We are still remembered! (Updated 3pm)

I came across the Top ten moments we will not forget. The ’83 championship was listed at number ten. I would have the ’83 championship as number one but that’s just me…and a lot of you. It is still nice to see us remembered.


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9 Responses to We are still remembered! (Updated 3pm)

  1. westwolf 07/21/2006 at 12:20 PM #

    I don’t get the fixation on the shot by Laetner. It wasn’t in a championship game, is wasn’t that long of a shot…what’s the big deal. To me, that’s just another buzzer beater, like the other 50 or so we see every year.

    Given the lack of context and lack of difficulty, no way that ranks as the”greatest moment in college basketball history.”

  2. yannes 07/21/2006 at 12:39 PM #

    ^ It was a regional final with Duke and Kentucky so a lot of people were watching. I think that also shooting 100% in that context is going to be remembered. Also, plenty of Kentucky fans are still pissed about that game.

  3. old13 07/21/2006 at 1:52 PM #

    In Duke’s case, it wasn’t just Laetner’s shot – it was the setting against UK, the Grant Hill pass, the fact that it was a NCAA regional final, and Laetner being 100% in ALL of this FG’s and FT’s that day. Also, the game as a whole is right there with the 1973-1974 Terp-‘Pack game for the ACC championship – the two games are debated as the “best college game ever!”

  4. PackMan97 07/21/2006 at 4:50 PM #

    Ya, that Dook-UK game was just fabulous if you are an ACC fan or even a college fan in general.

    The last 5 minutes and OT is any college fans wet dream!

    Last 5 of reg: UK ties. Duke up by 2. UK ties. Duke up by 2. UK down by 1. Duke up by 3. UK up by 2. Duke Ties. UK up by 2. Duke Ties. UK up by 2. Duke Ties. Duke up by 2. UK Ties.

    OT: UK up by 3. Duke Ties. UK by 2. Duke Ties.

    Last 30 seconds of OT.
    0:31.5 – Laettner puts Duke up by 2.
    0:19.6 – Mashburn scores and is fouled. UK by 1
    0:14.1 – Laettner fouled, bits both. Duke by 1
    0:02.2 – Woods hits, UK by 1
    0:00.1 – Laettner hits. Duke by 1. GG

    Just the sheer back and forth of the game was amazing. Both teams hitting CLUTCH shot after clutch shot.

    If you saw it any place with a crowd (especially if they were hole fans!) it was just an awesome game! The last thirt seconds especially where Duke is up, down, up, down, UP! DUKE WON! DUKE WON! You just don’t see games where the lead changes 5 times in the last thirty seconds! In the last 10 minutes there were 8 ties and 9 lead changes! It was just an unreal game. Sorry you don’t appreciate it.

  5. 4NCSU 07/21/2006 at 4:53 PM #

    The Duke-Kentucky game was special. It was back and forth, back and forth. Then the miracle Laettner shot. Has to be one of the best games in NCAA Tournament history, at least in my small opinion.

  6. apexpacker 07/21/2006 at 5:27 PM #

    All very nice – but the 83 championship game still beats it hands down!

  7. BladenWolf 07/22/2006 at 1:19 AM #

    No doubt that the dook-UK game was awesome… as I was giving the play-by-play over the phone to my best friend (who was at work at the time) and the ending was just something of a storybook ending…

    However… it pales in comparison to sitting in Owen Dorm watching the tit-for-tat ending of the NCAA Championship game when Derrick Whittemburg sent a desperation heave towards the basket that fell into the hands of an open Lorenzo Charles, who had the presence of mind to slam the ball through the basket, thus sealing the fate for the team that no one thought would win the ACC Championship, much less the National Championship. Within that last few seconds, the Cardiac Pack became the National Champions over the much hearolded Phi Slama Jama and that single win is what became known to the world as March Madness.

    To not remember this game as the ultimate championship game is to dismiss college basketball all together.

  8. redfred2 07/22/2006 at 9:29 PM #

    Laetner was clutch on the collegiate level, especially in that game. Kentucky and everyone watching knew exactly what Duke was going to try to do. The fact that he created enough daylight to even catch the ball and then hit that shot was pretty incredible.

    If the double overtime, come from behind win against UCLA in ’74 had been the championship game, which in all reality it was, instead of a semi-final, NC State would have the two greatest National Championship wins of all time.

  9. redfred2 07/26/2006 at 4:35 PM #

    The semi-final game against UCLA #13????? Do not believe a word of it.

    It grew and grew from the year before and there has never been as much as build up and anticipation about a clash of the ultimate superpowers in college basketball as there was for that one game. Everyone was plastered to a TV set an hour before the game even started. If you didn’t witness it on your own don’t believe that #13 piece of tripe reported above.

    For State to battle and muster a comeback on the reigning dynasty and 7 times consecutive nat’l champs with Bill Walton and Keith Wilkes after being down by 11 in the second half, then force it into overtime, play to a draw only to find themselves down by seven again, and somehow find the will to come back once more eventually winning in the second overtime. That game had the most hype of any tournament or NCAA championship game ever, and it blew away all the hype, tenfold, and delivered more than anyone could ever have hoped for.

    I know it was different from the UCLA perspective but even Bill Walton said similar when speaking in retrospect of the magnitude of that ‘74 semi-final game. He spoke about it humbly from a brutally honest perspective and his pride was totally evident, even on the losing end, just for being a major part and having the opportunity to participate in that one game.

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