Collegetowns & The Grumble Test

We’ve got a lot of authors traveling today, so we thought that we would look back on what was hitting the blog exactly one year ago about right now. Found it pretty interesting.

First, we across this entry based on a television show about “Collegetowns”. Worth a read.

Additionally…check out this entry about “The Grumble Test” and realize that this was written LAST YEAR. Not this year.

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One Response to Collegetowns & The Grumble Test

  1. redfred2 08/22/2006 at 12:23 PM #

    Last night I was trying to get idea on bball recruiting classes for 2007 just looking around at different university sites and reading some related blogs. It’s kinda funny that you brought this entry back out today. The whole time I read blogs from other universities across the nation I kept saying to myself, “And everyone uses the term “unfair” and “lunatics” when describing NC State fans!!!???” I even checked out some sites the more politically correct left coast, it is just the same as it is here, and in most cases much worse.

    I remember checking out some UCLA sites back when Lavin being considered for the State job, the commentary about their former head coach was brutal, and made all that I have said about our former coach pale in comparison. I remember one particular funny post in reference to Lavin that said something like, “Poor ol’ NC State, it’s kinda like when you know your best friend is making a total fool of himself by dating the biggest wh*re in town, you want to tell him, but you just can’t bring yourself to do it.

    As far as NC State goes I think somehow when the folks in charge of a sports program aren’t getting their jobs done, but are properly pleasant and overly humbled!!! when relating to the media, a seed gets planted that says the expectations are too high. I can hear Fowler/Sendek talking to the media saying, “Golly gee whiz guys, we have Duke on one hand, and Carolina on the other, and these crazy fans wanting us to compete…what can we possibly do? We’re doing about all we can but these fanatics won’t let up. You media guys are all great, the best, we won’t comment on the press, WE NEVER HAVE, if you just lay off of us. Come on now, just between us, you know good and well those ignorant fans can’t possibly understand the situation like we do. Thanks for coming by, and all the great things you guys do for NC State University.”

    The point is this, the fans are all the same everywhere you go, but at weak universities with weak administrators they morph into excuses. The fans are held responsible for every problem that no one else has worked hard enough to answer. Whether it’s a coaching or an administrators position, unrelenting fans are the easiest trump card to play, and the media takes the bait every time.

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