TV Schedule – Week 4

Not at all a good weekend in college football. After seven games between ranked teams last week, we only have two this week and none between two teams in the top 20.

The Pack clearly needs a win. With two overtime wins and a seven point win over Central Michigan, BC’s 3-0 record maybe somewhat deceiving, but after the last two weeks, things aren’t looking good for the Pack.

Nationally, the most interesting games will be the OSU/Penn State game and the ND/MSU game. The Buckeyes are much better than last year and will be motivated by their loss to Penn State, who won the Big 10 by virtue of a tie-breaker with OSU. Similarly, ND will be looking for retribution against a Michigan State team, which was responsible for the biggest blemish on ND’s ’05 record. After struggling last week, the Irish against Michigan State should be the more exciting game of the two.

Elsewhere, Bama and Arkansas will be battling to stay in the top half of the SEC West. In the Pac 10, Cal looks for retribution against an Arizona State team that has looked good at times. UCLA looks to stay undefeated against a Washington team that has shown signs of improvement from last year. Its hard to gauge these four teams based on the early season results to date.

Overall, this is a weekend to go to games rather than watch them on TV, and if you must sacrifice one autumn Saturday to the wife, this is a good choice. If not, next weekend doesn’t look that exciting either.

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5 Responses to TV Schedule – Week 4

  1. BJD95 09/21/2006 at 4:25 PM #

    Louisville and USC play classic “trap” games. Both clearly should win, but the differential in ability (Arizona is decent, Kansas State less so) between the opponents is not so much that either road favorite can sleepwalk through the game.

  2. Trout 09/21/2006 at 4:51 PM #

    I think L-Ville and USC roll. I look at those offenses and wonder we cant average just HALF of what they average.

    In the 15 games that Mark Trestman has been OC at NC State, we’ve only scored more than 24 points once. Even Mazzone scored more than 24 points 4 times in 11 games in the 2004 season, with Jay Davis at QB.

  3. redfred2 09/21/2006 at 5:17 PM #

    I’d love to see ND with another check in the loss column but I haven’t MSU play so far.

    ^About Trestman, do we now own the sole rights to another coach who takes kids totally away from their natural tendencies in lieu of an overcomplicated, unlearnable an totally unneccessary offensive system? I’m not saying the system wouldn’t or doesn’t work elsewhere, but do we have another who can’t put the right people in place, can’t build their confidence in his philosophy, and can’t translate that system to his own players on the offense?

    Watching Stone think too much, look like hesitant and machine-like, instead of just naturally playing the game, it sure seems eerily similar to me.

  4. WolfPup35 09/21/2006 at 7:25 PM #

    As I said in a previous entry, all anyone has to be able to do to beat ND is have the ability to go deep with their WR’s. MSU in recent years has been able to do just that, so don’t believe for a second that ND WON’T get another check in the loss column after the meeting with the Spartans!!

  5. vtpackfan 09/21/2006 at 8:00 PM #

    “…but I haven’t MSU play so far. ”
    There doesn’t seem to be anything changed in East Lansing over the past few years, except skill level players getting older and wiser. This team was on the top of the world last yead until bonehead plays began to repeat themselves over and over. They shot themselves in the foot virtually on every offensive drive once the discipline level started heading south. It seems that with every new college season the Spartans have been able to empty the skeletons in the closet and play with the best teams athleticly and on par in the discipline effort. It always seems to be the elephant in the room that announces itself suddenly right before it trambles the squad and season. Discipline.
    They have a QB who can flat out take over games, and a WR slash power forward who plays for coach Izzo, that looks like a cross between MD’s (now 49er) Davis and Johnson from GT. There offensive line is always big and physical, and supplies a great foundation to the team-when there not commited an ungodly amount of falsestarts. Their defense can’t do much but fly around and maybe make a timely turnover after the opponet gets selfish and sloppy. Should be a high octane game. 34-33 MSU is my prediction.

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