Live Blogging UVa Game

Hopefully BJD found his daughter something to eat after leaving the Red/White game. I’ll try and fill in for him here.

8:12 – Where’s Dandy Don Meredith when you need a soloist? Turn out the lights this party is over.

8:10 – 3rd and long….pass incomplete. One more play and it’s over with.

8:08 – UVA receivers don’t get out of bounds two consecutive times. HUGE SACK and UVA calls their last TO.

8:05 – State goes for the pooch punt instead of the super-long FG attempt. 1:24 left to play and Sewell is still not going in.

8:03 – Bowens has 11 catches for 196 yards. What a big game for this young man.

8:01 – Bowens for President! What a big call.

7:59 – UVA punter shanks the punt. Great field position for State.

7:56 – Sewell not playing for the biggest drive of the game. State must get pressure on the backup QB.

7:48 – State finally keeps Sewell in hand for their third sack. Sewell appears to have a leg cramp for this big third down play.

7:45 – 29-24 State with 7:37 to play. State breaks the 24 point barrier for the second game in a row.

7:42 – Another huge catch by Bowens. State lines up for two but fails.

7:38 – State’s defense steps up big and forces a punt. State gets good field position for a change.

7:35 – State’s first TO still comes on this drive. Things beginning to unravel. The defense needs to hold and get the ball back.

7:29 – State dodges a huge bullet. State’s first TO of the day overturned by UVA penalty.

7:25 – UVA takes their first lead of the day at 24-23

7:20 – Sewell rushes for a big first down on 4th down. 1st and goal for UVA

7:08 – Finally a first down by State. They need several more to get out of this horrible field position.

7:07 – Oh goodness gracious. What a bonehead play by Blackman.

7:04 – Sewell scrambles for a first down. $#@!

7:01 – Another three and out after taking a horrible sack. 50 yd punt helps a little on field position.

6:58 – State holds but has terrible field position again.

6:53 – UVA gets their first sack as State goes three and out.

6:48 – State has two sacks and UVA none.

6:41 – State blows a golden opportunity, but manages to salvage a FG (even though it was tipped.) Eugene trips over his shoe strings followed quickly by an offensive penalty.

6:35 – Bowens goes over 100 yds receiving.

Half-Time Stats

6:12 – Someone in Raleigh cal 911. Two defenses have been kidnapped:
UVA – 70 yds in 1:56
State – 73 yds in 1:29
UVA – 64 yds in 0:54

6:00 – Heisman Watch update…..Lil Howie (and UVA) have no sacks. State has one.

5:58 – WOW! Where has this offense been all year? Bowens, Davis, and Evans all looking great. State leads 20-10.

5:56 – UVA’ s last drive went 70 yards in less than two minutes….not good.

5:53 – Here’s a deadly combination…..Can’t stop the run and giving the QB too much time. UVA TD to cut the State lead (13-10).

5:45 – Add another FG to increase the State lead (13-3).

5:40 – I may need to find more errands to run:
– State makes a FG
– State intercepts another errant throw from Sewell
– State converts a 4th down attempt

5:13 – Nice catch by Stone. End of 1st with State leading 7-3. (Gotta step away for a few minutes.)

5:12 – State first down on two straight rushes. (Good sign?)

5:08 – State defense holds on their second third down on this drive forcing a UVA punt. (The defense better rest quick.)

5:05 – Third and long and UVA runs for a first down. Unbelievable!

5:02 – Three incomplete passes and a 37 yd punt. (Not good)

4:57 – UVa’s last drive was 72 yards in 14 plays with at least 40 yds by Simpson on the ground.

4:55 – State defenses stiffens and holds UVA to a FG after allowing UVa to march down the field. 7-3 State

4:45 – A local sports radio station often says that Groh’s two biggest deficiencies are that he can’t recruit WRs or DB’s. Hopefully State will pay more attention to the screens and the TEs/RBs than they showed on that play – 15 yd screen for first down.

4:40 – Two UVa miscues leads to quick 7-0 lead for State

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