She’s Going….Going…..Gone!

For those that don’t know me or haven’t read any of my entries here…..I’ll let you in on a little secret: I have been called an opinionated SOB on more than one occasion…and I have never been called bashful. I have never met Bob Lee Swagger, but suspect that we have shared some of these same incidents.

He absolutely nailed it in one of his recent columns. Here is a brief excerpt:

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for … Where I think Lee “screwed up�. Lee Fowler went into this situation with no margin for error. He had zero markers in his pocket relative to the rank & file mainstream of the Wolfpack fan base. If he had just listened to me for the past five+ years.

IMO, Lee Fowler sees WuffWorld as just two segments … (1) “the lunatic fringeâ€? and (2) “the inner inner circleâ€? of the WPC. He is wrong. He thereby eliminates the most important segment … the mainstream “rank & fileâ€? fans…

I don’t always agree with BLS (a certain Derek Morris hatchet job comes quickly to mind), but I couldn’t possibly agree more with this piece on Fowler. BLS’s comments were an absolute, tape-measure home run.

I don’t think that Lee Fowler gets “it”….what it means to be a State fan and/or alum. His many, many interviews give ample evidence to support my conclusion. There’s also no evidence to suggest that Lee is able to figure it out on his own. Since it’s doubtful that SFN or SwaggerSays are places that Lee has ever visited, hopefully someone close to Lee will help clue him in…he’ll thank you in the long run.