Lowe Set to Run With Pack

The red-and-white sneakers were expected, but the bright red linen slacks said much more about new N.C. State men’s basketball coach Sidney Lowe.

Evidently, he is fashion conscious and, as his ensemble indicated, eager to represent the Wolfpack basketball program.

“My commitment here will be second to none — to no one else who would have gotten this job,” Lowe said Thursday at a news conference.

Not much to say here except a quick run down on the fact that Sidney Lowe met the media yesterday.

A poster on Pack Pride shared the following:

Here are my quick notes from the audio of Coach Lowes’ press conference today:

– degree is in hand; had it mailed to him; received it a couple of days ago

– will now focus on knocking out NCAA compliance test

– wants to interior decorate his office with a red carpet with a Block S on it and pictures of past players and accomplishments to show everyone who visits his office his passion for the Wolfpack and what we have built here

– has been text messaging kids; he says kids like that, now that he knows how to text message, he said that he likes it and will use it so much that the kids might get tired of hearing from him through it

– Larry Davis has not been given a full release as of yet; refused to comment any further

– he said that constant communication with kids is the key to effective recruiting

– immediate needs with respect to recruiting is backcourt, more specifically point guard; would like to have two to count on

– will not run and gun or just jack up 3’s, but will pick up the pace and run an up and down game with quick hitters; some sets will be mixed in as well to adjust to the opponent and game situations and to change up the tempo and give different looks

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20 Responses to Lowe Set to Run With Pack

  1. WolfHunt 06/16/2006 at 7:50 AM #

    I’m glad to see Coach Lowe is hitting the ground running. This season will be tough, but I’m feeling much more optimistic about our team in the long term.

  2. Wolf-in Around 06/16/2006 at 8:54 AM #

    All I can say is that noone has more Heart and WolfPack Faith than our new Coach Lowe…He is and will make a Difference!

  3. Dan 06/16/2006 at 9:14 AM #

    Grats to coach on his degree. I know I could have never juggled all those responsibilites that well.

    Coach Lowe is going to be just fine.

  4. tractor57 06/16/2006 at 9:18 AM #

    Awesome press conference. The fire is back!
    It may take a while but I predict big things for this staff.

  5. Rick 06/16/2006 at 10:59 AM #

    I think people underestimate how important wanting the job and being happy doing the job is to success. It shows as anyone that has heard the call in show knows.

  6. Trout 06/16/2006 at 12:10 PM #

    [devil’s advocate] How much did that help Les? [/devil’s advocate]

  7. joe 06/16/2006 at 12:35 PM #

    It’s curious that when many people talk about Lowe , they use emotional type words to back up why he will do well. Words/phrases like this:

    Passion for the job
    Love for the Pack
    Fire in his belly

    and so on. Many, many coaches are passionate and have the fire but not all of them win.

  8. Pack92 06/16/2006 at 12:59 PM #

    Very few learned their passion from Jimmy V.

  9. class of 74 06/16/2006 at 1:02 PM #

    ^Don’t worry Joe, Sid was a winner in high school and college and he’ll be a winner here too!

  10. joe 06/16/2006 at 1:12 PM #

    I’m not trying to be negative here, but more of a devil’s advocate:

    The one area he wasn’t a winner was in coaching. (and yes, I am well aware that the NBA is not college and he didn’t get to choose his players)

  11. Rick 06/16/2006 at 2:36 PM #

    “How much did that help Les? ”

    It helped more than the recruiting restrictions he had.

  12. thebigwood 06/16/2006 at 3:00 PM #

    at this point, nobody really knows, so why not be positive?

  13. JT 06/16/2006 at 7:05 PM #

    Besides the passion, Lowe has a hell of a background in x and o’s. And it’s grounded in more traditional fast paced basketball theory. God, it’s great to hear State’s coach stressing the importance of the point guard, not a point forward or center. I almost feel like the Princeton is in the same genre as the run and shoot in football-obviously not in style, but in being an ultimately limited avenue to explore. Each will only get you so far. Lowe has passion and a shitload of coaching experience, even if it’s not in college ball. I’m justifiably very optimistic about him.

  14. graywolf 06/16/2006 at 7:29 PM #

    Let’s face facts.
    1. Yes, next year will be tough due to a lack of talent.
    2. Its not just Lowe but Towe that have responsibility.
    2. Herb is in the desert.
    Now let’s look at the emotional side of the story.
    1. I have high hopes that Sidney Lowe will do well at NC State.
    2. Sidney Lowe loves NC State and will give his best to the university.
    3. Monte Towe is I hope the x factor that brings about great coaching and great recruits.


  15. redfred2 06/17/2006 at 12:35 PM #

    “Honey, do me a favor, throw that bottle of NoDoze away, I won’t be needing it anymore.”

    The listener ratings on the Wolfpack radio show will improve, thats for sure.

    I didn’t hear any redundant basketball cliches, no excuses for the shape of the program that he is inheriting, just straight answers and a different approach. Nothing but positives in sight and he will get even better at presenting his own ideas with some time under his belt.

    Save it. You can all get negative later, if and when you find something REAL to be negative about. Call me a dreamer, but right now you should be feeling like the Wolfpack is starting it’s first leg on a long awaited journey back to it’s rightful place, among the best in the history of college basketball.

  16. pack99 06/18/2006 at 12:47 AM #

    I get the feeling this man is legit. His heart and soul bleed Wolfpack Red. No devil’s advocate, no negatives…. this guy will get it done. Next year may be tough, but he’s going to take us where we want and need to be.

  17. StateFans 06/19/2006 at 9:15 AM #

    SI article posted a few days after this entry

  18. Rochester 06/19/2006 at 4:51 PM #

    According to Pack Pride, Sid passed the NCAA recruiting test. It’s all systems go. Congratulations, Coach!

  19. NCSU84 06/19/2006 at 4:52 PM #

    I wish Sid all the best. All I can say is recruit, recruit, recruit. Ask Chuckie how much Phillip Rivers meant to his program. Chuckie bleeds red too but, without the players, it is very hard to compete. Did I mention recruit?

  20. tcthdi-tgsf-twhwtnc 06/20/2006 at 3:15 PM #

    “Chuckie” has had a bunch of great players not just Rivers. Chuck’s problem is that he apparently lacks head coaching skillz. He seems to be a great recruiter and motivator and probably should of stayed in the assistant ranks. Some people are leaders and some are not.

    Monte Kiffin seems to know this and has taken his name out of consideration several times for head coaching jobs in the pros even though he is cosidered by many to have one of the best defensive minds in the history of the pro game.

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