We’re #34!!

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NC State finished #34 in this year’s Directors’ Cup standings, a noticeable impovement from last year’s #51. Congratuations!

Recent Wolfpack finishes have been as follows:

—Lee Fowler Years—-
2005-06 – #34
2004-05 – #51
2003-04 – #39

2002-03 – #43
2001-02 – #46
2000-01 – #56
—Les Robinson Years—
1999-00 – #40
1998-99 – #63
1997-98 – #43
1996-97 – #57
—Todd Turner Years—
1995-96 – #34
1994-95 – #32
1993-94 – #59

The Wolfpack’s #34 ranking equates to 6th place in the 12-team Atlantic Coast Conference, a nice improvement from last year’s #9 placement. Additionally, State was able to best the programs of Wake Forest and Miami this year, both small, private institutions with a fraction of the resource base as NC State. The ACC’s schools finished the season as follows:

(4) UNC-Chapel Hill
(8) Duke
(17) Florida State
(26) Virginia
(27) Maryland
(34) NC State
(39) Clemson
(42) Miami
(44) Wake Forest
(45) Virginia Tech
(50) Georgia Tech
(51) Boston College

Last season, one of our best readers took the time to outline NC State’s finish in every single sport. The following were the results of NC State Athletics in all sports in the 2004-2005 academic year:

Baseball: 6th place (5th place in the old ACC)
M. Basketball: 7th place (5th place in the old ACC)
M. Cross Country: 1st place
Football: 9th place (7th place in the old ACC)
M. Golf: 4th place
M. Soccer: 6th place
M. Swimming/Diving: 6th place
M. Tennis: 10th place (8th place in the old ACC)
M. Track (Outdoor): 7th place (6th place in the old ACC)
M. Track (Indoor): 8th place (7th place in the old ACC)
Wrestling: 2nd place

W. Basketball: 3rd place
W. Cross Country: 3rd place
W. Golf: 3rd place tie
W. Soccer: 9th place (8th place in the old ACC)
Softball: 4th place
W. Swimming/Diving: 8th place (7th place in the old ACC)
W. Tennis: 10th place (9th place in the old ACC)
W. Track (Outdoor): 5th place (4th place in the old ACC)
W. Track (Indoor): 8th place (7th place in the old ACC)
Volleyball: 11th place (9th place in the old ACC)

We would welcome similar information for this year from our readers in the comments section of this entry.

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30 Responses to We’re #34!!

  1. Dexter 06/29/2006 at 5:11 PM #

    03-04 we were #39.

    We are a disadvantage due to the number of sports that State does not compete in that earn points. I have never been a big fan of the Cup for this reason. The schools that field the most teams will always finish higher.

  2. Dexter 06/29/2006 at 5:13 PM #

    Whoops did not finish my thought, sorry.

    For example Stanford Competes in 12 of the 13 sports listed, where we compete in 7 of the 13. Who is going to earn more points? Stanford.

  3. StateFans 06/29/2006 at 7:08 PM #

    ^ How does that compare with all other ACC schools?

  4. doug74 06/29/2006 at 9:32 PM #

    Funny you titled this thread that. Once in the late 70’s after I graduated I was in Reynolds for a game and the crowd started chanting “We’re # 34.” It was funny at the time.

  5. wolfman89 06/29/2006 at 10:07 PM #

    I havent even thought about stuff the news has said about us. The world has been against us since V died.

  6. GoldenChain 06/29/2006 at 10:14 PM #

    Basically, we stink at just about everything, especially the non-revenue and women’s sports (where unx excels). Heck we’re even bad a swimming, a sport we used to own the ACC. At least we still have Cross Country.
    On the one hand should we care? Then again why even participate if we don’t care?!
    I remember the poster on here that said she was a women’s volleyball player and even after the students approached Fowler, still nothing changed.
    Like so many things at our university, we’re just going through the motions and that seems to be fine with a majority.

  7. Cardiac95 06/29/2006 at 10:34 PM #

    As slippery as he is, Fowler laid out 2 pretty clear goals for his Athletic’s Department early in his tenure…

    1) Top 3 in the ACC in every sport

    2) Top 25 Nationally in major sports


  8. StateFans 06/30/2006 at 8:16 AM #

    Don’t think that we “stink” in everything. We made the post season for every single spring sport.

    State’s problem is that we don’t have a peak/signature sport for success.

  9. Dan 06/30/2006 at 8:33 AM #

    Yeah, the PAC 10 schools compete in the most sports. They have water polo. Synchronized swimming. Men’s Volleyball. Hell, they probably have a title for lawn darts out there.

    The Director’s Cup is pretty meaningless I think. It would be nice to see a list of what sports contribute to the points just to see how relevant it is to the ACC.

  10. Dan 06/30/2006 at 8:37 AM #

    I am wrong!

    It appears that NC State competes in all the sports that contribute except Ice Hockey and Men’s Water Polo.

    Lee Fowler is a stiff.

  11. RickJ 06/30/2006 at 8:58 AM #

    ^”It appears that NC State competes in all the sports that contribute except Ice Hockey and Men’s Water Polo.”

    That isn’t even close to being true.

  12. yannes 06/30/2006 at 9:09 AM #

    Miami is small? It is about three times the size of Duke or Wake Forest, and is about the same size as GT, Clemson, or BC.
    The cup is kind of silly anyway.

  13. Mr O 06/30/2006 at 10:26 AM #

    How does our athletic budget compare to the schools ahead of us?

  14. tcthdi-tgsf-twhwtnc 06/30/2006 at 10:50 AM #

    Those numbers confirm that Turner, Robinson and Fowler have been disasters for the university.

    As far as swimming, State has one of the best in the world now, national champion Cullen Jones. Let’s hope he brings home gold for the US/NC State from China in ’08. Carmichael looks the same as it did in 1975 when I would go there for summer camp- A disgrace to be sure.

    They are finally working on the gym now. We all know NC State has long prefered to build for the fat cats before the students. This can be seen when Dean’s have showers in their offices but some students didn’t have A/C even a 2 years ago, I’m pretty sure NC State finally moved into the 1970’s and got the A/C in all the dorms last year.

  15. Trout 06/30/2006 at 11:01 AM #

    Please tell me which Dean’s have showers in their offices.

  16. Trout 06/30/2006 at 11:06 AM #

    Someone asked about athletic budgets. Private schools (Duke, Wake, Miami, BC) do not have to report athletic budgets. I KNOW Duke and BC are HIGHER than NC State and that Wake is LOWER (Wake has the lowest budget in the ACC). Not sure about Miami. However, comparing the 8 public schools in the ACC, NC State has the lowest athletic budget, based on Total Operating Expenses:

    UVA – $59,825,403
    FSU – $56,412,748
    UNC – $54,6127,880
    MD – $46,508,648
    GT – $40,942,114
    Clemson – $39,977,199
    Va Tech – $37,465,129
    NC State – $37,048,794

  17. Mr O 06/30/2006 at 11:24 AM #

    Thanks Trout. That adds some perspective.

  18. primacyone 06/30/2006 at 11:35 AM #

    Why does NCSU with the largest student body in the state have a budget 17K-18K less than UNC? That’s a large difference.

  19. primacyone 06/30/2006 at 11:38 AM #

    $17 – $18 Million – not k. Please correct above.

  20. tcthdi-tgsf-twhwtnc 06/30/2006 at 1:19 PM #

    I believe it is the Ag Dean’s office. It could be Textiles but I’m pretty sure it is Ag. In the Alumni Association’s new money pit on Centennial the directors office has a shower larger than most people’s bathroom. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see the same thing over in the new Engineering building too.

    These people work hard and probably could make much more money in the private sector do I don’t think the showers in their offices is so much the issue as much as these incredible fund raising efforts by the Wolfpack Club and Alumni Association that take money away from projects that benefit the student body as a whole.

    People should give money back to NC State but when a handful of student/athletes over at the Murphy Center have an in the water treadmill while the other 25,000 students have a 35+ year old facility you have to at the very least question fundraising priorities.

  21. Trout 06/30/2006 at 1:47 PM #

    “I believe it is the Ag Dean’s office. It could be Textiles but I’m pretty sure it is Ag. ”

    CALS (that’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences) Dean Johnny Wynne’s office is in 100 year old Patterson Hall and doesnt come close to even having a small private bathroom. No Dean on main campus has a private shower, neither do the Chancellor or Provost.

    NC State (along with all the UNC campuses) received bond fund money to improve many facilities that benefit the student body as a whole. Many funds are raised that improve campus facilities as well. The Vet school just got $20 million to build the new research center. Dont you think an improved Carter Finley/Murphy Center help everyone at NC State? Dont you think a new home for the NC State Alumni Association helps everyone at NC State?

    By the way, while Carmichael was built in 1961, there was an addition in the late 80s and there will be another addition started in a few months.

  22. Trout 06/30/2006 at 1:55 PM #
  23. vtpackfan 06/30/2006 at 2:08 PM #

    Might not be a bad idea for the Dean of Ag getting a shower. Imagine trying to close the deal on some grants smelling like manure at high noon. Whatever, I checked out the standings from the final winter total in the Directors cup. We finished alone at #21 in Mens Swimming earning us 52 pts (directors cup). Then looked at NCAA final results and found that all of our 28 pts. during the 3 day meet were awarded to Cullen Jones, Sr (50 yard freestyle national champion). We finished with 16 other schools at #17 in mens basketball with 50 pts. to show for it. Maybe the title should be “we’re #34, thank you Cullen”. The Directors Cup isn’t half bad, you get trounced by Texas in the 2nd rd and on paper it looks as if you just missed the sweet sixteen.

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