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The fantastic folks over at linked up this piece a while back and we were waiting for a slow time to run it — so, the day that EA’s NCAA Football 2007 hits the shelves is definitely the day to do it. (You can find lots of interesting covers in that link)

07 NCST Cover

850 The Buzz has an entry on EA’s game (Link):

EA rates North Carolina “B-�, NC State “B+�, Duke “C�, Wake Forest “B�, and Clemson “A-�.

DUKE…a C? Is this an All-Star team of the best Duke players of the last decade?

If you were near a college campus in the early 1990s, then you undoubtedly played “Tecmo Bowl”. In the spirit of EA’s release, one of our favorite new blogs shared this great entry. You’ve got to watch Bo run for 1,000+ yards….ON ONE PLAY!!!! (850’s Link) If you are a newbie and have never known anything other than today’s game systems, then you will get a real kick out of this history of Tecmo Bowl – that has been recognized as one of the great games of all time. Additionally, Wikipedia has a solid entry on Tecmo Bowl that can be seen by clicking here.

Lastly, Mario Williams made the cover of ESPN The Magazine recently. In case you missed it you can click here to see it.


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