Future OOC Football Opponents

This entry originally ran in October of 2005 and is updated when new games are announced. Most recent update is October 18, 2006.

Additionally, this entry provides some great comments and perspective on the art & science of scheduling that deserves a link in this entry.

NC State’s current Non-Conference Football Opponents:

2006: Akron, Appalachian State, @ Southern Miss, ECU

2007: Louisville (Sep 29), ECU (road?), The Citadel

2008: @ South Carolina (Thu/Aug 28/ESPN), William & Mary, South Florida (Sep 27)

2009: South Carolina (Thu/Sep 3/ESPN), Pittsburgh, ECU,

2010: Cincinnati, @ ECU, Western Carolina

2011: @ Cincinnati

2012: Tennessee, UConn (home or away?)

2013: @ Pittsburgh, @Tennessee, ECU

2014: (potential vs Oklahoma State), @ South Florida (Sep 13)

2015: (potential return vs Oklahoma State)

2016: @ ECU

2017: LSU

2020: LSU

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24 Responses to Future OOC Football Opponents

  1. Trout 10/20/2005 at 7:52 AM #

    I believe 2009 and 2010 are both AT ECU.

  2. JB34 10/20/2005 at 7:55 AM #

    ^ Wait a second…you are telling me that NC State is going to travel TO GREENVILLE two years in a row? Are you kidding me? Dear God how low have we fallen? Why not schedule some home and homes with ETSU?

    I guess if the ACC office can’t schedule any games for you…why do you need to work to find any other opponent that might be of interest when you can save your lazy ass so much time by just calling up ECU? All you have to do is give up potentially enticing and fun road trips for a drive to Greenville!

    Compare the numerous contrasts between the way the NC State Athletics Department used to run itself and the way that it does today. It is sad. The ironic thing about the ECU scheduling is that Fowler just doesn’t understand how much he doesn’t understand about NC State’s heritage.

  3. lumberpack 10/20/2005 at 8:00 AM #

    You assume Fowler cares, he does not – at the end of the day, too many people supporting NCSU need the political cover of eastern NC politicians to protect their livelyhoods from the General Assembly-Fowler is only too happy to oblige

  4. lumberpack 10/20/2005 at 8:04 AM #

    Fowler’s idea of a fun trip is to his native hillbilly land, my idea would be to play Hawaii-how about 2 away and 1 home, how about Tulane?, how about San Diego State? How about Army? I guess they don’t have chitlins and souse meat in Honololu, New Orleans, San Diego or New York. What a shame.

  5. JB34 10/20/2005 at 8:11 AM #

    Lumberpack hits the nail on the head. The two things that Fowler love are his popularity/acceptance from anyone but State people (since he obviously doesn’t have to worry about consequences in Raleigh) …and money.

    His many insecurities make him scared to death of people with power in the legislature…and playing ECU as a road game is CHEAP for us (so our department saves tons of money). Who cares what it means to the program or the fans when we can save a little money for his cash reserve fund that he won’t discuss in public.

  6. BJD95 10/20/2005 at 9:10 AM #

    For one thing, Fowler is setting a very, very bad precedent in playing ECU more than the baseline of what the legislature was going to force on us. Watch as the Pirates demand this to be the new baseline, even when AD Hayseed finally moves on.

    This bunny OOC schedule would make even Bill Snyder or Herb Sendek blush. It’s terrible. What kind of value do LTR holders get from the 2006 season ticket package? 3 of the 7 (approximately 42%) home games are against ECU, Appy, and Akron.

    I have a suggestion for everyone who wants to recoup some of their season ticket costs and send a message to Fowler and Amato about their scheduling philosophy – sell your ECU tickets to Pirate fans. You can actually get more than face value for them (they’ll be worthless to NC State fans, just like Akron tix), and Fowler can wonder whether his idea was so great when the parking lot and stadium are full of obnoxious purple-clad hillbillies.

  7. Trout 10/20/2005 at 9:29 AM #

    ^I’d eat my tickets before I’d sell them to any opponent. Next year’s home schedule stinks, I do agree with that. GT, FSU, Wake, BC along with App, Akron and ECU.

    I dont understand Fowler adding more games with ECU. The one every 3 years was plenty, so why add more?

  8. JB34 10/20/2005 at 9:36 AM #

    ^ Because adding ECU is a hell of a lot easier than actually working and finding other games. Not to mention the $$$ signs for his Department — no plane travel…no over night stay.

  9. BJD95 10/20/2005 at 10:03 AM #

    It’s going to hard enough to explain to my wife why I have to write a $1200 check for tickets to games like that (on top of the LTR fee we pay of monthly for 10 years). At least I can get maybe $300-$400 back by selling 1 of the 3 packages of “sucky game” tickets to a Pirate, since their single-game purchase options will be extremely limited. They bought UNC season tickets to get into Kenan, so I expect well-above face value.

    I would only take such actions out of extreme anger, but I’m at that point right now. If Fowler wants to sell out the best interests of NC State for a few extra dollars and practical expediency, then I can play along with that.

  10. CLASS OF '74 10/20/2005 at 10:48 AM #

    Is this how Bobby Bowden built FSU? If NCSU really wants to be a football school then schedule real football teams, go anywhere, play only top talent and be recognized for doing so! Who the heck cares if you beat EKU, Akron,
    etc. I thought competition is what made everything great in this country, not the fear of competition! This is so simple and basic even our A.D. should get it!

  11. JB34 10/20/2005 at 12:56 PM #

    Isn’t it “interesting” that David Horning gets to be the mouthpiece of the Athletics Department every time a team cancels on us [since we don’t sign contracts (Temple) like so many other schools do] but Lee Fowler is the one always quoted when we sign new deals?

  12. Trout 10/21/2005 at 7:50 AM #

    Okay, I’m hearing the 2006 game is at NC State, the 2007 game is in Greenville, the 2009 game is at NC State, and the 2010 game is in Greenville.

  13. JB34 10/21/2005 at 8:26 AM #

    So we are playing ECU with pure home and homes.


    When do we travel to Western Carolina?

  14. Trout 10/21/2005 at 8:37 AM #

    That brings up an interesting point. Why do home and homes with ECU? Why not do them with a middle of the road, or bottom Big 10 team, or SEC team, or any BCS team?

    There is not one person (even the most diehard Pirate fan) that can convince me that NC State needs these games as much as ECU. We sell out our stadium every game. We already play VT, Miami, FSU, UNC, Clemson, Maryland, etc in the ACC. ECU needs NC State to sell out Ficklen Stadium. So why give a home and home for 6 games over 10 years? It doesnt help us in recruiting. It doesnt give us exposure in a different state. It probably wont be on TV. It wont sell any more tickets (we cant sell more than the stadium holds, which we are already doing).

  15. JB34 10/21/2005 at 9:29 AM #

    Lee Fowler said in this morning’s N&O that the games are good for both of us”. Obviously he cares as much about other schools as he does for what is best for NC State.

  16. CLASS OF '74 10/21/2005 at 12:08 PM #

    Let’s try this: play all eleven other ACC teams every year. No more EKU, Akron and the like. It will never happen but it does make sense now with the schools able to schedule 12 games per season. The conference scheduling is fairer and you still can schedule one game with a patsy or traditional rival ie.
    FSU vs. UF.

  17. JB34 10/22/2005 at 10:08 AM #

    ^ I think that would be a great idea when every other conference in the country institutes the same policy.

  18. chucksdaddy 10/22/2005 at 6:42 PM #

    Okay, now I’m upset. I log on in hopes of seeing the comments regarding the wolfpack’s demise at the hands of the scary baptists, er demon deacons, and I find that my comments have been taken away from this site regarding the football series record against the Heels, Chuck, Herb, etc….to summarize…the Heels have always owned the woofpack (it goes far beyond Chuck’s tenure), the woofpack season would be moving along steadily if you hadn’t dropped one to our very mediocre football team…but now the steamroller is moving, and bowl eligibility has been crushed again due to today’s loss….I’m not trying to kick you when you’re down. Wait, yes, that’s exactly what I’m doing. 7-5 win over the Wahoos today over on the Hill…we’re mediocre, but at least we show up…hey, when was your last conference home win? Personally, I liked Chuck’s shoes and shades….it’s no fun pickin on an ordinary sort. Oh, and to stay on topic for this blog, the Heels have home-and-home games coming up against Notre Dame, Tennessee, and South Carolina….go pack, and take the blue devils with you.

  19. choppack1 08/31/2006 at 1:57 PM #

    I guess the UT series is postponed…

  20. StateFans 08/31/2006 at 2:00 PM #

    2012 & 2013 is the last information that we have on UT

  21. BJD95 08/31/2006 at 3:21 PM #

    Future schedules look MUCH better.

  22. NCSUDude17 08/31/2006 at 4:32 PM #

    playing a game AT ECU is a pathetic idea. Does Lee Fowler love riots or what?

  23. TNPackFan 09/01/2006 at 1:21 AM #

    Tennessee’s OOC schedule has NC State in Knoxville in 2008, then in Raleigh in 2013. So somebody’s information is not up-to-date. I hope UT’s is right; can’t wait to see the Pack at Neyland Stadium!

  24. redfred2 09/06/2006 at 3:41 PM #

    It’s the Lee Fowler, mind numbing, dummy down, way of keeping his job secure and insuring at least limited success.

    But then, everything about NCSU athletics has been, and will continue to be, dummied down and limited with Fowler around.

    Worst thing is that the coaches are being even still further handicapped by his every decision in scheduling. Recruiting could be benefitting from some great exposure and programs could be developing at a faster rate, less begging and pleading in the off season and more time to focus on the season ahead. Instead the coaching staff is probably busy showing game films to recruits who may have never seen the Wolfpack play football before. That would be because they can’t get ESPN-HD-FB-ALT-2006.7.8.9 package #69wtf, it’s only available live, on gameday, in black and white, and blacked out anywhere beyond 2 city blocks of the actual stadium/bleachers, whatever the case may be.

    Most of these teams do have stadiums don’t they, or are lawn chairs required?

    For all of those fearful of playing tougher competition even if it means possibly losing a game or two along the way, I’d ask who brought in the better recruiting class of freshmen football players into the Triangle area this past year? Doesn’t mean that he can coach ’em, but it does mean that not being scared to face a better team and at least trying to improve while someone besides the parents and closest kin are watching in the stadium, can be helpful, and will bring ’em in.

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