Can’t Help But Love His Timing


I know that I have to apologize to some of you…but, I can’t help but love his timing and general gumption with
this entry that you need to check out.

As Wolfpackers, we can’t help but relate to someone who has been done wrong. As Wolpackers, we can’t help but admire someone with some guts to stand up and say what the average person would say/think (without all of the profanity, of course).


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  1. old13 09/22/2006 at 1:03 PM #

    You can have him (and Woody Hayes, too!) Two classless individuals IMO!

    Jeff: No argument that it would seem that he is “classless”. But, that wasn’t what I was judging.

  2. redfred2 09/22/2006 at 1:27 PM #

    I posted that link earlier on another thread.

    Did anybody have any doubt that I wouldn’t be all over that one?

  3. redfred2 09/22/2006 at 1:31 PM #

    ^Just more completely innocent victims of media bias posting those comments above mine. It’s sad when people can’t see the light, until it comes home to roost in their own back yards.

  4. redfred2 09/22/2006 at 1:36 PM #

    Sorry- Mine was a different link, same topic though.

  5. packbackr04 09/22/2006 at 1:48 PM #

    i dont get it.

  6. redfred2 09/22/2006 at 1:53 PM #

    Oh well, golf is not his forte, and the language is exactly the same as his protege’s over in Durham, and he is ass if ever there was one, basketball aside, but after seeing that video, don’t worry, I’ll never bring his name up around here again.

  7. redfred2 09/22/2006 at 2:11 PM #

    I should have looked at the video first, I feel like more of ass than Bobby Knight actually is, right now.

    Hell, maybe I am.

    Apologies to old13 and Jeff for comments above.

    I think I’ll take my red face and just fade away from SFN for a while.

    SFN: LOL! No reason to fade away

  8. PackBacker001 09/22/2006 at 3:40 PM #

    Classless or no, he is hilarious…until he loses his temper at someone other than himself. Sure, I might not see the humor in someone in my foursome pissing in public with carts going by. But in someone else’s foursome, it’s just comedic gold.

  9. TomA 09/22/2006 at 9:04 PM #

    True that he may be seen as clasless by many and most assuredly has the temper from hell but why does he get constantly ragged on by the media (see TK nad Wilbon) while others like John Chaney were allowed to attack other coaches and threaten to kill them during a post-game press conference, go ballistic on a reporter who asked him a tough question, and of course his crowning glory having one of his players break another kid’s arm during a game. As with much it depends on if the media loves you or not…CTC is getting ripped to hell for some honestly dumb comments but the same people that are ripping him on the “four letter sports network” will kiss the ass of someone like Ray Lewis. You tell me what is worse: saying something stupid or helping to again kill two people!

  10. WolfPup35 09/22/2006 at 11:05 PM #

    Speaking of the four letter sports network….look for the insane person at CFS with the sign….(side one) HEY ESPN!!! (side two) YOUR PHONE SUCKS!!

  11. Dan 09/25/2006 at 1:51 PM #

    My stomach hurts from the golf video. I dont want Bobby for our coach, but I’d love to be friends with that crazy f&!%’in @ssH*le.

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