3pm Football Update: Amato This Is A Season Of Inches

Every Monday two NC State players and Coach Amato have a press conference.
A local beat reporter just sent us the following via blackberry:

•NC State Press teleconference threatened to be cut short if any questions were asking about the NC State coaching situation.
•Press asked not to ask any questions regarding “hypothetical” questions or the interview would be ended.
•Lee Fowler will not address any coaches questions until after the season.

Amato in upbeat mood at Monday press conference.

Opening Question: Is the program in crisis?

“On the outside the program, we have lost games, and do we like it? No, because losing in anything we don’t like it. If there is a crisis I haven’t seen it. “

•We are not satisfied with what happening this year, we have lost a lot of close football games.
The difference between winning and losing between games is not much. Amato goes on to refer to
VT’s first season in the ACC.

•Look at the fantastic job Wake Forest has done this year, they have won a lot of close games. The last
two years, they lost a lot of close games. There is a fine line. Also, look at the University of Maryland
this season. The line is just so close.

•This is a season we are not happy with, but next year, who knows, there are a million examples out there.

•Nobody is going to change me. I try to stay upbeat. Anytime you lose to a rival it hurts, it hurts.

•Amato mentions that stats are for losers, then goes on to mention that UNC had 2 yards rushing in the 4th quarter.

•This is has been a season of inches.

•I will take the responsibility on winning and losing. You will never hear me point the finger at a staff member or a player.

•Reporter asks Amato about his job status, and Vaughn ends the press conference.