Pistons Eliminated; Sidney Articles

The Detroit Pistons were elminated from the NBA playoffs last night, thereby freeing NC State Head Basketball Coach, Sidney Lowe to concentrate on his duties in Raleigh. We are not clear on how the previously announced “start date” of July 1st plays into anything at this moment.

We assume that start date was announced so that Lowe was not “official” until after he received his undergraduate degree in late June. This start date should not impact Lowe’s ability to take the NCAA compliance test and become “qualified” to speak with recruits (at appropriate times).

The media has written quite a few Lowe-focused articles recently. The following are a few of them that you may have an interest:

(1) Sports Illustrated on Saturday, June 3rd – Link to Waiting game: ‘Pack assistants keep program going without Lowe

Lowe is staying in contact through any available means, from e-mails to instant messenger, Strickland said. The staff even managed to squeeze in an unusual meeting last week when Lowe stopped in Raleigh before Game 3 of the Detroit-Miami series in the NBA’s Eastern Conference finals.

Harris said the staff boarded a plane and worked with Lowe through the flight — and some scary thunderstorms — before landing in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. From there, Harris said the assistants had enough time to grab some popcorn before getting back on the plane to return to Raleigh. Lowe caught a cab and headed to Miami.

“We talk to Sidney every day and he is running this program,” Harris said. “I’m really excited each and every day that I communicate with Sidney. You can just feel the energy.”

(2) Greensboro News & Record had a similar article (to SI) on Friday. (Link)

(3) Earlier in the week, Caulton Tudor took a look into next year and said that “Lowe, Pack still aiming high” despite the loss of Cedric Simmons.

After those four teams (Carolina, Duke, Georgia Tech, Boston College), expect a grab bag that will include Lowe and the Wolfpack.

“I’m still optimistic, even after this decision by Cedric,” Lowe said. “It’s obvious we would have been a better team if he had returned, but I still think there’s talent in the program.

“It’s always easy in these kinds of situations to say, ‘Oh no, look at who we just lost.’ But we can still be a good team, and that’s still going to be our focus. That part of it doesn’t change.”

Lowe’s biggest opening challenge will be depth, and that is where the departure of Simmons hurts most.

Lowe will need seven or eight dependable players to implement the faster playing style he envisions for the program. There’s little chance he’ll have that much depth next season.

Depending upon the team’s ability to dodge fouls and stay healthy, the Pack could finish as high as fifth or as low as eighth or ninth.

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8 Responses to Pistons Eliminated; Sidney Articles

  1. tvp 06/03/2006 at 11:39 AM #

    “the Pack could finish as high as fifth”

    I think we can do better than that. Getting a new coach who will play to the strengths of some of the players here, specifically Grant and Fells, will boast their productivity immensely.

  2. class of 74 06/03/2006 at 12:15 PM #

    This next year will be a tough one but Sid will get this program back to the level we once were before the Monteith/Turner debacle. I have every confidence in his ability to establish a bigtime winner here. And I don’t mean a winner of meaningless games over weak non conference teams either!

  3. VaWolf82 06/03/2006 at 4:36 PM #

    With a super-thin backcourt and no apparent inside presence, next year could be tough.

  4. vtpackfan 06/03/2006 at 4:47 PM #

    “It’s the nature of the college game,” Lowe said. “The players move on. The best programs lose good players but keep on winning. That’s the kind of program I want us to be.”

    This is the attitude its going to take to turn this program back into the powerhouse it once was. Sidney wants guys who can express themselves without any hesitation. No more second guessing caused from someone always looking over your shoulder. He is not afraid to give them the keys to the car, and let them make decisions on how to be the best team on the floor on any given night. Some will be swallowed up by the gravity of the situation. Others will hold their own, while some may even exceed expectations and rise to meet the challenges that come along only to those seeking them out. Lowe and Co. want to start spreading the news that at the new NC State there will be some who do more than ought to, sooner rather than later. More and more recruits will be attracted to the idea that they are not expected to replace a player who made his mark and may have jumped at the chance to go pro early. Instead they will be backed up by staff and complemented by peers in determining their full potential as a player on team competing for the top honor.

  5. Jeremy Hyatt 06/03/2006 at 5:04 PM #

    I think much of the ball-handling will be put on Atsur’s shoulders;

    and we have no idea yet just how good Fells and Costner really are. if Grant manages to stay in the country, he can be a force. this and with the new energy brought on by the new staff, should be fun to watch the development of.

    Ced was probably going to go anyway, given his press and the weak draft year. And I also was not impressed after hearing about the Larry Davis family incident. that does leave us thinner at the guard spot, but is also another spot Lowe can fill with his own recruits to fit his system. Didn’t Larry Davis’s profile in Pack pride say his weaknesses included shooting, and finishing? Umm.. next.

    Regardless these are simply side-effects of the coaching transition, its to be expected. Let’s not get too excited. Now if we also lose Werner too, I may get a little concerned.

  6. dawgitall 06/03/2006 at 5:34 PM #

    Speaking of players growing within the system and exceeding expectations I seem to recall a skinny kid that sat on the bench most of the time back in the late 80s. He got a chance, I assume because he was working his butt off in practice and drove to the basket in a big game, did a spin move to score when most folks expected him to get the ball slapped back in his face and from that point on there was no stopping him. Vinnie Del Negro Here’s hoping that this coaching staff can develop the skills and confidence of our current and future players so that we will see similar results in the years to come!

  7. vtpackfan 06/03/2006 at 5:50 PM #

    ^Hyatt, beside filling out the roster, execution in the back court is going to to be Lowe’s first dilema. It probably has got no permanent solution, but your right in that having a veteran in Atsur gives this team some margin for error. It’s no secret that Herb had been hording shooting guards like a inmate with his cigarettes. Atsur was named the best 2 guard at prior international tourney’s, and if that is where his best talents are than Lowe will need to find a way to foster that. I don’t know anything about Trevor Fergueson, exept he came to Raleigh to play for Herb so it’s hard to expect him to be a primary ball handler. My haunch is that being a point guard himself, and having Towe along for the ride, that it may be the best position to initially be the worse off. It will be interesting to see how they come to deal with it leading up to the season, but if I had to guess, Atsur’s half court game and outside shooting maybe something too precious for this team to risk losing if he’s expected to shoulder the ball distribution. McCoy/Grant/Fells may all get a shot.

  8. branjawn 06/05/2006 at 8:52 AM #

    I am in contact weekly with members of the Compliance office at NCSU and can say that they have been working very closely with Coach Lowe during the past few weeks. This includes in-person conferences/meetings inbetween games and series during the post-season. I am sure he will be cleared for recruiting by the end of June, probably sooner.

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