Happy 4th of July

You can click on this link for a host of July 4th multimedia links, or you can click on
this direct link to YouTube to see Jimmy V’s speech (that we have also embedded below).

On February 21, 1993, NC State honored the 1983 NCAA Championship basketball team in Reynolds Coliseum. Jim Valvano was working the game for ABC and gave this speech before a standing room only crowd. This speech precluded his famous ESPY speech. He died of cancer on April 28, 1993 .

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7 Responses to Happy 4th of July

  1. tooyoungtoremember 07/04/2006 at 12:17 PM #


  2. wolfman89 07/04/2006 at 1:05 PM #

    Ive got thi on dvd, and every time i watch it i get goosebumps and i almost cry. He was a great coach, unfortunaly i only have video tapes of him, i wasnt born till the late 80’s. But here’s to Jimmy V,the legend.

  3. bTHEredterror 07/04/2006 at 3:40 PM #

    God bless Jimmy V forever.

  4. graywolf 07/04/2006 at 5:08 PM #

    I dearly miss that man……..his legacy will live on!!!!

  5. redfred2 07/04/2006 at 10:03 PM #

    He was more than just a great coach, Jim Valvano was a caring and involved human being. Maybe too much for NCSU. It is a sad state of affairs when a top university is so unsure of it’s ownself that it allows cheap shot artist to take away something really special, while hardly defending their own in the process. It happened. A great chapter was totally smeared, and with nothing in reality. People still write negative posts about Valvano right here to this day.

    The scary thing is that the thinking at NCSU is still the same, if not worse. Beware of any true success stories coming out of Raleigh, they don’t seem to mix too well with the name NC State University. If success happens, we had to have cheated. If it doesn’t, it’s because we had to give it away in an effort to be the most proper university around. That is the way of NC State University, the university with the biggest inferiority complex known to mankind.

  6. class of 74 07/05/2006 at 7:18 AM #

    He was the best salesman this university ever had. If you ever met him personally, you could not possibly forget him.

  7. Metalhead 07/05/2006 at 10:05 PM #

    Wow! I was there at the end bleachers. I remembered we played Duke that game. It was awesome then, I remembered his words to this day “Don’t give up…don’t EVER give up!”

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