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^Tell us more about how “mean” NC State fans are? Surely Dennis Franchione couldn’t find a coach to fill the Defensive Coordinator’s job at Texas A&M after the way Torbush was treated in College Station. (sarcasm) [A&M Fans even had a website.]

What a tumble from inheriting the head coaching job of an ACC program that was (at the time) was a Top 10 program (despite unchallenging schedules and an inability to beat ranked teams)…to an assistant at Alabama…to an assistant at Texas A&M…to an assistant position at Carson Newman? Link

Carl Torbush 3
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Can you believe that some people actually “long for the old days”?

Former North Carolina coach Carl Torbush will be introduced Wednesday as assistant head coach and linebackers coach at Carson-Newman, his alma mater.

Torbush, who was fired as defensive coordinator at Texas A&M last November, graduated from Carson-Newman in 1974 after being a NAIA All-American in both football and baseball. Carson-Newman now competes in NCAA Division II.

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  1. class of 74 07/12/2006 at 7:10 AM #

    I love when fans talk how unfair we are to these coaches in college. Coaching, due to the massive exposure of TV, has become a celebrity position. They all seem to love the money and fame that comes with being a Division I coach or even a top assistant, but when it comes to any criticism of their performance that is seen as just plain unfair.

    Personally I have no respect for the fans or coaches that feel this way. Like it or not, major college sports has become a business and just as with any business the standard has to be bottomline performance. When you agree to that six and seven figure salary with rollovers and buyout provisions just remember, the pressure should be commensurate with the level of salary.

  2. garden gnome 07/12/2006 at 8:50 AM #

    Class of 74 is right, for what they get paid at schools like Alabama & Texas A&M, they can afford to buy a thicker skin.

    After the way they ditched Alabama, Torbush & “Coach Fran” deserve whatever they get. they knew the “12th man” was there when they took the job (just like they knew Alabama was probably going to face NCAA sanctions).

    as an aside to this, i had a great moment with a couple of folks from Texas last week. i knew the one person was an A&M fan, so i made some snide remark about the 12th man thing. they followed up with some comment about how lame ACC football was. then i was able to point out the fact that my team had beat Tech the last two times we had played them. the other guy offered up the fact he was a Longhorns fan. i said we were only able to beat Texas at their place, because they’re too afraid to come play us here. not often you can brag about State beating big programs, so it was nice to be able to shut them up (even though i started it).

  3. TigerFan 07/12/2006 at 11:40 AM #

    ^ As a Houston resident, I love garden gnomes’ Big 12 bashing. What an over-rated conference that is. Texas fans are insuffereable.

    ^^ You are so right class of 74. Anyone getting paid $1 million per year to participate in a game should keep there complaining to themselves.

    I’m happy to see Fran fail. The man proved during his stay and during his departure from Bama that he has no class. Maybe Carson-Newman can make room for him next year.

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