Sidney “Gets it”

Check out some of the quotes from Sidney Lowe today:

“It’s reality. It’s not something where you just dislike, it’s a rivalry. It’s basketball. You have three schools that are so close in proximity, there is so much history and tradition there. I’m certainly not going to come in here and let it change. I want our guys to embrace it. That’s what it’s all about. You get out there, you’re playing for your school, for your fans… when you walk out of that arena, whoever wins that game, those fans have the rights to talk. It’s fun… maybe I’m a little more passionate about it because I played it. I really lived it. I have great respect for both schools, the players, and I have friends today that I talk to that went to both schools. It just is what it is. I want our kids to understand the history and tradition of our schools.”

It’s hard not to be [excited being NC State’s head coach]. It really is. I’m just me. I love my school. I love the job. I’m blessed to have it. That’s what I do every morning I wake up. I thank the Lord for my job. I just want to represent us. I want to represent us the best that I can.”