State-Carolina Game Entry

Halftime comments:

* Red sports jacket by Sidney is classic!

* Courtney Fells’ offense is the extra spark this team has needed.

* The primary statistic of the first half that explains State’s success is REBOUNDING. The Pack was excellent on the boards because EVERYBODY on the team focused on blocking out.

* The last three minutes of the first half was extremely poorly officiated and it signficantly hurt the Wolfpack.

* I don’t understand how the officials refuse to call fouls on Carolina’s defenders for incessant handchecking (that is code for ‘pushing with your hands’) and bodying up against the offense.

* Since the officials refuse to call hand-checking and consistent bodying by the Heels, Engin Atsur’s foul trouble may end up killing us. The officiating of defense in games against Carolina (and Duke) is so BACKWARDS that NC State’s Dennis Horner got an offensive foul called against him for simply catching a pass thrown to him and trying to move the ball to his right side to dribble. Carolina’s defender was so physically engaged on Horner that the mere catching of the ball

* Brandon Costner has no fear. It is wonderful to watch him play. IF the officials would actually call Tyler Hanbrough for a foul, then State could isolate Costner more on Hansbrough facing the basket. Since Hansbrough and the Heels are so insulated by the officials, doing such a thing would just lead to physical contact that will cause Costner to lose the ball with no fouls called.

* Gavin Grant is insufferable to watch handle the ball if he is doing anyhting other than making a move to the basket. I think Grant has surpassed Kenny Inge as (what Tony Hanes once called) ‘a turnover waiting to happen.’

* Something that went un-noticed by the announcers (yes, I know that it wsa Jimmy Dykes) was that Ben McCauley got two fouls called on him and did not see much action as the first half progressed. Expect McCauley to be re-engaged in the Wolfpack’s offense in the second half. If Carolina continues to choose not to double him then State should definitely get the ball in McCauley on almost every possession.

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