Redick Arrested for DUI


JJ Redick has always distinguished himself from other college basketball players, and even many former Duke greats. On Tuesday, Redick was arrested for DUI (and has already apologized for his actions), thereby distinguishing himself from former Duke backcourt great, Chris Duhon, as not only getting caught for alcohol related offenses at Duke…but for having it get public. Great job JJ! (At least Redick’s offenses weren’t covered up in the middle of the season facilitating his availability for key NCAA Tournament games. Lucky Duhon.)

850 Buzz Blog said it most rationally:

What is Redick thinking? He’s got Houston looking at him for the 8th spot, he has millions of dollars coming his way and he decides to get behind the wheel after a few drinks. Not only does he put himself in danger, he puts the lives of others in danger as well. Redick is a smart guy, but he made a boneheaded move by not calling a cab. We’ll see how this effects his draft status, but if this were the NFL, he’d drop like a rock.

The internet is going to be hopping with both serious commentary as well as some funny stuff on this topic. For example, this guy is “laughing (his) Carolina loving self silly over the irony of Coach K’s constant mantra about being a “leader” and “arming” his players with more than a jumpshot but preparing them for life, which has now been turned on its head.” (LOL. That sounds familar quite to State fans, and is some kind of ironic coming from a Tar heel)

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20 Responses to Redick Arrested for DUI

  1. choppack1 06/14/2006 at 8:01 AM #

    Just one more and he catches Phil Ford!

  2. Kingfish76 06/14/2006 at 8:22 AM #

    Exactly what would be expected from a dook low life. Maybe JJ should take up lacrosse.

  3. vtpackfan 06/14/2006 at 8:35 AM #

    Lets just say that right now at Duke the athletes have a pretty public drinking problem. It is exactly the same as every university across this great beer drinking nation of ours (virtually since I don’t know if BYU kids even touch soda yet). The difference is that its Duke and they have been enjoying the type of media darling success from the media that allows for a seemingly “unfair” double standard to form after a series of set backs. (Reddick, Capt. Evans’, Sheldon Williams). Nothing rarely happens to set back a program though unless the NCAA decides its time for a sentencing. But does Duke stand to lose something different in this instance, something unquantifiable? That veneer of trust and excellence that coupled with their dominance in some sports and an academic pedigree to boot made it a perfect storm of recruiting premier athletes. Will an element missing can this dynasty continue on track? Are the kids that are dreaming of playing for Duke in the eighth grade going to have parents that want them to look different opportunities? Is this rant even appropiate for this topic? And hasn’t graduated allready, and is preparing for the next stage of his life? What is he doing boozin’ and cruizin’ around Durham?

  4. choppack1 06/14/2006 at 9:56 AM #

    Applications for admission at Duke dropped. I don’t know – I doubt that the lacrosse case and this will have a long-term impact unless their administration stupidly overreacts like ours did 18 years ago.

  5. yannes 06/14/2006 at 9:58 AM #

    I don’t think that Redick’s drinking problem making national news has as much to do with him being from Duke as it does him being national POY, etc. If the national POY from UCLA, UConn, or UNC was pulled over for a DWI, then I think that it would make national news.

    Evans and Williams were both accused of drinking and doing something much worse than driving. Again, if rape allegations against athletes happened at any major university in the country, then they would make national news.

    But, you are 100% dead on that all of these events are going to hurt Duke’s recruiting in athletics. It has already killed Duke’s lacrosse recruiting for years to come. Duke’s basketball recruiting may not suffer that much, but I can hear some players’ parents saying “I don’t want you going to that school with the drunk drivers and rapists”.

  6. gumbydammit 06/14/2006 at 10:32 AM #

    We shouldn’t laugh at others’ misfortune.


    Just because we shouldn’t doesn’t mean we won’t.

  7. redfred2 06/14/2006 at 11:29 AM #

    I don’t understand how one poor decision by one young man can be reflected on Duke University as a whole, but many people will see it just that way. Have any other Duke, UNC, or NC State students, not just student/athletes, been arrested for DUI lately? Just a regular joe college student, but an enrolled and impaired while driving college student sitting behind the wheel of a moving automobile none the less, and if so, where was the glaring spotlight? Why is there no blame placed on the administrators in his field study and the university as a whole in that instance? The regular academic student, who just attends classes and has all their other time off, are held to lesser standards than the student/athlete who juggles schedules while traveling extensively, and all the time trying to maintain that same decent GPA? I hate it when some college professor belittles athletics and athletes when he speaks of such as what Redick just did to make his highbrow point. What would happen if that same professor had to stand up in front of reporters and personally answer for his mistakes because one of his students flunks out or screws up while away from the classroom. I don’t see that as fair on any level, but that is exactly what is expected of coaches and student/athletes.

    JJ Reddick PLAYED basketball at Duke. He made a bad PERSONAL decision. I don’t think I would jump all over it in the name of Duke University, for fear that a similar event will come back to haunt any other school who gets a little too loud in their admonishment. The law and the sports media will handle it for here.

  8. tcthdi-tgsf-twhwtnc 06/14/2006 at 11:47 AM #

    Big to do about nothing. He isn’t even a Duke student or playa anymore so why should this reflect on Duke at all? Thousands of people where accused of DWI over the last week and I don’t remember seeing any of their names on TV.

    Of Course if this had happened to Evtimov this week there would be N&O stories daily speaking of how SLowe is letting the program run wild just like Valvano. Even though V didn’t let his program run wild according to 3 investigations. I guess if people (including some on this board) say it enough it becomes fact.

  9. redfred2 06/14/2006 at 12:24 PM #

    “Big to do about nothing.”

    Probably right, but also true what you said about Etimov. I was just letting off some steam.

    “Even though V didn’t let his program run wild according to 3 investigations. I guess if people (including some on this board) say it enough it becomes fact.”

    Sad for the people who can’t separate fact from fiction on their own, but it happens a majority of the time. Especially at extremely guilt ridden for a decade and a half, over highly trumpted up and very minor infractions, NC State University.

  10. bTHEredterror 06/14/2006 at 12:43 PM #

    Yeah, it’s unfair that JJ gets his dirty laundry aired for the world to see. Yeah, it’s unfair that other students who make similar mistakes don’t get their name mentioned in the media.

    It’s also unfair that JJ gets people rushing to make excuses for him. The same media that built him up would love to run stories about how he’s overcoming this setback, or how it destroyed his career. Atheletes get the spotlight, and are constantly told its never off. He made a mistake, hopefully he’ll learn from it. But it is patently absurd to say this unfair, it just goes with the territory.

  11. yannes 06/14/2006 at 2:58 PM #

    “I don’t understand how one poor decision by one young man can be reflected on Duke University as a whole, but many people will see it just that way”

    It shouldn’t be that way, but it is. JJ isn’t just any student at some university. He was the (inter)national face of _Duke_ basketball, national POY, and the winner of many accolades. Yes, higher expectations and more scrutiny is placed on him because of his position.
    Is the extra scrutiny fair? Hell no. But, that is how it is for movie star, athletes, politicians, and anyone else that is placed on a pedestal.
    Is it fair that this incident will reflect on Duke, even if he has already graduated? Nope. Again, parents will see what a Duke player did and that will affect recruiting.

  12. Wulfpack 06/14/2006 at 3:57 PM #

    What also isn’t fair is that if I get a DUI I could potentially lose my job and my livelihood. Redick gets one and his signing sinks by a few million…

    I have no sympathy. He made a poor decision, as we all have done. Coach K and his parents give him an earful, then he goes on to make millions — no long-term effect. Just b/c he is J.J. and the face of Duke basketball doesn’t mean he’s off limits. Journalists make a living off celebrities’ imperfections, that’s why we read the papers.

  13. redfred2 06/14/2006 at 4:45 PM #

    “just goes with the territory” I don’t know what most would call the exact translation of that phrase, but I would say the word “UNFAIR” could be used in more ways than one, to sum it up .

    Just like Reddick, somebody will rush to make excuses for the econ major who got a DWI. It won’t be the head of economics department or anyone at the university, no one in sports media and no big crowd of people, maybe just two parents and a lawyer. Again, that kid wasn’t athletically inclined, just went to the same classes and attended the university right along side the athletes, so it’s no big deal and not a black eye for the university. Nothing to worry about, especially when compared to a student with the dreaded label “athlete,” doing the exact same things at exactly the same time.

    The player, the coach, and the university, all have to answer for childish mistakes.

    The plain ol’ economics student with the DWI, on the other hand, had no reflection on the university, so who cares?

    All I am trying to say is that in my opinion it is unfair whether it goes with the territory or not. College athletes, and especially college coaches, are asked to live on glass pedestals waiting for it to all come crashing down around them because of a teenager, while everyone on the outside has a their arms cocked, beer in one hand, a stone in the other, and ready to let go at the slighest scent of any impropriety. It seems to have become an obsession with a lot people involved at NC State after the Valvano farce.

  14. Mike 06/14/2006 at 4:58 PM #

    Unfortunately, when you are in the spot light, you will also live life in the papers. How many motorcylces crashed this week? We all heard about one.

    Is this fair? No, but it is life. To whom much is given, much will be expected. The guy made a mistake, a stupid mistake, and he will suffer for it. Maybe if he had not tried to Uturn, maybe his name recogntion itself could have gotten him off. No one knows for sure, but incidents like that have happened also, where the big name gets out of it because of name only.

    And for those complaining NCSU would be on the front pages, this has been pretty front page too.

  15. Wulfpack 06/14/2006 at 6:16 PM #

    “The guy made a mistake, a stupid mistake, and he will suffer for it.”

    If becoming a millionaire in the next few months is considered suffering, then maybe I ought to try my hand at the same crime. I just don’t see how he will “suffer”. His image may take a hit, but who cares? You think it’s going to matter 2 years from now?

  16. redfred2 06/14/2006 at 6:32 PM #

    I got wound up and pretty far off course as usual. This is a major story, not one that I think merits any reflection on Duke University, but JJ Reddick deserves and will suffer some fallout, not much though. I just don’t like pointing fingers when in all likelyhood we will be facing something similar somewhere down the road. Everyone already knows that NC State PR is defenseless and will strangle the life out of it’s own athletics department, AGAIN, no matter how many times or how many panels were to clear it clear of wrong doings, should something minor happen here. I don’t want the Duke fans adding fuel and piling on because of something like this.

  17. vtpackfan 06/15/2006 at 8:50 AM #

    “This is a major story, not one that I think merits any reflection on Duke University,”
    Hey, all of comments above are credible and it speaks to some larger issues concerning our cultures expectations. I thought though all points are view were valid, its good to step back and look at what has occured recently and how that relates to the “standard” course that media/society chooses to take. The Duke Lacrosse story was run amoke and has become a scandal by the aid of many who are not and should not be involved. Every media outlet, “news reporting” talk show hosts has its own daily section reserved for this topic. The beast in turn is always hungry and for any who care to partake they can fill there daily intake of mock trials to the point where you may feel your ready to take the bar yourself. Reddicks incident was personal, it did not reflect upon Duke and act to tarnish its reputation of scholastic and athletic achievement by itself. If it says anything then its a credit to the administration for having this checkpoints to stop a reckless activity before somebody dies because of it. The reason I lumped these stories together was the timing. It is a personal problem that we hope JJ can learn from and turn that knowledge into something positive in the future. It is, IMHO, the very last thing, apart from alleged sexual violence, that Duke could have had happen. In the end, although people tend judge others without being willing to judge themselves, these same people can distinguish between the personal actions of individuals and the establishment that is represented by the individuals. When the time comes for a propestive student and his/her parents to make some crucial decisions, no one will likely remember the individuals names that accounted for these events, but the enviroment in which they took place.

  18. StateFans 06/15/2006 at 9:02 AM #

    Since nobody took the time to link up anything from the net that was related and fun


  19. vtpackfan 06/15/2006 at 9:22 AM #

    “wojo would have split the trap and hustled back on d”
    I wish I would have thought of that one. Brilliant!

  20. vtpackfan 06/15/2006 at 9:23 AM #

    Is that his warm up jersey?

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