Week 5 TV Schedule

The schedule this week is not as bad as last week or as good as two weeks ago. In fact, you could probably make it through this weekend with only one TV. Don’t miss VPI vs Ga Tech or Iowa vs OSU. Outside those matchups, you can just tune in to parts of the other games. For example, watching thirty minutes of the Miami/Houston game should keep you occupied between the two games above.

Tonight (Thursday) is particularly good for a Thursday. Auburn versus South Carolina may not be close, but it should be interesting with the two best coaches in the SEC going head to head. That’s right, Tubby doesn’t get the credit he deserves, and believe me, I’m not a fan of his, but he’s an outstanding coach.

Also, this evening is TCU. Since TCU never plays anyone, no one ever watches them. If you want to watch them before they are given their BCS Bowl bid, tonight would be a good night. To give you perspective on their opponent BYU, they are not an awful team. They’ve blown out two terrible ball clubs and played close against two mid level BCS programs. Personally, I would pay more attention to how TCU plays rather than the final score in this game. A dominating performance would give the Horned Frogs some credibility on the heals of the win over Texas Tech; however, anything less raises more questions about TCU’s BCS worthiness.

TCU knows how important this game is. Right now, BYU (2-2) and Utah (3-1 with wins against a IAA team and two winless teams) look like the toughest teams left on TCU’s schedule. As pathetic as that sounds, last year TCU won both those games in overtime by a combined 4 points after a ridiculous loss to an SMU team, which is the loss that kept them out of the BCS. This year they “luckily” don’t have to face SMU; so if they make it through the duo from Utah, TCU likely coasts into the BCS, deserving or not.


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  1. WolfPup35 09/29/2006 at 9:13 PM #

    Iowa vs. Ohio State is the most likely place to see an upset. Iowa has a really scary team, if they can limit mistakes, they can pull this off. Go Hawkeyes! If Auburn is the 2nd best team in America, what does that say about the stste of college football this year?? They were an offensive juggernaut, supposedly, and needed a dropped pass on 4th down to win.
    Granted, a win is a win, but there is cause for concern for the Tigers.

    GT over VT by 7
    Bama will give Fla fits, but I see a Fla win.
    TTU vs. T A&M—who cares? TTU by 13

  2. Wulfpack 10/01/2006 at 8:44 AM #

    Good picks Pup. What a scenery that was in Iowa. Too bad the Hawkeyes ran into a buzzsaw. I was really surprised that GT was able to hand it to VT at home. Great win for the Jackets. They are looking more and more like the class of the league. And how about Miami limping past Houston? Coker has lost it down there, they aren’t even close to being a top-25 team. And Wake Forest is the ACC’s lone unbeaten heading into October –who woulda thunk it? Akron isn’t doing us any favors, they got blasted by Kent State.

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