Reynolds NIT Game: Live Blog

Couldn’t get a ticket and I don’t hang out in sports bars. Tonight is a very special night for this team and its formidible fanbase. There is certainly an opportunity being presented at this moment to applaud the acheivements of this group, while at the same time getting swept up by the tidal wave of momemtum that has been the past nine days.

Pre tip-off: Loud and proud! Amazing sounding crowd.

Tip-off: Lost tip, Marist with a seven footer, but we never get one. TO on Marist. Costner hits, and then Marist back right away, 2-2.

17:00- 3 threes, two by the seven footer Smith. McCauley has got guard the perimeter better.

16:37- Time out after Atsur drove for two to cut the lead to 11-7, followed by great defense resulting in a shot clock violation. No coincidence that the presence on the defensive end for the Wolfpack has gotten better during this end of season run. Need to stay consistent on that end and have Engin keep our pace on offensive end.

15:30- MCCAULEY! Goin’ for three the ole’ fashion way. Nieman and Horner check in, 10-11.

15:00- Courtney showing up with D on their best player Jordan, and then jumper.

12:30- Marist goes zone (2-3) and Horner hits.

11:45- Horner again, 16-12.

10:43- One and done for Marist. Great start on the boards, McCauley works hard inside to give us the 18-14 edge.

10:03- Coming out of time out with a good feeling, lets keep it going (14-3 run for Pack). One out of two FT’s, 18-15.

9:35- Three by Horner all set up by offensive board by GG, 21-15.

8:00- Another rebound by GG, then gets fouled going strong to the hole. Both FT’s good, 23-15.

7:53- Time out. GG not forcing the play, letting the play come to him, and Dennis Horner coming at it with a new confindence. This is player development unfolding right before your eyes and ears Pack fans.

7:00- Atsur hits, it’s a two. 25-15.

6:16- Time out, Marist coach has seen enough. McCauley executes (again), and re posts and makes them pay. 27-15 (WHEEEEW!!)

5:30- Foul on Costner and crowd erupts. First ft back irons. Marist, eleven minutes without a bucket.

5:00- Whittington barries a bomb, 27-19.

4:00- GG TO.

3:46- Lowe calls a time out to remind guys a what’s working and what doesn’t.

3: 00- Six rebound for GG so far. Great passing for easy bucket the other way 29-19.

2:26- Time out. Coming out of the last 30 second one called by Coach Lowe and the team got the message. Take care of the ball and goods things will happen. Ater a couple early threes by their big men we have shut down what they want to do. Lets hope it keeps up.

2:15- Costner to the rack, 31-19.

1:36- Pack gets it back and Costner draws a foul. Both shots good, 33-19.

1:00- Pack defense has been awesome. Travel on Costner, 7 TO’s so far (not bad).

0:07- Crap! Travel, 8 TO’s.

0:00- Doesn’t hurt us, and we did just about everything we needed to do. Great first half guys, lets play another 20 just like that. Go Pack!

second half- we shot 57% all while going 1-8 behind the arc, 33-21.

19:30- We TO on first possesion, and give up the points.

18:30- Three straight TO’s for Pack.

17:30- Get it in the low block, McCauley goes to the line. Both FT’s up and good, 35-21.

17:00- Defense remain great, and we’re picking up cleaning the glass. Asur slips in behind the D and gets a feed from Costner, 37-21.

16:10- Marist finally scores on lucky bounce. McCauley gets it back on the other end with put back jam.

15:39- Time out. 39-23.

14:45- Jordan scores his first basket all night. Grant gets it right back, 41-25. Defense settles in again, another rebound by GG.

14:00- Flop by Marist player, Costner gets his third. Big 10 crew getting an ear full from the faithful.

13:36- Horner hits again.

13:00- Horner shows emotion and gets Tee’d up after a foul called on him. Evidently this crew from the Big 10 have never seen emotion. What a joke.

12:16- Exchange baskets, 45-32.

11:56- Time out. Natives sound a bit restless.

11:03- Another TO for Pack (Atsur out).

10:45- Marist drives it, scores and gets fouled. FT good. 45-35.

9:16- Nieman misses, three plus minute drought.

8:40- 45-37 after Marist bucket, Sid calls a timeout. The play has gotten ugly, but we’ve got a lead and we’re at home. McCauley hits out of time out, back up by ten.

8:02- Foul on Fells, his third. Horner and Costner with 4. 47-39 after both ft’s good.

7:30-Strip by McCauley. Atsur makes another clutch shot, 49-39.

6:07-Time out with score 49-41. McCauley with 10 rebounds and counting. We need to stay tough on these boards since that was the big way that overcame the Cowboys in the first round.

5:45- Another TO, eight this half, Marist makes us pay and lead is down to six.

5:00: Travel on McCauley.

4:31- Engin with the steal and then gets fouled. FT’s coming up. One out two, Costner gets rebound.

4:00- GG and Jordan trade buckets. 52-45.

3:49- Back down inside to Costner and he gets hacked. He will shoot two after timeout break. Both good, Pack up 54-45.

3:34- Pack gets it back after Marist TO, Costner puts a spin move up and makes it, 56-45. Costner got a talking to by Lowe during the last time out and whatever was said works.

3:00- Another board by GG, then gets fouled by a failed trap by Marist. The threes aren’t dropping for this team who came in shooting over 40%. GG gets both, 58-47.

2:12- After two McCauley ft’s, Marist finally hits from outside. 10 point game, time out.

2:00- Cousy finalist Jared Jordan misses front end of one and one, and guess what, GG gets the board. GG makes one of two ft’s, 61-50.

1:55- Atsur one for two from the line. 63-51. T on Costner. He’s gone. Brandon has been hot all night. Both technical ft’s good. Down to 10 again with two more ft’s coming up.

1:43- A four point swing since the technical foul call on Costner. Pack takes the ball out, Horner gets fouled. Two big shots coming up for the freshman. He’s been huge for us, eleven points after both are good and lead back to ten.

1:36- Nieman draws charge, and McCauley gets tackled on ensueing in bounds. When did this game get so out of hand? 67-55 after both shots are good. Call was intentional foul, and Ben now has 18 points.

1:10- GG misses both ft and Marist finally sinks a three ball, 67-58.

0:55- Horner gets fouled hard. Wrestling appears to be back on.Both are good, 13 for Horner.

0:43- Whittington hits a three, 69-61.

0:40-GG with a bad pass, and Nieman fouls Marist player during scrum.

0:37- One out two ft’s made, 69-62. GAVIN!!! TO on five second call. Pack gets ball back after furry on action including more misses from the out side.

0:15- Nieman misses both.