Resist the Urge to Criticize Right Now

I know that some of you are asking what has happened to me? After taking up for Lee Fowler last week in this entry (specifically related to John Calipari), I am back today to try to issue some calming words related to the NC State coaching search.

I know that it is frustrating. I know that when we are in “fan conversation mode” that ifs and hypotheticals are quickly read as direct criticism by many lurkers.

But this coaching search is almost over. In the end, the primary criteria of the search is going to be the result of the search. You’ve gotten this far down the line, you might as well continue to provide Fowler the benefit of the doubt until all is said and done.

As seasoned Tom Suiter said in this entry:

Where is State going? I can honestly tell you I don’t know. I wish I did. I hope it’s energy and passion and the ability to motivate. I think that’s what State fans want.

I have learned in many different ways over the years that being quiet is a good thing. Many times, when someone or something flies under the radar, the outcome is more than likely positive. In my book, quiet and confident beats loud and boastful every time. Maybe that’s why Lee Fowler is being quiet.