Huskies Claim a National Title

A slight diversion for you. Check out the fascinating way – the ONLY way – that a Todd Turner Athletics Department could ever claim a national championship.

The Washington Huskies are staking their claim to the 1960 National Championship. The Huskies – who beat #1 Minnesota in the Orange Bowl – were not declared champions by most polls after the bowl games, as most polls were finalized before bowl season. The 1960 champion of record is Minnesota.

“We never sat around and said ‘Hey we’re national champs,’ but we did feel very strongly that we beat the No. 1 team in the nation,” said George Fleming, a running back on the 1960 team. “Based upon that, and our performance beforehand, we should’ve been crowned as No. 1 team.”

To celebrate their… ahem… championship, the Huskies will raise a championship flag and don throwback jerseys for the September 29th game with USC, according to the Seattle Times.