No “Substantial Info” Links Brady to State

Hopefully all of the media leaking and back-room talking that John Brady has done covertly trying to link his name to the NC State job has paid off for him in the form of some kind of a raise.

This link from Baton Rouge talks about the NC State coaching search and describes Brady as ” upbeat after talk with O’Keefe, Bertman”.

Despite the following quote that we love from Brady, we hope that this bring us one step closer to ‘officially’ closing the book on the speculation of John Brady with respect to the NC State job.

“I will never play one school against another or do what another coach just did,� Brady said. “I don’t need that for my ego. I know what I can do and have confidence in what I can do. For me it’s not about getting paid the top salary or more than anyone else. It’s about being fair and if that means compensating me in ways other than salary, I’m fine with that.�

Some quick excerpts of the article follow:

“A guy from ESPN writes an opinion suggesting something that might happen and people take that and run with it,� Brady said. “All I know is that I’ve been at home with my wife. I’m cooking chicken on the grill and relaxing. Everybody else is in a hullabaloo but me about this N.C. State stuff.�

That could change, although there has been no substantiated information that Brady will be considered for the job.

On Web sites and in chat rooms, LSU coach John Brady might continue to be a popular topic of discussion today in regard to the current opening for a basketball coach at North Carolina State. Closer to home, any possibility of Brady bolting Baton Rouge for Tobacco Road might’ve been resolved and put to rest in the course of one 45-minute conversation Wednesday.

Brady met with LSU Chancellor Sean O’Keefe and Athletic Director Skip Bertman in O’Keefe’s office at the chancellor’s invitation Wednesday. No specific contract terms were discussed.

“He told me that he wanted me to know how much he appreciated me and that whatever agreement we reach is something that I’m comfortable with and rewards me and my coaches for what we did this year and what we’ve done over the last few years,� Brady said. “I can’t really explain how important that was to me and how much I appreciate his kind words. It was an excellent meeting, and I appreciate the chancellor for sharing his thoughts and kind words with me. I walked out of that meeting with every confidence in the world that, with what the chancellor said, LSU is going to do everything possible to be fair and equitable.�

Whether the good feeling Brady left O’Keefe’s office squashes rumors of him being on N.C. State’s wish list remains to be seen. writer Andy Katz reported again Wednesday that Brady is a potential candidate to replace Herb Sendek, who left N.C. State on April 1 to take a job as the Arizona State head coach. Katz has not identified sources in any stories connecting Brady and N.C. State.

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31 Responses to No “Substantial Info” Links Brady to State

  1. packfan80 04/14/2006 at 10:51 PM #

    wow, isnt that some kind of record?…and may i ask how the hell they know this?, i would think statefansnation would have let us know

  2. Wolf4Life 04/14/2006 at 10:56 PM #

    Maybe Lee F. is waiting until Sunday to announce the next coach as a symbol gesture betwwen the resurrection of Christ and the resurrection of Wolfpack basketball back to a national powerhouse again

  3. packfan80 04/14/2006 at 10:58 PM #

    thats bordering on blasphemous!!!!! hahahahaha

  4. stejen 04/14/2006 at 11:05 PM #

    With the exception of Andy Katz’s article (and he has since shown how much “inside information” he has) I have not seen or heard anything that ever said State was seriously considering him for the job. Please, everyone, let Fowler do his job. Maybe the supposed phone call to Mike Montgomery was not about him coming here but rather for a reference for other coaches. I still believe this is a very attractive job (that came open at an unfortuante time) and we will probably be surprised at the quality of coach we do get. Don’t get the Blue media get us down.

  5. tractor57 04/14/2006 at 11:37 PM #

    Well we know we won’t be doing the two step and no calimari but other than that I personally am glad that the scene is quiet. In my book “no news is good news”.
    An up and coming coach is a better deal anyway (even Herb was a good find back in the day – just stayed a few years too long).

  6. BladenWolf 04/15/2006 at 7:45 PM #

    frank haith is looking better and better

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