Poor Beilein Will Continue to Impact State’s Search

If there is a victim in the NC State coaching search that isn’t the NC State fanbase, then it is John Beilein. Poor Beilein took the gamble of getting all the way down the aisle with Lee Fowler only to be bent over before the honeymoon even got started.

Don’t misunderstand us – SFN isn’t crushed by not having John Beilein roam the NC State sidelines. But, we do feel sorry the guy who now has to live with an upset West Virginia fanbase (who sadly believe that their job is as attractive as NC State’s) because of what Lee Fowler did to him while representing NC State.

When you read this link, you will understand why any coach in America will now be hesitant to talk to Lee Fowler about NC State’s vacant college basketball coaching position after what Fowler pulled on Beilein last week.

It is a sad reality that our program will continue to be negatively impacted by the decisions of a guy that originally got the Athletics Directorship because of a personal relationship with Les “I’m not a numbers guy” Robinson. (That’s just the way NC State does business. It’s all in who you know).

After his failed overture to the Wolfpack, it will now benefit Beilein to model himself less after Louisville football coach Bobby Petrino, who is always looking for a bigger paycheck, and more like Rich Rodriguez, who has overcome some early character issues to emerge as perhaps the most recognizable figure in the state.

Praise Beilein as a great coach, because he is undoubtedly that. Praise him as a loving husband and father, because his passion for his family is always abundantly clear. But don’t praise him for anything beyond that, because doing so would be to forget the events of the past week.

You will be told that the problem is the job that has generated 10 ACC Titles and 2 National Championships by two different coaches.

You will be told that the the problem is the mean fanbase that had never endured a 10 year period as unsuccessful as Sendek’s and who joined Clemson, Virginia, and Wake Forest as the only ACC schools who endured 10 years with a single coach who delivered as little as Sendek. (Related from Tom Suiter)

You will be told a lot of things. But, you need to realize the truth that actions have consequences. The way NC State treated Beilein will most definitely have consequences on any opportunity that State may have on getting a “Tier B” candidate.

Is this why all indications point to Lee Fowler continuing to pursue “Tier A” candidates a full month into the search? It may be a part of the equation. The other part of the equation is that after 3o days, most Tier B candidates don’t want to wear the badge of being so far down the any coaching list.