PM #

  11. TopTenPack 11/09/2007 at 8:44 PM #

    Put the adds at the very bottom, under the “submit comment” button. That way, you guys can get reworded for your work. These servers and bandwidth cannot be free.

    You guys add value and I check SFN each day. A few ads won’t hurt.

  12. EverettBeez 11/09/2007 at 10:43 PM #

    No, they won’t, and I might even click on a few from time to time.
    Of course, they need us to click and buy – that will help.

    Happy birthday to the Marine Corp! Thanks, blessings and prayers to everyone of y’all for everything you’ve done for our nation.

  13. highstick 11/09/2007 at 11:49 PM #

    Weird, maybe all that I can say! I talked to my “cubemate”/roomie” this afternoon. Both of us went through the Defense Language Institutute in the military in 1966-1967. I was a Hungarian language student and he was a Russian linguist in training also.

    W/O all that happened in the interim, he retired 6 months ago from the National Security Agency where I was stationed from 67-70.

    Since then, he’s developed a terminal brain tumor and probably isn’t expected to live. Been there, done that, with my brother in law, one of
    my best friend’s wife, and another wife of a businesss associaote within the past year.

    I’m hurting right now for my Navy friend! I can’t do anything to help him, but God knows,whether we served in the Army, the Air Force, Marines, or Navy, that we are brothers forever!!! I love you “my best friend” and will always remember you! You and I will always disagree on “Ali and Frazier” and Penn State and NC State, but you’ll always be my best friend from Reading, PA!

    You guys can’t imagine how hard that phone call was this afternoon! It makes everything else seem like something irrelevant!

  14. Primewolf 11/10/2007 at 12:27 AM #

    Great posts, Jamie and others, what a privledge to hear from our marines and armed forces heros. Your service to our country is greatly appreicated.

    I would love for the Wolfpack to get back to our military corps. It would be great to have a wolfpack cadet corps that becomes a visible and significant part of our university. After all, we have the 2nd highest number of Joint Chiefs (other than the US Military Academy) of all universities.

    What could we do to develop a fully dressed out “wolfpack corps”? That to me would be a significant and proper historical step for our university.

  15. highstick 11/10/2007 at 12:47 AM #

    Ironically, I met Buster Glosson, my first/maybe second weekend at NC State. I was in a 3 man dorm room in Riddick Stadium and one of my roommates knew him and a few other State students. We went to a drive in movie at the Tower or Forest Drive Inn’s.

    Many year’s later, during the first Gulf War. “Buster” showed up on TV one morning. NC State, Lt. General, running the tactical air war in the war. I’ll continue later, if you’re interested, at all. Right now, I’m still having a rough time dealing with the illness of “one of those guys in the foxhole ” that you’d die for.

    Not that I’d ever wish for anyone to die in a war, your buddy in that bunker is always your “best friend” forever!

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