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We have a little quasi-schedule conversation going on at this link that stems from an entry we had this weekend. It’s not a huge conversation, and certainly doesn’t compare to our “master entry” regarding State’s 2006 Football Schedule that can be found by clicking here.

Relatedly, Bruce Feldman at ESPN Insider has blogged an entry on an article written by Mike Huguenin of the Orlando Sentinel that includes some interesting tidbits on football scheduling. (Link to Sentinel Article).

Eight of the 119 Division I-A teams have eight home games: Alabama, Auburn, Florida State, Hawaii, Kansas State, LSU, Memphis and Virginia Tech.

Six teams have four home games: Arkansas State, Bowling Green, Florida Atlantic, Louisiana-Monroe, Middle Tennessee State and Temple.

The only BCS-league team with less than six home games is Stanford, with five.

Eight of the 65 BCS-league schools aren’t playing any BCS-league opponents or Notre Dame in nonconference play: Boston College, North Carolina State, Northwestern, Oklahoma State, Oregon State, Texas A&M, Texas Tech and Wisconsin.

Feldman’s piece at ESPN is “premium”, so I am not going to share the crux of it. Although, I am glad that he spoke with some common sense when he said the following:

When I checked what NC State had, I noticed they actually have to go to Southern Miss; That game won’t be so easy. And if State stumbles there, the seat really gets hot for Chuck Amato.

I saw some moron’s on the idiot boards the other day discussing (paraphrased) “how Southern Miss should be a cakewalk and if Chuck loses to them then our program is in a lot of trouble. ” That’s ridiculous…but, it was impossible to figure out of the posters were just stupid or Herb cultists that are now setting their sightson Amato. (Not saying that they are the only people with their sights on CTC).

In a somewhat related entry, RAWFS blogged the same issue about which we have complained numerous times — the ridiculousness of the scheduling of the Akron game.

We are not going to open comments on this entry since there are so many open entries regarding football scheduling currently available on the blog.

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