Lee Fowler SINGS!

SFN’s been told that at a recent Wolfpack Club meeting NC State Athletic Director Lee Fowler expressed some less than happy thoughts about the Internet. Fowler, it seems, thinks only the less thoughtful fan turns to the Internet (including presumably SFN) for news.

All this, for some reason, made me think of Fowler (in the guise of Rex Harrison in the 1967 movie “Doctor Dolittle”) striding around his office musically declaiming his wish that the Internet could just be turned off – much as Doctor Dolittle himself wished to “Talk To The Animals.” If Fowler did, he might sing something like this (with sincere apologies to the late and very much lamented Mr. Harrison):

“Shut Off The Internet!”

If we could stay off the Internet;

(just stop watching it!)

Wolfpack fans would never question me!

I’d issue press releases, comments;

and I’d never have to answer

Why my teams are whipped by UNC!


We would converse in letters and in phone calls!

And we would never have to hear from you!

If people asked us, can you speak out straight with us,

We’d say, “Of courserous: F* you!‿

If we could shut off the Loony Fringe

(Fifty crazy fans!)

Think of all the things we’d not discuss!

If we could shut off the Internet;

stay off the Internet;

Hide, cringe, run from the Internet!

Get all your thoughts from … ME!