Tarheel Football Recruiting Not All Roses

A lot has been made of UNC-CH’s recent football recruiting ‘prowess’ on internet message boards and recruiting sites. Most of that is probably warranted since the Heel seem to be putting together a very nice class (from their perspective). Of course, StateFansNation has plenty to say about the way John Bunting runs his program and his ‘waiver wire’ of clearing out previous recruiting mistakes from his program to make room for another batch of high potential high school players. But, we’ve got plenty of time to get to that.

This article from Eddy Landreth highlights some curious things regarding Carolina’s recent recruitment/non-recruitment of Josh Oglesby, whom NC State made no secret in wanting. Considering the rash of altercations with the police, drug suspensions & grade problems in John Bunting’s football program in the last five years, rational thinkers would think that Ogelsby would have become the poster child for Tarheel football.

Guess not.

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  1. redfred2 07/26/2006 at 4:25 PM #

    RickJ- You are right, typing too fast without thinking, I stand corrected.

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