Camp Amato is Insightful Piece

We often give Pack Pride and the Wolfpacker grief for not having the balls to share non-propagandist opinions on their websites. Although their “Premium” subscriptions can provide some decent insight into practices and roster/personel developments, these websites’ unwillingness or inability to provide honest, accurate, and insightful analysis on important issues in WolfpackNation can be quite frustrating.

With this said, we found 10 Questions for Camp Amato to be a very good piece that did a nice job of highlighting the questions/issues facing NC State Football heading into practice for the 2006 season.

We had a similar conversation in May that is worth a look that dovetails nicely with the piece.

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10 Responses to Camp Amato is Insightful Piece

  1. Cardiff Giant 08/07/2006 at 1:00 PM #

    I agree. It is nice to see that site engaging in some direct and straightforward observations regarding the questions hovering over the football program right now. Good work.

  2. ncsu96 08/07/2006 at 1:54 PM #

    Interesting Amato interview over on Dave Glenn’s blog…

    Chuck make some good points, a lot of people forget how far we’ve come.

  3. Rick 08/07/2006 at 2:45 PM #

    That is a good article about Chuck.
    I really wnat him to succeed. It would be great to have two alumni succeeding at the head coaching positions.

  4. BladenWolf 08/07/2006 at 3:47 PM #

    Good all around article on the team from PackPride.

    However, I disagree with the assessment of the offensive line. I think that area will continue to be a weakness. Vogelsberg seems to think this will be as good a line as the 2002 line? Am I missing something? Defenses ate us up last year and gave our QB’s no time at all to set up in the pocket, which made us one-dimensional most of the time. I know both QB’s took some heat last year for their erratic play, but alot of that had to do with the fact they were running for their lives after taking only two steps back.

    The other disagreement is the assment of the receiving corps. I don’t see a huge drop off from last year. Hall and Clark are gone, and they were good, but we have Blackman and Barrett that can be as effective.

    And I like the way Rick thinks: Two alumni coaches kickin’ butt and taking names.

    But again, overall good piece, especially for the “free” side of PackPride.

  5. packpigskinfan23 08/07/2006 at 3:56 PM #

    a great look at a new season.

  6. choppack1 08/07/2006 at 5:24 PM #

    Part of the OL is counting on the experience of the unit – Harris, Newby, and Holt have extensive experience. Big things are also expected from #76. I can see why you’d find that strange though – (I also think there may be a little addition by subtraction calculated for this unit as well.)

  7. Cardiff Giant 08/07/2006 at 6:00 PM #

    He makes a good point with this:

    “We have been to five bowls in six years, and our record is 4-1. That’s a fact. I mean, I didn’t make that up. The other four schools have been to five bowls combined in that same time frame, and their record is 1-4. That’s a fact. The most number of wins at the other four schools in the last six years is 30, and that’s an average of five a year. We’ve won 46, and that’s two shy of eight (victories) a year. I could go on and on. …”

    Except for the undeniable fact that overall, the other four D1 schools completely suck, for one, and second that two of those schools that suck overall have beaten us two out of the last three. That deflates the balloon somewhat.

  8. bTHEredterror 08/07/2006 at 11:21 PM #

    Good points. I think the biggest question right now is tight end. The O-line jelled well enough at the end of the last year(minus Kiwanuka), that another year together should improve them markedly. The receivers should be BETTER though younger. How effective was Hall last year? Granted a poor job was done getting him the ball at times, but he got a fair amount of chances, too. Blackman will be a step up, and Dunlap, Barrett, and Geron James will be able to replace the possession catches Brian Clark accounted for. But a walk-on is #2 on the depth chart at TE, an important component of the run game.

    I’m eager to see how the front seven shape up on D as well. Which player in that group of new faces emerges as the top playmaker?

  9. StateFans 08/08/2006 at 6:41 AM #

    TE has a future NFL player starting in Anthony Hill. Like so many of our positions, TE is just thin.

    WR has few, if any, truly proven commodities.

  10. bTHEredterror 08/09/2006 at 10:21 PM #

    True, I thought Hill was better than Williams last year, it’ll be great to watch him blossom. But we know how good Hill is because he was on the field ALOT, as the 2nd TE. It seems we are going to be more effective as a running/play-action type team with current personnel, just like last year when Hill emerged. I expect even a walk-on TE to be a better blocker than any receiver, hence he will be on the field a fair amount of the time, if not often. There’s also not a lot of guys to move to the position on the roster. With how teams are gonna stack the box, and then zone behind it, to try and make it tougher to run, it’d be nice to have a few big blockers to stretch the line especially in short yardage. And then still be able to trust them to make a catch on play-action. What’s the problem with Hannah, anyway?

    I disagree about the WR’s, there is much more talent to work with. I also consider Dunlap proven along with Barrett and Blackman. Though I may be in the minority with that view. Watch Geron James blow up like Williams at GT. With Stone back throwing unguided missiles, he might make some highlight reel catches this year.

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