Red or White?

Why did you come here to read this blog? Think about that while I list some of the things that govern my reading choices:

– To find out about what is currently happening in the world.
– To learn about something that I am interested in, but don’t know much about.
– Analysis and commentaries that point out things that I never considered or from a different view point.
– Entertainment

What sorts of things do I avoid?

– Biased reporting
– Things that I have no interest in.
– Things written strictly for shock value. (Jim Rome et al)
– Lies and speculation posing as news (National Enquirer)

So where does Greg Doyel and his current little hot streak fit?

But now, after being made so miserable at N.C. State that he jumped to Arizona State, Sendek is gone. And soon, if there is a God in that Carolina blue heaven, Wolfpack basketball will follow.

Is N.C. State a place where you can win a national championship without cutting large corners here and there? It hasn’t been done — cleanly — yet.

The answer is quite simple….none of the above. Here’s another little blurb from one of Doyel’s recent rants:

…the unrealistic N.C. State fan base and juvenile N.C. State media [didn’t] understand what they had in Sendek.

They didn’t have a comedian. They didn’t have a motivational speaker. They didn’t have a guy who was going to win over media by filling their notepads with one-liners, or win over fans by making snide comments about Duke or North Carolina.

They had a great basketball coach…

We’ve all seen the Great Herb Debates. Even Herb’s most ardent supporters never claimed that he was a great coach. So why is Doyel?

I believe that the answer is quite simple. Doyel is little more than a message board troll that now has his own column on CBS. Here’s a definition that I think describes Doyel’s recent efforts quite nicely:

Troller is looking for a response…ANY response, and he will chum the waters with complaints, insults, compliments, and inflammatory tidbits hoping that someone…ANYONE, will take the bait.

When Doyel was writing for the Charlotte Observer, he used to post infrequently at So we know that he reads the various message boards…probably from all of the ACC schools. I believe that he is now trolling for NC State fans (along with UNC and Duke fans) to increase the hit rate on his web page.

You are playing into his hands whenever you:

– Fire off your flame-throwing e-mail retort;
– Dissect his stupidity and show him how wrong he is;
– Write complaints to his editors;
– Throw his stupidity back in his face and ask him if he wants red or white wine with his crow; or
– Visit his web page and read his drivel.

CBS and Doyel don’t care WHY you are visiting his page. They don’t care if you like what he has to say. They just want you to visit:

– CBS wants hits on their webpage for their advertising fees.
– Doyel wants hits so they he can find a bigger and better job.

It takes intelligence, insight, and skill as a writer to produce columns worth reading on a regular schedule. It takes very little to churn out garbage that skews the truth in an attempt to enrage a portion of the reading audience. Do you think I’m being harsh? Well answer these questions:

– Has Doyel ever told you something about the ACC that you didn’t already know?
– Do you find him generally entertaining?
– Do you think he provides a unique analysis or view point on a given issue?

If you answered “yes�? to one or more of these questions…then by all means continue to read his tripe if you find him interesting.

If you’re like me, and answered “no�? to all three questions, then here’s a little more free advice (just my thing today)…IGNORE HIM!
– Don’t waste time refuting his silliness.
– Don’t waste time getting mad.
– Just ignore him. He probably won’t go away….but does it (or Doyel) really matter?