‘Sick & Tired’

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We don’t agree with Adam Gold all that often, but we can relate to his comments today on the 850 Buzz Blog:

I’m sick and tired of the search for a new basketball coach at NC State. It’s stopped being a lot of fun for me. Tracking down leads and talking to unidentified people on the phone sucks when no one knows anything and the longer that goes on the people that you talk to are starting to treat rumors as truths because they want something, anything, to be true!

It’s maddening.

Gold goes on to reference that he has heard that Beilein turned us down. We haven’t heard that one…and we don’t believe it.

Although, we have heard again today two completely opposite versions of what is happening in Raleigh — oddly enough both from two well-placed sources. One says to expect a press conference tomorrow (Wednesday). The other says that this could drag well into next week.

Maddening, indeed.

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