Mixing Sports & Business

Mixing sports and business…Big 12 style.

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Very interesting.

Two veteran Austin business leaders, Pike Powers and Ron Kessler, want the Big 12 Conference to start mixing sports and business more deliberately.

Their goal is to create more collaboration among conference schools in several areas of economic development, starting with commercializing more of the technology they develop.

Kessler and Powers are teaming up to put on three events that will coincide with the Big 12 Championship football game this year in Kansas City on Dec. 2. The events include a venture capital conference, a technology showcase featuring the work of Big 12 researchers, and a dinner honoring business heroes tied to the various conference schools.

“Sports is the language of business,” Powers said. “We will compete on Saturdays and, the other six days of the week, we will work together.”

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3 Responses to Mixing Sports & Business

  1. class of 74 07/02/2006 at 10:16 PM #

    It’s a great idea and no doubt will lead to even more dollars for those schools.

  2. choppack1 07/03/2006 at 8:33 AM #

    “We will compete on Saturdays and, the other six days of the week, we will work together.�

    Actually, depending on what line of work they are in, they’ll probably be competing those other 6 days too. Interesting stuff though. I’m sure the ACC will follow if this is successful.

  3. BJD95 07/03/2006 at 10:00 AM #

    Fusing college sports and business is a very logical idea, since college sports already ARE big business (despite the teeth gnashing of a few remaining dead-enders). I’m very interested to see how this plays out.

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