Programs w/ Multiple National BBall Titles


Note: Obviously we have a typographical error by listing that Louisville won the 1990 National Basketball Championship when they actually won the 1980 Championship.

General NCS Basketball Stat of the Day Tradition


  1. StateFans Nation » Blog Archive » NC State 64, ECU 57 (whew) [Updated 11pm] - 12/28/2006

    […] Speaking of the announcing, Doug Gottlieb made some real jackass remarks during the game that were pretty embarassing. As Gottlieb literally was sitting UNDER TWO NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP BANNERS and TEN ACC CHAMPIONSHIP BANNERS, he was chirping away about NC State’s fanbase being “totally unrealistic” in wanting to win National Championships. Considering that there are only five (out of 320) basketball programs in America to win more National Titles than NC State then I wonder who the hell should expect to try to win titles? […]

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