ACC Meetings; Gboro gets Tourney Dates

Macro-level Atlantic Coast Conference information and news will be discussed more this week than most weeks because the ACC’s annual meetings are underway.

Yesterday, we highlighted some of the good news related to the conference’s football television ratings that was more deeply developed in this article by the Greensboro News & Record.

Today, the ACC set some future Basketball Tournament dates for Greensboro.

At the close of its annual spring meetings Wednesday, the league said its men’s basketball tournament will return to Greensboro, N.C. – site of the league’s headquarters and this year’s tourney – in 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2015; while the women’s tournament would extend its stay through 2015.

In addition, the baseball tournament will head north to Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox, in 2009

In men’s basketball, the league had already set Tampa, Fla., as host in 2007, Charlotte in 2008, Atlanta in 2009 and Greensboro in 2010. Atlanta will host the tournament again in 2012.

Future dates and sites for the ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament are as follows:

2007 – Tampa, Fla.
2008 – Charlotte, N.C.
2009 – Atlanta, Ga.
2010 – Greensboro, N.C.
2011 – Greensboro, N.C.
2012 – Atlanta, Ga.
2013 – Greensboro, N.C.
2014 – Greensboro, N.C.
2015 – Greensboro, N.C.

Additionally, this article that ran before the weekend says that the ACC’s finances are on solid footing.

The conference had two more mouths to feed in 2004-05, but it didn’t yet have the full financial benefit of expansion because with 11 members, it was unable to play a lucrative championship football game under NCAA rules. With 11 schools, the revenue distributed to the nine consistent members dipped 1.75 percent from the previous year ($97,972,822 to $96,257,584).

Virginia Tech and Miami each received a previously negotiated sum of $6.25 million as base compensation, and they each received a pro-rated share of the league’s budget surplus. Worst-case scenario accounting policies assumed a discernible decrease in income, and when those expectations were surpassed, everybody got a little bit of a windfall.

When (tax) forms from the current tax year are filled out, analyzed and made public in about another year, the public will learn roughly how much the member schools missed out on when bizarre political machinations suddenly pulled BC’s entry off the table during the 2003 expansion talks. By the time the Eagles were offered admission in October 2003, it was too late to get them on board simultaneously with Virginia Tech and Miami in 2004-05. The delay killed any chances of playing a title football game in 2004 and set the football revenue for the tax year at $29.4 million.

The 2005 ACC Tournament at Washington’s MCI Center, the first one with 11 teams and the first to be played in an NBA arena with modern luxury suites, generated $6,261,560, the second-largest total in league history. Only the 2001 event at Atlanta’s Georgia Dome ($7.5 million) surpassed it. The dome had a seating capacity of 36,000 for the event.

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8 Responses to ACC Meetings; Gboro gets Tourney Dates

  1. Dan 05/17/2006 at 3:02 PM #

    We need to get up to Boston that year and paint a big, fat Block S on the green monster.

  2. choppack1 05/17/2006 at 3:21 PM #

    GSO is the best home for the tourney. I think it gets lost in the shuffle in other towns – even Charlotte.

  3. cfpack03 05/17/2006 at 4:01 PM #

    No way. Just wait til Charlotte in 2008. There’s plenty of pre- and post- game events and places to go within walking distance of the brand new uptown arena. The CIAA tourney blew up Charlotte a few months ago, and that was just the CIAA.
    My initial thought when seeing Gboro 5 of 6 yrs after 2010: GSO must be really cheap, Charlotte bid themselves out of the running, or both.

    SFN: No. Charlotte’s arena is too small. Way too small. ACC can’t afford to have the tournament in Charlotte’s new arena because of the negative impact to revenue based on the arena’s new size. It is really, really a shame because that thing would have been PERFECT to be a staple for the Tournament for years to come.

  4. cfpack03 05/17/2006 at 4:33 PM #

    Very true reason that I overlooked.
    I guess I was jumping to the negative conclusion on the bidding b/c the clt arena just tried to charge the char-meck public schools $15,000 for a single high school graduation.

  5. BJD95 05/17/2006 at 4:54 PM #

    Old Gary isn’t going to like that schedule. Not one bit! Shouldn’t we have it in Anchorage one year, just to make him happy?

  6. GoldenChain 05/18/2006 at 11:17 AM #

    Funny, when I heard this yesterday I could clearly remember hearing the Charlotte media rip the old coliseum for being outdated because there was no room for displays and activities and they had to be put under tens in the parking lot. In fact that was one of the reasons given by the politicians for going against the referendum and funding a new coliseum!
    Well at least the old coliseum HAD a parking lot!

  7. Glen Sudhop54 05/18/2006 at 10:03 PM #

    There is only one place for the Tournament and that is Greensboro. I have attended the Tournament since 1995 and have not missed a single game. In conversing with folks from New England to Florida, the overwhelming consensus is that Greensboro be the PERMANENT home. The whole town embraces the event, I can assure you that the Tournament gets lost in Atlanta and DC. To some extent, it even gets lost in “Charlotte USA” (Funny how Charlotte pictures itself so high and mighty, yet they try their best to dissassociate themselves with the rest of NC–but that’s another story)

    Congratulations Greensboro.——Well deserved!!!!


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