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We are getting set for State-Dukeand it’s already been a crazy one in Tampa.

Afternoon Session: Refs, ACC Strength, and Gary Williams
The following are some comments made by our community in another entry that we are moving here.

Clemson and FSU now both have 20 wins. In the history of the ACC (since NCAA expansion), no ACC team with 20 or more wins has failed to make the NCAAT. I dont foresee both Cemson and FSU making it, therefore, that “standard” will disappear.

Also, I’m sure Jeff and/orVaWolf have the data, but I would guess that is Clemson doesnt make it, with an RPI around 36, they would have the best RPI of any team in ACC history, to not make the NCAAT.

Could Miami and FSU possibly have benefited from a home state advantage? Gary Williams, who always complains when the tourney is in Greensboro, must be beside himself!

Clemson just got friggin’ hosed!!! If there’s a reason why some of us just don’t trust officials it’s outlined perfectly in that game….Why make that call? Truly, awful, awful officiating.

They should have called Thorton “SAFE” instead of a foul.

That is an embarassing way for the refs to start the tourney. They just threw away what was a pretty compelling basketball game. If I’m Purnell I get a tech after that 2nd shot goes in.

‘That is an embarassing way for the refs to start the tourney.’

^ Yet, somehow very appropriate. Welcome to the WWF, err, I mean the ACC. Maybe Vince McMahon can take Swoff’s replacement. Of course, then we’d have to take ECU, but the integrity would be about the same.

Purnell gave Duke the time to beat him earlier without a whimper, now this. I’d be going BALL-ISTIC!!!

Swallow the damn whistle, and let the players decide the game in OT!! Damn, if we get a call like that in tonight’s game, I will go BALL-ISTIC!!

Miami beats Maryland, 67-62. So far the higher seends have beaten the lower seeds. Hope that holds true in the evening session as well

Note for Gary Williams: IF you are going to routinely make an ARSE out of yourself each year about wanting the ACC Tournament outside of the North Carolina borders than how about get out of the first freaking round versus an inferior opponent during the years it is not in NC.

Gary had the tournament in DC (his on backdoor) in 2005 and received an early exit from a pretty bad Clemson team. Maryland enters the tournament as the hottest team in the country and gets beaten by Miami.

What is the excuse this year Gary?

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