Cotchery & Kooistra’s Chance

The retriement of Wayne Chrebet from the New York Jets has opened the door of opportunity for former NC State wide receiver, Jerrico Cothery. (Link)

Former Jets Head Coach, Herman Edwards, was a huge fan of J-Co. Let’s hope the future continues to be a world of opportunity for one of the best receivers and people in NC State foootball history.

Additionally, former Wolfpack offensive lineman is receiving som kudos from The Sporting News most recent edition:

RG Scott Kooistra is a physical, aggressive player who has excelled in limited opportunities as a backup for the Bengals. Kooistra shows the ability to mirror and slide and uses solid hand placement to get good leverage. If he stays healthy and continues to improve, he could be a hot commodity as a free agent after the 2006 season.

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