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Basketball season is hitting its stride…and once exams are over then the season will be moving ahead at full steam. If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch a lot of games to this point in the season then Dave Sez can help catch you up on some observations.

NC State is currently 6-2 with a (hopeful) win this weekend that could push the Pack’s record to 7-2 as the season approaches 1/3rd completion. Before the season began, most Wolfpackers would have GLADLY taken a 7-2 to start the season WITH Engin Atsur’s presence. Can anyone really ask more than a 7-2 start considering that Atsur has missed two and half weeks of play?

As you know, we are a big fan of numbers and statistics and Section Six always delivers some nice items for us to ponder. Also, we missed some bball coverage over last few days and S6 shared the following after the Savannah State win:

McCauley needs to be taking more of Grant’s possessions on a regular basis. Up to this point in the season, Ben has only used an average (~20%) proportion of possessions, but I think it’s becoming evident that he can handle more. He shoots the ball well, he doesn’t turn it over, and he has a decent assist rate, which means he isn’t a black hole in the post from which the ball never returns. That’s a guy who needs to have his hands on it more often.

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ACCNow has also been focusing a little more on statistics and numbers recently. They also highlight that:

The Pack is the nation’s fifth-best shooting team on 2-point shots (59.1 percent) but alas is stumbling along at 244th on 3s (31.7 percent).

Obviously, Atsur’s absence has played a big role in the Wolfpack’s struggles behind the arc. Additionally, we expect Courtney Fells to gradually improve his shooting and overall play with much needed experience. (Of course, it would have been nice if Fells could have seen a little more playing time last year, but we will save that for another day.)

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  1. Rick 12/13/2006 at 1:41 PM #

    “Of course, it would have been nice if Fells could have seen a little more playing time last year, but we will save that for another day”

    I would have thought this was self evident but not all seem to think so.

  2. Jeremy Hyatt 12/13/2006 at 1:51 PM #

    Sidney Lowe has a big picture on the college bball link, check it out. he is #3 on the list of impact coaches behind Kelvin Sampson. I don’t remember getting this “subtle” much positive press, you usually don’t hear about us until we are ranked top 25 or have played a top 25 team. By the way I think Andy Katz interest and comment in the Pack is refreshing.

    I will be back home for the break and hopefully with catch 2 home games; I look forward to it and finally seeing what Furgeson can do : }

  3. yannes 12/13/2006 at 1:56 PM #

    Dave from Dave Sez doesn’t seem to get that the team is only 6 deep right now.

    The depth affects everything else including speed, defense, and rebounding.

  4. Sam92 12/13/2006 at 2:03 PM #

    and so . . . on to basketball

    with the firings of both Herb Sendek (sort of) and Chuck Amato, there has been a lot to deal with this year

    are we finally entering a period where we can just plain old root for the team rather than suffer the anguish of coaching mediocrity? here’s hopin!

    btw, only time will tell as to Lowe’s head coaching prowess, but I think one good sign is the high quality of his assistant coaches — good support is a huge part of good performance

  5. Dan 12/13/2006 at 2:04 PM #

    Ken Pomeroy is my hero. Free, downloadable stats. And tons of it.

    The people at these premium sites need to get a clue.

  6. packbackr04 12/13/2006 at 2:21 PM #

    When is Atsur slated to make a return?

    and fergie? i read on here a few weeks ago that he is eligible Dec21? is that right?

    and finally, i assume that Degand was shown no love by the NCAA and will have to wait till 07 to lace it up for the wolfpack?

    Man if we could only have Sid lace ’em up for a few games this year. I know it sounds silly, but that is one of the many things i think has been missing. If sid had a chance you better believe he would go out there in his tailored suit and play for us if he could. it is so refreshing to see someone who CARES on the sideline. And it shows, these kids are playing their guts out for Sid, they like AND respect him. they dont fear him (bob knight) and they arent bff with him (chuck amato). which is the way a coach/player relationship should be. I remeber not liking some of my better coaches, but the one thing they all had from me was respect. Sid seems to be able to channel a great bond with his players and i look forward to seeing many young players leave NC state not only better players, but better people.

  7. REDforman 12/13/2006 at 2:57 PM #

    Ferguson will be on the court for the Alabama game (20th), ’cause the last day of exams is the 19th. I wouldn’t be surprised if Atsur put in a couple of mins on Sat, nothing big, and about 15-20 for the ‘bama game (and more if needed)

  8. Rochester 12/13/2006 at 3:03 PM #

    Is Lewandowski still hurt, or just not ready to help?

  9. Jeremy Hyatt 12/13/2006 at 3:08 PM #

    quote Lowe, ‘Lew out for a while’ or something to that effect. i hope he doesn’t turn into this year’s Brandon Costner. and i prefer atsur not to come back until he is ready, perhaps not until the beginning of full swing ACC play if he needs it.

  10. Rochester 12/13/2006 at 3:10 PM #

    Not that Lew couldn’t use a red shirt year, but the whole point of adding him was to get a body to help this year. Jury’s still out on that front. Someone find him and force feed him a few steaks.

  11. Dan 12/13/2006 at 3:18 PM #

    The Lew offering may have been a mistake with good intentions. Then again, we do not know what his value was during practice before he was hurt. If his presence helped McCauley and Costner develop a little better then it was worth it.

    I’m just talking out of my butt here, but I expect him to playing ball somewhere else before his career is over. Its the best thing for him. Seriously, next year we will have JJ Hickson, Tracy Smith, Ben McCauley, and Brandon Costner (who is proving that he can play the 4). That translates to very few minutes for Big Lew. If he acts now he might be able to get a medical redshirt for the fall and be playing somewhere else by next January.

  12. packbackr04 12/13/2006 at 3:19 PM #

    i agree rochester, and with sids apparent recruiting ability, if Lew doent help this yr, then we need to take his scholly so sid can get someone in there who can help.

  13. packbackr04 12/13/2006 at 3:21 PM #

    this also from accnow:

    4,827 Attendance at N.C. State’s 74-53 win over Savannah State at Reynolds Coliseum on Saturday night.

    can you say . pathetic

  14. packbackr04 12/13/2006 at 3:22 PM #

    good call Dan^^^

  15. Rochester 12/13/2006 at 3:25 PM #

    Yeah, I hate to pull the rug out from under him, but if he can’t crack the rotation this year … well, maybe we haven’t seen his best yet.

    You can’t coach 7’3″, but you can’t coach 7’6″, or whatever Neil Fingleton was, either.

  16. justaguy 12/13/2006 at 3:25 PM #

    Regarding the original question,

    “Can anyone really ask more than a 7-2 start considering that Atsur has missed two and half weeks of play?”

    I would say no emphatically. The three games that reveal the most are, of course, Michigan, UVA, and WVA. On the down side, all 3 reveal the lack of a bench. That is not unexpected, but look for opponents to try to exploit the pack’s 2nd half weariness.

    On the upside:
    1) This team is not afraid of anyone and they won’t back down.
    2) They stayed in the game until the final minute with UVA on the road. UVA was favored by 10.
    3) They stayed with WVA on the road trailing by only 2 midway through the 2nd half.
    4) Atsur’s absence means court time for players we will need in Jan & Feb. I seem to remember another Pack team (and so does Sidney) that lost a key player, only to see the team much improved when Whit returned.

  17. lush 12/13/2006 at 3:27 PM #

    I thought Ferg and Atsur would be back for the Alabama game??? Anyone know about this??? I think if we do get them in time we have a chance to beat a top 10 team. Now that would be positive publicity.

  18. tcthdi-tgsf-twhwtnc 12/13/2006 at 3:27 PM #

    The attendance seems low even for a Savannah State game. Lowe had to be thinking what happened?

    Off topic I watched the old Jimmy V made for tv movie the other day. Anyone on this board make it in the movie?

  19. RabidWolf 12/13/2006 at 3:48 PM #

    I STILL say—Ben McCauley is a fucking MONSTER!!!!

    IMHO, McCauley would be able to give Travels Hopsborough all kinds of problems!

    The ONLY way UNX will beat us is through constant substitutions and depth of bench, but that can negate any kind of flow to the offense.

    So, YES! I do think we have a shot to beat them!

  20. legacyman 12/13/2006 at 4:12 PM #

    Sidney said Monday night that Trevor would be available on Dec. 21, not 20.

  21. BigRed 12/13/2006 at 4:13 PM #

    Not sure what happened with the attendance at the heritage game, but I was there and can assure you that the house _was_ rocking. The student sections were full and full-on noisy, the band was filling up that smaller box very nicely, and the crowd was right in the middle of the action. It was really nice to be so close to the floor.

    For a couple of examples of the enthusiasm, the crowd gave a big ovation to our new football coach when he made a mid-game appearance, and there was more than one occasion where the big chant was going to the tune of “Sid-Ney-Low-Oh!” Courtney got himself some of that chant action as well.

    Savannah State threw 10 players at us, with a few notables in the small and quick category and a ton of fouls to spend, and the Pack was able to keep their wind and legs despite it. I’m sure stopping for all those free throws helped. After coming out somewhat flat, our guys stepped up the hustle and defense and played solid team ball.

    McCauley showcased his post moves, Grant had poise on both ends, and Nieman had a good defensive game with some tasty steals. Fells showed good attention on the defensive end, but wasn’t getting his hands up. This may have been by design as the whole team was showing good D but also playing as if they’d foul out at three.

    Overall, it was a very fun night with the fans very seriously full of the spirit as they rolled out of Reynolds. It may not have been the most important date on this year’s calendar, but anyone who sat this one out missed a good night of NC State Basketball.

    See you Saturday at the RBC.

  22. Frank 12/13/2006 at 4:44 PM #

    this also from accnow:

    4,827 Attendance at N.C. State’s 74-53 win over Savannah State at Reynolds Coliseum on Saturday night.

    can you say . pathetic


    I am NOT sure about this, but I think that refers to paid attendance. Didn’t students get in free?? If they did the actual number of fans was much greater. I was there and I guessed attendance at about 8,000.

  23. choppack1 12/13/2006 at 4:59 PM #

    Frank – my impression is that there was 8k as well. Mind you, it’s not from actually going to the game, but from everything I’ve read.

  24. MrPlywood 12/13/2006 at 5:06 PM #

    aiiiieeeee…. I just checked the CNNSI page and who shows up? Matt Doherty! ack. A UNX grad must be running the updates, ’cause Doherty is only ranked the 9th best “impact” coach but he shows up first because the story is written from #10 on down. You have to click through a few pages to get to Sid, but it’s worth it.

    re: the Heritage game – I guess it’s a valid point that most of the current students weren’t even born in 1983… Still, it’s a game ON CAMPUS. As a member of the Class of ’83, I remember people, students and public alike, streaming toward Reynolds from all directions – dorms, parking lots, Hillsborough St, through the tunnels… The anticipation was palpable for just about any game.

    And bad “traffic patterns”? Reynolds too hot? Seats too hard? Please. That RBC Center has spoiled people!!!

  25. Astral Rain 12/13/2006 at 5:07 PM #

    We shouldn’t be taking scholies from people.

    1) That dude who went to Georgetown, did we not all rip Georgetown for doing that very same thing?

    2) He might develop into something. Unlikely, but we owe it to him to give him a chance.

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